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Mmoh - Shang    (lost)

Challenger Puerto Vallarta

As I said a week ago, I'm really not impressed with Mmoh's seasonal level which is flat and error-prone, but bookies still don't care when rating him. He also retired due to a right elbow injury when I opposed him vs K. Smith on that occasion (perfect timing and of course I didn't even cashed because he stopped play at 3-5 down in the first set to make the pick go void), now playing outdoors and not in the US where he is far better like all Americans. Mmoh debuted yesterday and while wanting to do something, Chappell is so garbage that I had to skip. Here I'm getting on it, still a bit scared as Shang is only 16yo but being such a premature talent like Alcaraz and Nardi, playing extremely good for his age. Two further notes: 1) Mmoh is 3-6 vs lefties this season; 2) Shang beat M. Cuevas in R1 to win 90% points on opponent's second serve, which means he was super solid in neutral rallies.
Published: 24-11-2021, 20:41 CET Pick: Shang
Odds: 3.15 at GG.bet

Category: ATP tennis
Date: 24-11-2021
Option: 1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 9)

TopTen 24-11-2021, 21:09
Let`s get it! (I hope I won`t bring bad luck) 0`-)
Darkness 24-11-2021, 21:24
Never like I bring it :) Are you watching any series ATM? I`m on Midnight Mass (have to start 1x05), mixed feelings so far.
TopTen 24-11-2021, 21:36
I am currently believe it or not on Korean thriller rampage. I can not believe it how quaility their movies are! Sick twists and authentic acting. Give it a shot, you won`t regreat it. From series, I juat finished new season of Narcos, still waiting for Better Caul Saul and Ozark :) I didn`t heard about that one, I will check it out. Anything else? Remember it has to be available on Netflix for my sorry ass :)
Darkness 24-11-2021, 22:10
That`s a Netflix series indeed :) It`s a particular genre, I think it`s been successful and I thought you knew it. You might get bored if you like continuous action, there are many sermons and monologues. It`s about religious fanaticism sprinkled with horror and paranormal, I`m an atheist but still intrigued to see that type of fanaticism.
TopTen 24-11-2021, 22:30
I am not an action guy in particular. One of my all time favourite series (MINDHUNTER) lacks action, but has so much more to offer. :)
Darkness 24-11-2021, 22:48
I`m kind of newcomer about watching series, missing a lot of masterpieces yet.
drink 24-11-2021, 22:51
Hmm, darkness if u need any suggestion, i am here for you, i have watched almost everything worth watching... I have to agree with TopTen, Narcos, Ozark and Mindhunter(why did they end this series) are all must see Depends what genre u are looking and from where (usa, uk, Scandinavia, germany, israel, asia, italy,...) There is a plenty of good stuff, feel free to msg me
TopTen 24-11-2021, 23:07
@drink I think they are thinking about bringing MindHunter back. Apparently lot of people want to see more, and who can blame them. Casting for that show as well as acting were brilliant to say at least.
Darkness 24-11-2021, 23:07
Psychological/drama thriller is my favourite genre. Let`s say I know must-watch series, but they take time having many seasons as sometimes I prefer something shorter.
Darkness 24-11-2021, 23:22
Sick first set in windy conditions, I`m done. Stream closed.
TopTen 24-11-2021, 23:25
Then MindHunter should be right up your alley :) It is not over yet, c`mon our boy!
drink 24-11-2021, 23:34
If we forget your genre for a moment and focus on lets say mini series/ or something similar and lets assume u watched Chernobyl and Band of Brothers maybe: Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch),Rome, Firefly (then movie Serenity) The Spy (Sacha Baron Cohen), The Queens Gambit, maybe even the bodyguard, Night manager (if u like Hugh Laurie) These are all mini or short series, didnt order it, they are all good/great, of course some al slightly better, depends on your taste
TopTen 24-11-2021, 23:36
Chernobyl was the scariest shit I had ever watched in my life, period.
drink 24-11-2021, 23:39
Darkness: never give up Topten: i am waiting quite long for mindhunter, such a shame there is even a debate to continue such an amazing show, while u get everyday new terrible shows
drink 24-11-2021, 23:57
Chernobyl was the scariest shit I had ever watched in my life, period. --> it could be best show or at least top3 Darkness if u wanna watch some Psychological/drama thriller than Black Mirror could be for you (i only watched some episodes, but some of them are brutal (some of them are boring) but one thing is for sure, the first episode is a must watch, sick shit
TopTen 24-11-2021, 23:57
Totaly agree. As a big fan of Crime based themes, I fell in love with the show from first episode, very high quality writting and acting.
TopTen 24-11-2021, 23:59
@drink I totaly forgot about Black Mirror, omg what a show! Agree there are some dumb ones, but man how many good ones, and the best part is, most of the things are happening today. I was legit getting creeps on NOSEDIVE episode, that sick shit is already here.
drink 25-11-2021, 00:19
If u are big fan of crime bases themes, u will love Line of duty, impressive serie. Of course u have to watch Sherlock mini series, Broadchurch is worth a watch as well... Didnt yet watch Bron/Broen (the bridge) but is on my list and i think it could be great
TopTen 25-11-2021, 00:28
Watched Line and actually Bridge is on my recent list :) We have the same taste :) And our boy won 2nd set as well!
Darkness 25-11-2021, 02:12
I watched Black Mirror :) Anyway I`m disgusted as usual, losing every tiebreak and marathon... that`s what I do best. When a series on my tragic losses? At least 10 seasons ensured.

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