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Novak Djokovic - Lorenzo Sonego    (won)

ATP Vienna, quarterfinal, indoors

I see completely different match from those two first that Novak has played here. 7-6, 6-3 was the score both times. So, two easy over games. But the opponents were Krajinovic and Coric, so two players clearly above level of Lorenzo Sonego, especially on these conditions. Also both of them are in great relations with Novak. So, the world No.1 didn't put too big effort in those matches, at least not in the opening sets. And both times wouldn't be undeservedly if he has lost the opening set. But later we saw the real Djokovic, like we got used to see him. 
Not much to say here. IMO everything depends here on Novak and I'm very positive he doesn't want long match this time. 6:3, 6:4 would be ok but in fact I'm more close to believe in 6:1, 6:2. 
Published: 30-10-2020, 01:19 CET Pick: Under 19.5
Odds: 1.69 at 1xBet

Category: ATP tennis
Date: 30-10-2020
Option: Under / Over
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 10)

oberyn 30-10-2020, 19:12
good read ``
drink 30-10-2020, 19:13
great analysis, lol, bravo, Not even close
FairPlayBet 30-10-2020, 19:14
The G O A T hahahaha
Emmanuel 30-10-2020, 19:26
A pick to print and frame it for your credentials as a Professional Tipster!! :)
FairPlayBet 30-10-2020, 19:32
I said I know Novak doesn`t want long match and I predicted 15 games. The match finished with 15 games, so I guess he really didn`t want long match and wasn`t in the mood to stay too long on the court. I don`t know what people wants more :)
drink 30-10-2020, 19:33
It seems u didnt watch sonego at all, yes, your bet won, but its not funny
iniestaone 30-10-2020, 19:33
Emmanuel 30-10-2020, 19:37
Truth to be said, our good Fairplaybet, nowhere mentions that Djokovic shall win this, he precisely dictates about low number of games coz Nole doesnt wish "long matches" ;)
FairPlayBet 30-10-2020, 19:38
If you think Novak didn`t decide to tank the match and this was because of Sonego great match, then think twice. Djokovic needed QF to secure No.1 somewhere till March. He achieved that and clearly decided to go home. And now you say to me, I did not watch Sonego. If Novak played this seriously, it would be the same result, only in his favour.
FairPlayBet 30-10-2020, 19:42
Yeah tell him, Emmanuel. I guess he is just mad cause a) took djokovic handicap or more likely b) was expecting good resist from underdog so took over games. P.S. and yes, this was very funny.
drink 30-10-2020, 19:50
Lol.. u said : 6:3, 6:4 would be ok but in fact I`m more close to believe in 6:1, 6:2. No, i didnt took djokovic handicap, cuz i watched sonego.. i took sonego handicap I am just sad such a bad picks brings u win, thats all
FairPlayBet 30-10-2020, 20:18
No, you obviously lost on this match. That`s clear as a day. Cause, that was reaction of a loser. By the way, you know what`s sad? It`s sad we still have here few dishonest guys who calls themselves tipsters. And when admin makes mistake and wrongly settle pick in their favour, they remains silent. I guess you know what I`m taking about. Or I need to remind you. I mean it didn`t pass too much time. That Isner pick hangs out `only` two years or so.
drink 30-10-2020, 20:20
What? What r u talking?
FairPlayBet 30-10-2020, 20:21
I think I was very clear.
drink 30-10-2020, 20:23
I think u were not. i really dont know, pls explain
FairPlayBet 30-10-2020, 20:34
Comeon man. You have picks settled as winners although they are not. I saw it several times. Isner pick from few years ago especially remained in my mind. But it`s ok. We cant`t all be honest.
drink 30-10-2020, 21:03
Domac, can u pls check this?
drink 30-10-2020, 21:14
FairPlayBet if u are right and if there was an error in "settlement" i will give u all my credits(even if u dont deserve it with such an awful pick)
FairPlayBet 30-10-2020, 21:29
Keep it. You obviously need it. Cheater.
drink 30-10-2020, 21:33
Hahhahhahaha, I feel sorry for you
FairPlayBet 30-10-2020, 21:44
FairPlayBet 30-10-2020, 21:46
Now, go away and don`t come back here. Instead, you better find all those other picks and I remember veey well, you have more of these.
drink 30-10-2020, 22:09
Domac will fix it? dont worry about it, i am sure everyone makes mistakes and i am glad u found it, i really appreciate it.. tnx again, credits for u
FairPlayBet 30-10-2020, 22:18
I told you not to get back here. I told you I don`t need anything from you. And now you are suddenly polite. What about other picks? You have more. I know. I remember you had several wrongly settled. Instead for making again useless comments, you better browse all you picks history and find those. I`m done with you.
drink 30-10-2020, 22:30
I really dont care what u think, my point was that u mad really bad pick( cuz u didnt watch tennis) and u made it funny like u were awesome.. but at the end it doesnt matter, i dont follow your picks, just want to say what was on my mind..
FairPlayBet 30-10-2020, 22:41
You just gave me more material to put you even deeper into ground. But I won`t even try, don`t want to waste my time on you anymore.
drink 30-10-2020, 22:43
Boris 30-10-2020, 23:33
Djokovic played like a shit...first time in his career he lost to ll...and Sonego come on man, he hadnt win on hard all year...even I cheer for him i dont give a fuck when he plays like this...drink said it right in other things btw you I wont enter. Didnt watch match but when you can`t break Sonego you play like shit, only on talent he won in last two months his form is bad.

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