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Paris SG vs Manchester United    (won)

Very rare bet from me in soccer

This is champions league and with me being a french (yes I am born and live in France, the flag that you see on my profil is the tunisian one as my parents are from Tunisia so I feel like I am both but I wanted to represented the tunisian one as it’s less known and wanted to pay tribute to it) I hear a lot of this game in TV, friends, internet, everywhere basically

I was kind of surprise to see that Paris was that big of a favorite, now be careful I am not cocky enough to say that I know very well soccer but after the 2-0 in the first game, I have a hard time seeing Paris winning by more than 2 goals to be honest I feel like Manchester could loose by one point at best but I dont think more

They will want to play offensive as they already down from 2 goal so they have nothing to loose and Paris on big game and especially on champions league they tend to deal hardly with pressure, you can look at the Barcelona game two years ago for example. And here I think them coming and winning by 2 goals to be honest I dont think it will happen, I wanted to bet Manchester or draw, but the +1 is safer in my opinion 
Published: 28-02-2019, 19:56 CET Pick: Manchester +1
Odds: 2.1 at Pinnacle

Category: International football
Date: 06-03-2019
Option: Asian Handicap
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 10)

gameiro 04-03-2019, 21:59
You know that they lost 2-0 with Pogba and Sanchez in the field? They wont play here
sirac 05-03-2019, 14:06
Well Paris dealing wrong with pressure is not really an argument for this tie as imo this is exactly where Man Utd lost the first game, being too conservative and wanting the clean sheet which affected them badly playing worse game under Solskjaer. But I do agree PSG shouldn`t be that much favored here, Utd should play better than in first leg as they are improved under Ole. Odds wise d efinitelly a bet worthy of any investment, don`t see huge gap in quality here, clearly PSG is better and 2-0 is another big advantage to have from mental point of view but they will be cocky prolly.
FightingBets 05-03-2019, 15:01
To be honest I dont know enough soccer to debate with you two guys, So I rather dont say anything than saying some bullshit. I made the bet with my feeling without really analysing the game, I feel like PSG wont win by 2 goal but this is just my feeling
LovelyJubbly 05-03-2019, 15:26
Gameiro , Sanchez? He is shit all season.... Manchester has to score at least 2 and most probably more to qualify so I expect all in attack at the start so my pick will be 1,5+ first half on the match as I guess if MUTD is not able to score Paris will from counters. For someone who believes in Manchester 0,5+ their goals in 1st half is good odds - 2.88
gameiro 05-03-2019, 23:13
I think PSG can trash them 7-0 and thats the end of them its enough for them they won that final with big luck against Bayern they represent devil they can go to hell
dare2bet 06-03-2019, 08:10
Man Utd with a depleted midfield, missing Pogba, Herrera, Matic, Mata, Lingard. They will line up some poor midfield lin with Mc tominay, Perreira,Fred or some improvisation with Smalling
Nabuchodonosor 06-03-2019, 10:01
I agree with Gameiro, not 7-0 because there is no interest but PSG can trash them with a so weak midfield ... Fortunately PSG miss Neymar and Cavani too. I don`t think PSG will be afraid at all. Even if some players has lived the game against Barcelona, this PSG looks more sure about their strengths. IMO they will start this game to win and not to preserve the result of the 1st leg. I don`t think any value to invest in this game, maybe BTS but still in live action to decide this kinda action. Gl to all with your bets
sirac 06-03-2019, 23:05
Hahaha. Epic losers from PSG did it again. How on Earth can you play like that against United reserves? What a waste of money that club. Shocking elimination! But good bet mate. All the people thought this French wannabees are way better and imo they were but so much stupidity can ruin all the talent they have. Congrats mate!
FightingBets 06-03-2019, 23:17
Thank you Sirac
Nabuchodonosor 07-03-2019, 08:20
Well done ! Really amazed how Paris was afraid again !

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