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Romania U21 - Bosnia U21    (won)

Romania U19 failed to qualify to the final tournament after a goal conceeded on home soil against Ukraine, after fantastic displays. Now nobody in Romania wants this team to miss the qualification. Both U19 and U21 of Romania now have great squads. Some before the game of Romania at Serbia (2-2), even went to say Romania U21 are better. They are very gifted clearly but lack experience. Anyway, in U21 they should rock. The game takes place at Hagi's field from Viitorul, many players have been formed there. Romania are undefeated, and if they beat surprising Bosnia today they will qualify with the victory over Liechtenstein at home (in the last match, even if they lose home against Wales, because they afford it). Romania has beaten Bosnia 3-1 away and Portugal 2-1 (Portugal that averaged older age and were European champions). Now the Turkish refefere did everything at Portugal-Romania to make us fail. Another 2 eliminations, red cards and a penalty in the 10th minute of stoppage time (lol), we also had two in Wales and there was also a draw there. Romania is 4-3-0 with 11-4, absolutely impressive in all in this hard group (look at Poland and others where they play and are not even seed, and Romania plays with Portugal, Bosnia, Wales and Switzerland). 

Anyways, Romania is missing some defenders, Marin played for the seniors (although some "seniors" are playing currently for the U21 side), Ivan is also suspended and best scorer Puscas is 22 years old now. BUT, we will manage somehow to deal with our defence since we only received 4 goals in 7 matches from very powerful teams in U21. 

Nedelcu, Cicaldau, Hagi, Man, Matan, Morutan, Coman and maybe even Mailat and Petre are players very gifted and you will hear about some of them surely in the future. Because they are too many, surely not all will fail. Romania are normally gonna beat Bosnia and go to the European Championship. We have been too unlucky since years, playoffs with England and others, or groups finished second after Germany and France. Now 12 teams go instead of 8, and it's our time. Something about the Bosnians, they beat the Portuguese and after the home loss to Romania they have pretty impressive. But notice Romania is home and the Bosnian players play mainly in Bosnia. So this surprised me, compared to some of their previous generations...

PS. There is a solid out at Ovidiu, Constanza. They cannot be stopped by Bosnia and Wales, and should qualify directly from the 1st spot even before the last round!
Published: 10-09-2018, 23:23 CET Pick: Romania U21
Odds: 1.97 at Pinnacle

Category: European football
Date: 11-09-2018
Option: 1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 10)

CatalinM 11-09-2018, 07:46
Nice preview mate, yet your pick is based on knowing only the home team here. You didn`t say anything about Bosnia`s squad and that is because you don`t know anything about them. I would also like to say something about this phrase: " Both U19 and U21 of Romania now have great squads". Do you know anything about the U19 squad, at least who is their coach without google it? I will answer: NO! I have just seen 4 matches of the U19 squad in the last month: 2-1 and 0-2 against Israel and 2-1 and 1-0 aganinst Cyprus, you can search them on youtube. After watching the games i am sure you will retract your words about the U19 generation team, or if not, you might not understand this sport properly :) Of course i am a supporter of Romania as well, but when it comes to betting, we should be professionals, not supporters. Good luck, mate!
Remy 11-09-2018, 08:41
Romania is the greatest country in the World, FCSB is the greatest team in Europe and dacians build the pyramids. I know I had this logic 100 years ago when I was a kid. But then you wake up :))
cristiandinu 11-09-2018, 09:36
Remy, and Romania is a beautiful and rich countru, full of helpful and caring people. :)))))) But in this case, I agree with jobless, although he often commits the deadliest bettor`s sin: being biased, according to teams he supports. I, of course, cheer for Romania and Romanian teams (despite he will say otherwise), but since I am not making any money from supporting and I`m a pragmatic person, I try to stay objective in my picks, especially since there may be someone from other country following these previews. Someone who is not biased and doesn`t care about who wins, as long as the winning team is what he bet. Returning to our game, I as well, picked Romania, without knowing much about Bosnia, but I saw our youth team and if (and this is a big if, since they are young and inconsistent) they play at they true potential, they can`t miss the win against even bigger names.
jobless 11-09-2018, 10:28
@ CatalinM U19 had friendlies (they only played 3, the squad is new half). The main reason for taking this bet are the great odds, the gifted Romanian players AND THE BOSNIAN PLAYERS WHO PLAY INTERNALLY. I have already specified this, but you haven`t read it. Plus Romania beat Bosnia 3-1 on the road. @ Remy Now please tell me how many clones do you have, because all these comments showed up very early. @ Cristiandinu This match is surer than your all Romania winning against Montengro. :)) The odds should have been 1.65 and just because Bosnia got nice run.
jobless 11-09-2018, 10:40
And where do you see me "being biased", since I only lost on Steaua to win at Hajduk (0-0) and CSM not to lose at Gyor? Big odds anyway? And in the case of handball it was totally rightful, since Gyor had several absences and CSM won the first match by 5. Of course I am betting what I know, but you need to know when to bet them. @ Cristian Dinu, maybe you will post more than 5 picks monthly. Plus let`s recap "your bias", when your bets are only Romanian (anti or pro).
cristiandinu 11-09-2018, 11:55
jobless, I don`t know if you know, but my picks are mostly at Betrush Premium, so I post on both sections. And it`s never about the volume of picks, but the profit in the end. When I said you are biased, I see that you tend to favor Romanians everywhere, even when odds are not in their favor. A true bettor should have no inclination towards any team, only to see value in a pick. I bet on Romanian teams because that`s what I know.
Remy 11-09-2018, 12:15
100% biased fanboy. So biased he dont even realises he is biased :))
innn 11-09-2018, 12:41
I was curious and checked the Bosnian U21 squad as I thought strange to be all playing internally. Surprise!!! There were all but 3 playing outside Bosnia at the match with Switzerland. They were like : 2-3 at Dinamo Zagreb, Osjiek, Rijeka, Souchaux(the guy , E. Frankfurt, Mouscron, The 3: left-defender from Mostar and right defender from Vejle and the goalkeeper. Then I looked the romanian squad and oops: apart from 3 externals Rapid Wien(forward), Ufa(defender), Genoa(GK), they were all playing internally. Looked even so much like FCSB squad with here and there the aforementioned and 1 Craiova, 1 Viitorul. Author should be more serious when saying "The main reason for taking this bet are the great odds, the gifted Romanian players AND THE BOSNIAN PLAYERS WHO PLAY INTERNALLY. " The great odds could be on the x2 or DNB 2 because FCSB is not that good to begin with, plus as you say the prejudices against romanian u21 could very well continue. Anyway good luck and take care in writing.
innn 11-09-2018, 12:43
*I rushed with the critique and left some unfinished sentences. Apologies.
Remy 11-09-2018, 12:56
Fcsb is mediocre :)) "not good" is a polite way to put it.
cristiandinu 11-09-2018, 13:01
For Liga 1 they are good. :)
Remy 11-09-2018, 13:26
Yes, so good that without the bison they would fight for 6th place :))
cristiandinu 11-09-2018, 13:29
Yep. But they do have him. :) I would naturalize Gnohere I would be the federation.
hanniball 11-09-2018, 13:51
We have better attackers than the fatty Bison!!!
cristiandinu 11-09-2018, 13:55
Who ?
Remy 11-09-2018, 14:57
Alibec, I still trust in him.
cristiandinu 11-09-2018, 17:17
In two years he managed more reds than Gnohere`s goals. :)
Droc 11-09-2018, 17:29
But he has more kills in Counter Strike than Gnohere...
dare2bet 11-09-2018, 17:55
This u21 team is among the best 20 in the world, but unfortunately we are without Nedelcearu, Nedelcu and Ivan and this is a big handicap. Risky bet without this players and odds are to low, but i hope we win
Remy 11-09-2018, 18:58
I dont understand why Radoi doesnt play with Morutan.score woild be 8-0 with him on the field
Remy 11-09-2018, 19:35
Good job Jobless with this one, I send you 5 euros next month when I get credit
jobless 11-09-2018, 20:05
Haha, thank you bro! Morutan getting marginalised by both FSCB and U21, this is very strange. But maybe tactically he is not very ready yet. I personally liked Petre, my uncle says he is slow and that Tucudean played so well. I am waiting to see Keseru kicked on seniors and Andone to play. Don`t forget Puscas and Dragus both can play for the U21 in Italy, Petre is not in the team. Harlem is very good but has an age. I would only naturalise Camora, the attackers are coming. I just hope the last strikers and central defenders will also return. @ innn Romania have players transferred for millions in the local league. Bosnia were modest. Player from Osijek and Zagreb, same shit, most of them don`t even play. Coman (3.5 millions Steaua), Morutan & Man (FCSB, each 1 million), Hagi (2 millions Viitorul), Cicalda (1 million Craiova), and now Mailat also makes 1 million imo (like Matan, but Matan maybe even more) although he was free I think, Olaru 500k at least etc They missed Manea (2.5 millions), Nedelcearu (UFA), Nedelcu (2 million FCSB), Sreciu (2 millions Genk), Puscas (3.5 millions Palermo), Ivan (3.5 millions loaned at Rapid Wien from Russia) and Dragomir (ex Arsenal) is not even in the squad. You can make an opinion about potential if some of those were not sidelined, but not even convoked. That`s why Romania won 3-1 in Bosnia. And for our keeper, Radu, Genoa paid 8 million euros. He will be maybe Oblak level in the future years if he keeps this development. Marchetti has just injured.
jobless 11-09-2018, 20:07
PS. FCSB transferred too many players, plus the youngsters bought with millions had no experience. They were much better than Rapid Wien and the reserve GK (19 years old) dropped the brick. This is how Rapid qualified, undeserved, at Vienna FCSB had several bars/posts.
jobless 11-09-2018, 20:37
I will put 1000 RON on Romania U21 to win the Euro if I get odds 30-60. And then at the final I will cover. Dennis Man will make a fantastic tournament, I am sure, he will prove himself to get a great transfer. At only 20 years completed last month, he is way better than Januzaj was. Only to see first the draw, not to get a group with Spain or France or something like that..
CatalinM 11-09-2018, 20:54
@jobless, congrats on your pick. Please don’t get me wrong, i wasn’t bad intentioned with my comment, just that i watched live on the stadium the U19 squad 4 times this month and i can assure you they are full of shit, they beat Cyprus 2-1 after trailing and scoring twice from FK (one deflected and the second from 35 meters, you don’t have that luck every match). Otherwise 0 chances and shots. Trust me on this one. About this U21 generation, i agree, the best we had in years. Keep up the good work.
cristiandinu 11-09-2018, 21:28
What bookmaker lets you put 1000 lei on odds 30-60 ?
Remy 11-09-2018, 21:32
Cristiandinu, all bookmakers since 99% you lose?
cristiandinu 11-09-2018, 21:43
Remy, I don`t think so. They cover the losses and only allow for a percentage of losses. If they let him put 1000 lei on 60 odds, they will have to pay him 59.000 lei and thats 12.800 euros. Will not allow such high loss on a regular bookie (only at asians through bookies, but they rarely play on high odds).
cristiandinu 11-09-2018, 21:44
Through agents I meant.

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