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Tsitsipas S. - Medvedev D.    (won)

Tsitsipas ahd a nice run and played against all possible types of players: strong server, clay courter, ATP wannabe  and experienced player. He can only be confident ahead of his black sheep.

Indeed, Medvedev has an intimidating H2H as he lost just once. This being said, he is not a clay courter and his result in Paris is a big outlier. Plus, he faced winnable opponents and this will come to an end today.

The Greek can FINALLY take a Gran Slam win over the Russian. I get it that there is value on Medvedev due to H2H + form, but I think that Tsitsipas is just better on this surface at all levels. He will need to be focused and strong in his head though.
Published: 08-06-2021, 12:22 CET Pick: Tsitsipas S. -4.5AH
Odds: 1.81 at Pinnacle

Category: ATP tennis
Date: 08-06-2021
Option: Asian Handicap
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 10)

TheGame 08-06-2021, 21:17
Fun bet here for me...3-2 Medvedev...You have the logical and sane pick follow. Hoppingivande for a good match, GL!
TheGame 08-06-2021, 21:18
Sorry haha...hoping for, it should say..this auto correcting..
TheGame 08-06-2021, 21:42
Greek is on a mission in this tournament. The only one who can bet Rafa imo.
FollowME 08-06-2021, 21:49
So far Tsitsi looks too strong for the Russian. But it`s a BO5.
FollowME 08-06-2021, 22:27
Daniil is getting hotter and hotter
TheGame 08-06-2021, 22:38
Stefanos is the shit here! He is outplaying a great platina Medvedev! Impressive and the Guy is looking like a Champion tonight!
TheGame 08-06-2021, 22:39
FollowMe 08-06-2021, 22:46
Yeah, he plays finally with confidence against Medvedev.
TheGame 08-06-2021, 23:33
Congrats Follow! Well deserved by the more consistant player! You got anything for tonight? Cheers!
thestarling 08-06-2021, 23:33
What a fucking joke. Medvedev up 40-0 and loses the game to lose the match. The piece of shit throws an underhand serve on matchpoint?!?! Disgusting. He is falling into the same category as the Paire`s/Fognini`s of the world.
FollowME 08-06-2021, 23:36
@TheGame, don`t have pending things for tonight, but I will take a look on NHL and see if I tip something. I see there are two games. @Starling, lose from 40-0 to avoid tie-break was fucked up for you guys with the Overs. Now the underhand serves... I guess he was just fed up of the match and realized that he can`t win today. Still.... that`s a bit fucked up to end it like that.
thestarling 08-06-2021, 23:42
He has turned into a petulant arrogant ass. If he can`t win he throws the match. This is Benoit Paire/Bublick shit. And his coach is a joke for not saying anything. Giles just sits there as his dirt bag player just makes a mockery of their training and time. It`s disgusting. It`s the kinda crap you see from teenagers. It`s one thing to get broken back in the 8th game, but to throw an underhand serve on match point just says I don`t care. What I hate about this sport is that there`s no media coverage. Imagine if a player did that in the NFL he`d never play again. These tennis players behave like embarrassments and no holds them accountable and there is no media scrutiny.
FollowME 08-06-2021, 23:46
Medie does speak about stuff like this but then nothing changes... the player is his solo manager. It`s not a team (in that sense). With good ranking, you will always be invited to play even if you shit in the middle of the court. Look at this bastard kid of Paire. If you ask me, he should have received a 1 year ban on the ATP tours and a serious fine.

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