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Wimbledon outright


I just have to try this, dont know does Domac allow but I try my best...

Okk, now when Wimby is starting I have had earlier years also little "shots" for Nick, BUT now I think that his situation is MUCH better. He has shown whole spring better attitude, better gameplay, and especially concentration on court. The fact that russian players are not allowed to play here, limits it to one big FAV and that is of course Mr.Djokovic. We will see, of course I root Nole for a reason that he is to me the all time best player, and he is really eager for this title after "failure" in RG. And the fact that Rafa took the title there. No doubt about that. Guys like FAA, Stefanos, Berrettini AND the two spaniards I cannot really trust in this point against Nole, if Rafa shows up at all.

Kyrgios has had now solid grass season so far and is 5/1, only loss to his good buddy Andy. The fact is that he is like 1.60ish FAV against Tsitsipas on this surface, makes me believe he is at least 50/50 in Wimby against prob all the rest best involving except Djokovic. And imo Novak could have some problems agaisnt him in 2nd week, when grass is more "used" and not fresh. Also Nick knows how to handle the BIG3 - he has shown that in the past. Only thing is how he holds up mentally in BO5 matches, but I think that he is now more mature and better guy (maybe something to do with his personal life:). 

I just hope possible Novak matchup would come before Final, cause imo Nole is such a beast and expirienced that "choke factor" would be HUGE in final against him! GL
Published: 16-06-2022, 20:10 CET Pick: K1ng Kyrgios to win
Odds: 21 at bet365

* Odds are correct at the time of publishing and subject of change

Category: ATP tennis
Date: 27-06-2022
Option: 1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 5 (tipster's average: 7)

finnishflash 16-06-2022, 20:12
@Domac, void or not I hope u let this stay now end of tournament... I know you have allowed these to some other guys pass ;) I had to make this pick in current situation when I think there is clear value in the end. Ps. correct odds are 21 in bet365
FollowME 16-06-2022, 20:22
I see either Djokovic, Kyrgios or Berrettini. With strong runs from players like Cilic.
Domac 16-06-2022, 20:46
It is OK to be taken once, normally allowing things up to getting repetitive against rules.
Finnishflash 16-06-2022, 20:51
Gladiator_28 18-06-2022, 21:35
For me personally, Kyrgios does not have chances for the title there, because his fitness is not so good. I am not pretty sure he can play 7 games of 3/5 sets in a row. Moreover, there are many good players on grass. For me the favourite should be Berrettini. He is pretty good on this surface and if he wins tomorrow, he will have a pretty solid ground for the upcoming Wimbledon.
FollowME 28-06-2022, 16:47
Horrible horrible HORRIBLE attitude. King my ass. He was mumbling the whole match against the youngster like a drunk old prostitute. I am glad that he won as I did high stake him in the final set but honestly, if Jubb did win, I wouldn`t mind. He was complacent, disrespectful, well, a classic Kyrgios that doesn`t give too much of a fuck. Imagine a tour with only players like him, Fognini, Paire and Bublik. I would never watch tennis again. Even at the end of the match he spit direction the public. Nah, it`s a very little person Kyrgios.
Finnishflash 29-06-2022, 19:49
Look man, Nick "spit" towards the crowd because they were disrespectful to him. It is justified, his emotions got him - you should know what that means when you cannot control your emotions
FollowME 29-06-2022, 19:59
So what? That`s exactly why he will never be qualified as a top class player. I`ve never seen Djokovic, Nadal or Federer spitting because they are whinnying like a cunt. If you don`t find his attitude poor - that`s your own opinion. You have difficult crowd everywhere. That`s not the factor. Have you ever seen a match where Kyrgios doesn`t mumble, do the clown or get upset with the umpire? I haven`t. Actually, I could have commented this on any other match with him. It`s just that his mumbling attitude was at a peak yesterday and it pissed me off.
finnishflash 30-06-2022, 14:22
K1ng is showing what he can do on court today - simply pure class talent he is :-)

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