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Zalgiris - Zenit    (won)

Zenit should be very unsuitable rival for current Zalgiris which lately lives and dies with offense. Zenit can kill it. Pascual's team does that very good this season with decent defensive efforts and simply not letting their rivals play the game they love. Zenit has one of the most efficient defense in whole EL, only favorites Barca can brag about better numbers. Only Khimki managed to get from these spiderwebs, but Khimki offense individually is miles better than Zalgiris. While most of other Zenit's rivals struggled and were slowed down. I bet that Zalgiris will have lot of difficulties either. And if offense struggles, then Zalgiris has no defense of their own to come to save them. Lately it's been awful, especially if rivals has good shooters then Zalgiris is in even deeper trouble and Zenit does - Baron, Rivers, Pangos are trio of great snipers and they should cause problems. Overall, I think Zenit not only has these advantages which should help them to win the game, but is in simply better shape, after that covid hit start of the season they are finding their rhythm, while Zalgiris after surprisingly good start are going down. So Zenit is my pick. GL ;)
Published: 25-11-2020, 10:49 CET Pick: Zenit
Odds: 2.4 at Nordicbet

Category: European basketball
Date: 26-11-2020
Option: 1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 10 (tipster's average: 10)

betass 25-11-2020, 10:57
I will take zalgiris . Zenit are very dependable on pangos and his 2x2 . Pangos shooting is awful , and because they don`t have another Pg pangos is playing over 30 minutes and in last quarter he always is fatigued and doing stupid mistakes , so if zalgiris will change in defence neither Gudaitis ir poitress can play 1on 1 against smaller oponent . Of course shooters is main zenit strength, but neither Rivers baron or hollins don`t play 1 on 1 , so zalgiris can defend better against them then they defended against Armani or Maccabi . So offence I could say better is for zalgiris . Of course in defence zenit is better , but they played on Monday away match , now another away match and fatigue could be visible , so more chances for me has Žalgiris.
Mindozas 25-11-2020, 11:20
Zenit doesn`t need Baron, Rivers to play 1on1, not against Zalgiris defense they`ve been showing lately. All they need is good ball movement and they has it with Pangos and other smart players on court, this way they will find open shooter and that`s what important, Zalgiris is simply not catching up. Zenit just will have to make their shots. While the key is Zenit`s defense. Zalgiris has no creativity to beat it, nor creative PG, while I`m afraid that ISO game won`t work, not against Zenit schemes. Last season it helped Zenit to comeback to the game vs Zalgiris, when Pascual was just starting the job there, Zalgiris simply looked clueless. Now it might be bad story for the Zalgiris since the start. But of course, only the game will tell it all. However, I see Zenit one of the worst match-ups for Zalgiris nowadays. Zalgiris will have to show some extra stuff to win it, but I doubt there is some

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