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What New Players Should and Should Not Do When Playing DFS Cash Games


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With all the hype coming from different sports leagues, it is unlikely that you have never heard of daily fantasy games. Chances are, you might even be one of those looking for ways to win in daily fantasy games.

However, if you’re a new player, this article will help you out with the best practices when playing these types of games. Daily Fantasy games focus on prediction and bankroll management. This means that the best way to win this is to pick the proper players while balancing your limited budget.

In this game, most of the time, you will be considering possible odds and predicting the correct values. As such, there are certain practices that you can and cannot do so you can make proper decisions and win cash rewards more often than not. Here are some of the primary points you should remember in playing the upcoming Daily Fantasy Sports.

Don`t Ignore the Injuries

An experienced DFS player would be meticulous in selecting his roster, especially if he`s planning to pick a player with a recent injury. Out of all betting sport types, NBA Fantasy games are the most affected with injury and news updates.

This means that a player with a previous injury record might not perform what was expected by many. And chances are, he will be replaced during the season, rendering him a risk in your roster. Getting an unexpected removal of your player would take a hit in your bankroll, making it harder to recover.

The best way to avoid this? Read the news. Any news about injuries and replacements should not be ignored and always taken into consideration when picking your roster.

Be Open and Don`t Be Biased

Playing Daily Fantasy Sports leagues places you in a position where you can pick out your favorite players in a roster. If you`re playing for fun, then there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you are planning to win as much cash as possible, start being open to mixing up other lesser-known players in your lineup.

DFS also relies on data from different sources, and while you feel comfortable getting your favorite players, you might be missing out on great opportunities other players may offer. For example, picking out the crowd`s favorite, Stephen Curry, might not benefit your roster as opposed to Karl-Anthony Towns, even though you know Curry more than Towns.

To cut a long story short, be open in mixing up other players in your lineup. With thousands of possible combinations in line, selecting players just because they are your favorites won`t always guarantee a win.

Know When to Enter A Fantasy League

As a new player, the best way to get a feel of the Daily Fantasy games is to participate in small events. Little by little, you get to have a first-hand experience of the action with minimal risk. Small events are best suited for casual players and first-timers who are mostly looking for fun and not profit.

On the other hand, getting your roster lined up for a head to head, and other significant events should be a no-no. Not only will you be participating under a massive disadvantage on betting knowledge, most players you will be competing against are hardcore bettors with dedicated experience in these games. These players already ground their way for maximum profit.

Unless you have learned the tricks and improved your management skills, it is best to play on shallow waters first then work your way around into playing in the big sea.

Look For Projections and Reviews

It is quite understandable and expected that new players aren`t as keen to research than seasoned bettors. New players tend to get confused with all the numerical values and statistics. The best way to remedy this is by checking out DFS outlooks.

DFS projections and outlooks are reviews of favored players in the upcoming games. Some websites post first impressions and summarized reviews on players who they think would perform better in the season. Reading these reviews from sports analysts should give you an idea of which player to pick and be combined within your roster.

Join the Community

In every aspect, not joining a community spells trouble on your end, and this is an absolute no on your part as a new player. Even though Fantasy owners are hungry for wins and would like to keep it all to themselves, the sports community is a convenient place for you to grow.

In general, the Sports community is a collection of sports enthusiasts and experts helping one another in-game analysis, player progressions, and betting updates. Check out their forums and live discussions to guide you in picking your roster.


Whether you are playing for fun or profit, Daily Fantasy Sports games are all about proper timing and lineups. Regardless of your reasons for participating, aim to win these games and earn along the way. With all these stipulated guides and red flags new players should consider, it is still best to keep an open mind and financial awareness to properly play these games and avoid financial pitfalls along your betting journey.

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