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Norway - Northern Ireland   (won)

Norway and Northern Ireland will play their last qualifying match in Oslo. It's interesting and somehow unreal Norway to see Norway as weaker team ahead of this unimportant match. The Nordic team had many unexpected bad results and twey will most probably finish the group on the 4th position, only ahead of Azerbaijan and San Marino which is bad for them because the group was probablt the weakest of all in this quals. Norway has young team, only their goalkeeper has more than 30 years and they probably making a team for the next quals for theb Euro 2020. Their players play in different teams across the Europe and Joshua King is their most important player. Norway smashed San Marino 0:8 four days ago, so they are ready for action.

Northern Ireland managed to catch that second place in the group with Germany, Czech republic and Norway as main opponents and it's big surprise for them. Every team in the playoffs would like to face them because they seem weaker than any team in the playoofs. Their players play in England and Scotland, but only a few of them play in the Premier League. They have several veterans, but I feel that their coach will give a rest to many of them to avoid yellow cards which may mean that some of the key players will miss the playoffs. This match will change nothing for Northern Ireland, so I don't expect their best 11 in Oslo.

Norway lost 2:0 in the first match, but Northern Ireland were only better in realisation. Norway played a decent match, but failed to score. Northern Ireland has experienced defense and it's their main strength. Norway has slightly better players and I'm sure that they will be much closer to the win tonight.

Published Oct-08-2017, 18:10 CET

Category: . International
Betting option: Asian Handicap
Pick: Norway (+0)
Odds: 1.76
Stake: 1
Bookmaker: SBOBET
Date: Oct-08-2017

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