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Oriente Petrolero - The Strongest   (void)


The playoffs in Bolivia continue with the return legs of the semifinals. The game in La Paz had quite bizarre run, Oriente Petrolero leading 3-1 after 60 minutes of play and being with a man more so no one expected they will lose 3-5 at the end but on this ground and hard conditions everything is possible, we saw so many crazy games in La Paz and Oriente Petrolero can't play well away from the valley. Now los petroleros look for revenge and even as they have to wipe out 2 goals deficit it is fully possible to happen. As known The Strongest are not strong at all without the high altitude in La Paz, looking totally different team and losing almost all of their away games (not counting as visits the games with city rivals Bolivar and La Paz). They managed to take 1-1 draw in the regular Apertura fixture in Santa Cruz but it was a quite rare accident in the 2-3-19 balance from their total 24 visits to Oriente Petrolero since 2000.
In addition Oriente Petrolero were much better in the regular season, made their way to the playoffs early and in very convincing manner (could be first but played some games with reserves in the end) while The Strongest can only thank to the format sending 8 from all 12 teams to the knockout stage allowing them here even with a negative balance (4-3-5). That plus the huge home factor should decide the result, most likely with a margin as Oriente Petrolero won 4 from their last 5 games in Santa Cruz with 2-3 goals and rarely making mistakes here (14-4-3 in 2011, note that the few fails include 2 games against city rivals Blooming and loss from valley neighbors Guabira).
Team news - no missings for Oriente Petrolero, The Strongest will have to do without their Paraguayan defender Delio Ojeda who was sent-off in the first game.

Published Dec-14-2011, 11:55 CET

Category: Bolivia
Betting option: Asian Handicap
Pick: Oriente Petrolero -1
Odds: 1.86
Stake: 5
Bookmaker: 188bet
Date: Dec-15-2011

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