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Understanding RTP: What It Means and How It Impacts Your Gambling Experience


In a word, RTP is a statistic that represents the average payout for an online casino game over time. As an immediate example, a pokies game with a 95% RTP should pay out around $95 for every $100 wagered on the game. Therefore, if you invest $100, you should receive $95 back on average. The RTP can also be seen as the polar opposite of the house edge. An online casino generates a 5% profit on a game if its RTP is 95%, indicating that the house edge is 5%.

One thing to remember is that this is a flexible guideline that applies to every game you play. RTPs are averages, which means they were determined after accounting for countless repeatedly played sessions. Therefore, do not assume you will receive the same RTP if you play a game for 10 minutes. Consider it more of a suggestion than a rigid rule.

RTP goes further than that and can significantly affect your online gambling behavior. It may also affect how to locate RTP on slots that perfectly fit your gaming preferences. Continue reading on WeGamble to learn more about that as well.

Calculating RTP

RTP is computed by dividing the sum of all player payouts by the total amount wagered. For instance, if your game`s RTP is 97%, players will eventually receive $97 back for every $100 they spend.

Thus, you would typically receive back $97 for every $100 you invested in the game (the casino takes the remaining $3). Additionally, even though your earnings may fluctuate if you wager $100 per play across many spins, the RTP ensures that the house ultimately prevails. RTP may be thought of as the polar opposite of house edge. Remember that the house edge represents the casino`s average profit on each dollar wagered.

Although this is a somewhat sloppy breakdown, let`s look at the typical RTPs of casino games:

• American Roulette - 94.7%
• Pai Gow poker - 97.5%
• Online Slots - 93-99%
• European Roulette - 97.5%
• Craps - 95% to 98.6%
• Baccarat - 98.5%
• Three-card poker - 98.5%
• Blackjack (single deck) - 98.5%

The RTP does not account for how frequently and significantly you could win a game, so keep that in mind.

Consider a game like European Roulette as an illustration. You may still place bets that have a chance of winning large even though the RTP of that game generally is 97.5%, meaning the house will always keep 2.5% of wagers. For instance, if you placed a bet on red, you would only have an approximately 50% chance of winning, but you could win twice as much. Therefore, even if you place a wager that causes your money to double, this happens less frequently, and in the end, the house keeps 2.5% of every dollar wagered.

The same is true of pokies. While certain slots may have a 99.5% RTP, you can still win big with significant jackpots. On the other hand, you could continue making 5-cent wagers indefinitely and never lose any money since you know you won`t.

How Are RTPs Used for Casino Games

Operators of online casinos are in the business of earning money and ensuring players have a positive experience. RTP serves as a seal of approval for a game`s legitimacy.

It is the method by which online casinos can examine a pokies game and state with confidence that it has an RTP of x%. The player will have a fair and accurate understanding of what they are entering if they can see the RTP. The Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Commission, and the UK Gambling Commission will allow the game if the RTP is appropriately established.

That credibility makes a game more appealing to participants since they know what they are entering. So how is RTP truly implemented in online casinos` gaming offerings? There are, in fact, a few distinct methods. Some casinos will calculate the RTP for pokies on their own, based solely on their calculations. As part of playtesting, they may consider how much money is placed into the device and then calculate how much money is taken out of it.

However, if a casino uses a pokies game created by a different developer to operate on its platform, that developer may use the RTP directly. The game`s creator will be familiar with how it functions and what it must do and be able to provide a precise RTP figure. The amount of action in the game is often what the operator considers, regardless of whether they handle it personally or delegate it to a developer. If the game can keep up a steady stream of players and pays out more money than it takes in, this is typically a sign of a high RTP.

Calculating the RTP is much simpler regarding table games, such as online European Roulette. That`s because it is evident that there are 18 winning numbers and 19 losing numbers, making it simple to perform basic pen-and-paper math. Gambling regulators will validate the RTP after it has been established for every game so that players may be confident that everything is legal.

What happens if a casino doesn`t disclose the RTP percentages for the games it offers? It`s conceivable that they are unaware of what it is.

For instance, they might be unable to obtain the RTP data from a third-party game developer if they utilize that game to power the casino. They might not even be able to play the game. Casinos typically state on their websites that the RTP data is unavailable in certain circumstances.


Knowing the RTP allows you to decide whether to try playing online and, if so, how much money to invest.

Play low volatility, moderate return games if you wish to play for hours without putting too much of your cash in danger. Knowing that you are moving closer to your bankroll objective with each minute you play will make you pleased. However, if you enjoy the high-roller way of life, try some unpredictable games with large jackpots and the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in a single wager.

Playing is the only way to learn more about RTP and how to do it, so get clicking and get playing!

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