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Where Is Sports Betting Going in 2021?


Betting enthusiasts all around the world enjoy sports betting. It continues to evolve over the years and there is a lot to expect in 2021. If you enjoy sports betting, here are a few things to expect through the year:

1. Growth of eSports

Even though eSports is already big, it is expected to get even bigger in 2021. It will continue being a major contributor to the sports betting landscape. Presently, it is worth millions of dollars.

People all around the world now bet on eSports. Their popularity hit an all-time high when the COVID lockdown hit. Most leagues and stadia had been shut down leaving bettors no choice but to find a sport they can play without leaving their homes. Although 2020 gave rise to lots of big tournaments, only time will determine how much more eSports can grow.

2. Betting Automation

Betting automation is an emerging trend in sports betting and it is expected to become even more popular in 2021. As technology continues to improve, it has an impact on all industries and the sports betting industry is not left behind. Processes are gradually changing from manual to automated.

In 2021, sports betting is much more automated than ever. Sports betting platforms now integrate with other automation features giving bettors a simplified and convenient experience. In case you’re wondering, check the best sports betting sites at NewCasinos.com. Many of them feature all the latest betting tech features, from in-play betting to streaming apps.

That said, the betting industry keeps improving. Depending on your sportsbook, you can access many types of value betting bots. They include: crawlers, scrapers, and icebergs. Each one of them serves a unique purpose. Crawlers, for example, are typically used in odds comparison sites. They make it easy to uncover value bets.

3. Live Streaming

In 2021, sports betting enthusiasts can expect an increase in live streams. Instead of having to navigate difficult websites to find a stream, bettors now have the option of visiting bookmakers’ sites to stream their favorite sporting events.

Even though bookies have been around for a while now, they seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on live streaming in 2021.

The popularity of live betting is improving as well. By providing streams, bookmakers encourage in-plays.

4. Crypto Betting

In 2021, crypto betting is bigger than ever. Sports bettors do not have to rely on the traditional transaction methods anymore. With this type of betting, players can use cryptocurrencies like Ether and Bitcoin for transactions.

It promotes safety and convenience. Bettors get to make payments in digital currencies with no threat of security issues or privacy breach. Crypto-based sports betting platforms make it easy to reach wider audiences. They also promote flexibility and fast payments.

5. Big Data in Sports Analytics

Big data has started getting into the world of sports betting. In 2021, many bettors are coming up with prediction models. Even when betting for fun, bettors are no longer leaving things to chance. They use their prediction models to make betting decisions.

As usual, sports analytics plays a major role in the market. Experienced punters, experts, and operators take care of sports analysis.

As the market keeps growing, the number of experts grows as well. However, it is impossible to make precise predictions without Big Data analytics. These analytics models pay attention to every detail regarding scoring history, player movements, and more. The resulting data is reliable and easy to understand.

6. AR and VR Betting

In 2021, more bettors will be able to enjoy AR and VR. Augmented reality and virtual reality have become an amazing addition to the sports betting world. Both of them promote realistic experiences and build excitement. They can elevate a betting platform to unimaginable heights.

Punters feel like they are placing their bets on physical casinos. The use of AR and VR in mobile applications has improved both realism and convenience in sports betting. Their inclusion in the sports betting niche is expected to yield huge results in 2021.

7. Player Tracking

Player tracking is the new hype in 2021. It is gaining popularity because of its accurate, useful data. Even though the trend is not widespread at the moment, it has lots of potential.

It works on the basis that bettors have the chance to track the activity and fitness of a player in real time. Having access to this information makes it easy to make the right betting decisions.

The information that bettor can get from player tracking is a lot more useful and comprehensive than what you would find after a Google search. Using the information, they receive, it may be easy for players to place a valuable bet.

8. Last-Minute Betting

Last-minute betting is another trend to expect in 2021 as many bettors enjoy the freedom of placing their bets whenever they please.

All gamblers have unique skills. While some of them can make predictions earlier on, others may need to wait until the last minutes of the game. This trend means that players have more time to think about the turn of events and pick a reasonable prediction.

It is perfect for bettors with busy lifestyles and newbies who may need to wait long before understanding the match and making predictions. It is not only possible to place a bet after a game starts, but also towards its end.

There have been technological developments in the recent past that make it easy to adopt this trend. Online sportsbooks have added the concept of last-minute betting into their systems so players can use any compatible devices to place a bet.

9. Free Bets and Bonuses

Even though free bets and bonuses have been around for a while, they are receiving more acceptance in 2021. With free bets and bonuses, gamblers stand place bets and stand a chance of winning without using their own money. Both new and loyal bettors can enjoy huge bonuses. The goal is to welcome the new ones and retain the loyalty of existing players. Bonuses and free bets are typically subject to wagering requirements. It is wise for bettors to understand the terms and conditions before playing.

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