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Top Sports Betting Tips for Beginners


Over the years, sports betting has become legal in many states. This has significantly reduced the stigma associated with gambling for many decades. Today, millions of sports fans are exploring the betting market without fear or shame. According to reports, the sports betting industry is worth multi-billion dollars across the world.

If you are interested in cashing in on the winnings that are available in the betting terrain, you must understand how it works. To get started with your betting adventure, you can check out lvbet.lv for many opportunities. However, before you start, the tips highlighted in this post will prepare you for the adventure and improve your chances of winning. Let us get right into the tips already!

How to Place Bets on Sports

The first thing you must understand is the difference between a favorite and an underdog. When an oddsmaker publishes a betting line for a game, they first decide on the team that would be the favorite and the one that would be an underdog. The favorite team is expected to win at the game.

Therefore, such a team will have a minus sign with its odds. The underdog on the other hand is expected to lose and for this reason, it gets the plus sign. This is the first thing you should understand when placing sports betting. Having established this, let us look at the top tips to help you in sports betting as a beginner.

Understand the Spreads

You can bet on an underdog or a favorite in two major ways. There is the point spread option, which is placing a bet on the victory’s margin. In this betting option, the underdog gets points while a favorite gives points. All sports have spreads but they are mostly used for higher-scoring events, such as football and basketball.

The second method of betting on an underdog or a favorite is on the money-line. This approach is based only on the specific team that will win the game. In this method, the underdog is given a plus while the favorite is given a minus. This means that if a favorite has -200, it means that you will risk $200 to win $100.

In other words, you get $100 if the favorite wins but if they lose, you lose $200. This implies that you risk more if you bet on favorites because they are expected to win. However, if you bet $100 on the underdogs, you will win $200 if they win but lose $100 if they lose. This is because they are expected to lose in any case.

Understand what Under/Over or Total means

Oddsmakers also set combined scored points by both teams in a game. This is called over/under or total. Punters can wager on whether the game will go under or over the total. For instance, if a combined score of two teams is placed at 200 by the oddsmaker, you can either bet the Under 200 or Over 200.

If you bet the Under 200 and the total scored point is 198, you win the bet. However, if the combined scored points are $202, you lose the bet.


Finally, before you put your money on the line, ensure you do your due diligence. Study the game and research the previous performances of the teams. It is also important that you track your progress so that you can know whether you are having more winning or losing streaks.

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