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The Tricks Betting Tips Scammers are Using in 2020


Source: idigit_teddy

To a few punters, betting is a lucrative business from which they make a living. Sports betting, in particular, is simple and fun but highly rewarding when done right. The smart bettors invest in reliable betting tips to boost the chances of their wagers.

You have probably come across websites offering betting tips and sure odds. Most of these are legitimate companies that use advanced algorithms to predict how specific events will go. They charge a small fee to cover the costs of their algorithms.

Scammers Causing Beginners Double Losses

Just as with everything involving money, there are opportunists ready to swindle good people. You must understand the new tricks that these scammers use to identify and avoid them.

Note that the tricks we will discuss here are typically used to target sports bettors. Online casino games players rarely ever have to deal with them. Since gamers can find unique promotions and no deposit bonuses at casinos, the scammers would never beat legitimate offers.

The scammers often target beginners who have just discovered the winnings one can make in betting. Ultimately, they will not only take their targets` money, but they will also cause them to lose the much they wager at the bookmaker.

`Sure Bets` That Are Never Sure

Be wary of `sure bets` when looking to make a bet. Someone assuring you that your bet will win a future event better be a time traveler or a prophet. This catchy term is overused in 2020, and many bettors are falling for it.

Know that nothing is assured in a future sporting event unless it is fixed. Bookmakers offer odds on events based on their professional assessment of the participants and circumstances. Therefore, you should trust the odds by your bookmaker more than a stranger`s word on the internet.

Websites that offer legitimate betting odd tips rarely ever use the term `sure bet.` The phrase itself is an oxymoron. Use a bit of common sense to see that a bet cannot be sure.

Beware of Long odds

The `Long odds` trick is the most common trick that scammers use to get bettors to buy their bogus betting tips. In most cases, long odds are a combination of multiple selections into an accumulation bet. The accumulation bet, also known as combo, ACCA, multi-bet, or parlay, is the easiest to sell because some of the odds could win.

Scammers often only need to show that one event in previous long odds was on point to convince a beginner. They may come up with doubled or tripled odds that do not make any sense to confuse a punter and take their money.

`Inside Information` and `Fixed Matches`

Scammers who use the "I know something no one else knows" trick often come off overconfident. They use reverse psychology to make their targets believe they are missing out on a chance of a lifetime.

The question you need to ask yourself is, would someone committing illegality tell it to a stranger on the internet? Never buy the stories of fixed premier league matches or corruption schemes at the top levels of La Liga.

Some of the tricksters tend to use complex phrases such as `dark web leak` to sound sophisticated when all they are is basic scammers.

Stay Safe From Scammers

The surest way to avoid getting scams is to get your betting tips from a reliable and reputable source. The top tipsters have a track record of past bets and how they turned out. They also clearly demonstrate how they derive their odds.

Before you pay someone for betting odds, take precautions and research widely. The good thing is, with proper research, it is easy to determine which sources of betting tips are legitimate and which ones are not.

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