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How US Gamblers are Getting Around Tight State Regulations


The gambling sector has changed a great deal in the United States in recent years. One of the major developments of the past decade was the over-turning of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. The law prevented sports betting across much of the United States, with only a small number of states allowed to legally offer sports betting. Other forms of gambling, including casino gaming, differ by state and the same applies to online gambling. With each state now in a position to set their own laws for gambling, some people have a wide range of gambling options whereas others remain restricted.

State Regulations

If we look at two different states, it quickly becomes apparent how the laws surrounding gambling can change simply by crossing a border in the US. For example, for those residing in Indiana, the picture is clear, and all forms of gambling are accepted by the law. That includes lotteries, betting at the racetrack, sports betting, casino games, and online gambling. However, if a person moved from Michigan to Utah, they would quickly see their gambling rights change. Within the borders of Utah, no form of gambling is legally allowed. That includes casinos, sportsbooks, and online betting. It is unlikely that is going to change any time soon, so if gambling is important as a hobby, living in Utah may not be the best idea.

Throughout the US, the regulations regarding gambling differ and it can become quite confusing when trying to find out what is legal in each state. However, regulated gambling is beginning to grow, with sports betting now available in over half the states in the US. Nonetheless, that means there are still plenty of states where sports betting and casino gaming are illegal, with California being a good example. Thankfully, there is a way to get around the tight state regulations of California and other states where there are restrictions in place.

Sweepstake Sportsbooks

For those wanting to enjoy online sports betting in a state where the regulations are tight, such as California, sweepstake sportsbooks are a great option. Another attempt at legalizing sports betting will happen in 2024 but for the time being, people in California and other states where sports betting is illegal, can use sweepstake sportsbooks. Fliff is a good example, and this is a promotional sweepstakes sports betting app that closely replicates the feeling of betting at a real online sportsbook. The difference between Fliff and other sweepstake sportsbooks when compared to real online sportsbooks is that no real money is required to have a wager when using the sweepstake sportsbooks. There are two types of currency when using sweepstake sportsbooks and they are cash, such as Fliff Cash, and coins, such as Fliff Coins. The former can be redeemed for real cash whereas the latter cannot, which is why coins are always easier to get. All the major sports and betting markets are available when using the leading sweepstake sportsbooks and they are 100% legal in the United States where traditional sportsbooks are not.

Sweepstake Casinos

If we look at the state of Vermont, there are no legal casinos for gaming, whether that be land based or online. That means anyone wanting to enjoy casino games legally must travel to one of the large casino towns in one of the surrounding states, including New York, Massachusetts, and Maine. However, there is an alternative for anyone living in a state where tight gambling regulations block casino gaming and that is sweepstake casinos. These operate in much the same way as sportsbook sweepstakes in that there are two different types of casino currency, Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins. The Gold Coins are used at sweepstake casinos purely for fun whereas Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for cash prizes. The choice of games at sweepstake casino apps for real money are improving all the time and many of the leading sweepstake casinos can rival the traditional online casinos for both quality and quantity of games.

So, for US gamblers who want to bet but are having trouble getting around tight state regulations, sweepstake sportsbooks and casinos are a great alternative to the real thing.

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