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Betrush/Verified (BV) will terminate its operation on 04 June 2023. The decision could be easily foreseen as we stopped taking new users and services few years ago and BV worked entirely to give some more time to the existing/active services until too few remain on the board. So the moment has come, corresponding with the end of the season in most European leagues. Since 04 June 2023 users won't be able to log in anymore, add picks or make any updates. The BV database will remain online, should anyone need a reference (url) to his past records at Betrush/Verified it will be provided upon contacting us. Thanks to all for the attention over the years and good luck!
77 12 67
3675 23.6 +223.5
+6% 2 2.72

This service is no longer active with Betrush/Verified

Hi everybody! KEY INFO The results you see here and on my official website are based on delayed odds, those available with either Pinnacle or SBO sixty seconds after I send the pick & preview to my clients via e-mail, when they`re usually at their worst. Feel free to send me an e-mail and I`ll send you a couple of excel sheets with all official picks (and all "pre-mail", recorded and closing odds) from the last few years. The key fact is that I`ve managed to beat Pinnacle closing odds every single season so far - for example, I`ve managed to beat Pinnacle closing odds with 53 of the 54 (!) official selections last season (2018/19). INTRO / RESULTS / AWARDS I`m a 38-year-old National League (Conference) analyst with thirteen consecutive profitable non-league seasons in thirteen years (the 2018/19 season was my 13th season). In these thirteen campaigns, I`ve advised 1623 official bets and made +687 points profit at a 11.8% yield. I`ve won the SBC award for the best sports tipster in 2011, the first prize in Green All Over`s Friendly Tipster League in 2014 and my 10th anniversary season (2015/16) was my best so far in terms of yield (+29 points profit at a 25% yield). update #1: In February 2017 I`ve won the SBC "outstanding contribution to tipping" award, which is a "lifetime achievement honour chosen by the Secret Betting Club team". update #2: In February 2018 I was voted the second best tipster in 2017 by SBC members. BET TYPES / STAKING I`m advising two sets of selections, one-point bets on the underdogs (+20.73 points profit at a 27.5% yield in the last four years) and one/two-point bets on favorites (former asian handicap bets on favorites, which will be advised as straight home/away win bets starting with the 2019/20 season after making +30.45 points profit at a 7.5% yield in the last four years). The stakes are ten times bigger at Betrush as there were some half-point bets in the last few years (which I had to turn into five-point bets here). E-MAIL SCHEDULE / ODDS RECORDING I`m sending all of my picks and previews to clients on Saturdays (match day) at 10:30 AM UK time via e-mail and officially recording all odds with a sixty-second delay (with either Pinnacle or SBO). If you can take the bet straight away or have the patience to wait for the odds to bounce back, you`ll be able to beat the recorded odds. If the bet isn`t available with Pinnacle, it can`t be an official selection by default. PROOFING My bets have been independently proofed to Smart Betting Club (ex-Secret Betting Club) since March 2008 and to Sports Tipsters from August 2012 until it`s closure in June 2015. Before March 2008, I was posting my picks & previews for free on my old blog and various forums such as Betting Advice and Punters` Paradise (between December 2006 and September 2007) and was independently monitored and approved by the Betting Advice Surveillance Team between October 2007 and May 2010. ADDITIONAL "VIP SELECTIONS" Along with the official picks, every client is also subscribed to the newly introduced VIP selections for the entirety of their 2019/120 subscription free of charge. Most of the VIP selections are either last-minute selections based on late team news (sent shortly before the kick-off) or in-play (sent during the game). All VIP selections are proofed to SBC and, as with the official picks, all odds are recorded with a sixty-second delay, when they`re usually at their worst (either with Pinnacle or SBO). FAQs: SAMPLE E-MAIL: RESULTS: VIP SELECTIONS 2019/20: BLOG: The membership is currently closed, but if you want to be on the waiting list, please send an e-mail to cheers, skeeve

05-2019 2-0-1 90 21.8 +24% Picks
04-2019 6-1-5 330 16.2 +5% Picks
03-2019 7-0-6 340 3.6 +1% Picks
02-2019 1-1-3 110 -44.2 -40% Picks
01-2019 2-0-2 70 26.2 +37% Picks
12-2018 2-0-3 70 -17.9 -26% Picks
11-2018 2-2-3 95 8.2 +9% Picks
10-2018 3-0-2 100 -11 -11% Picks
05-2018 2-1-1 160 2.8 +2% Picks
04-2018 4-1-3 260 2.8 +1% Picks
03-2018 3-1-8 270 -61.8 -23% Picks
02-2018 2-0-6 230 -86.4 -38% Picks
01-2018 7-0-0 160 110.8 +69% Picks
12-2017 3-1-2 75 2.3 +3% Picks
11-2017 2-1-2 70 14.6 +21% Picks
10-2017 2-0-0 25 20.6 +82% Picks
05-2017 0-0-1 10 -10 -100% Picks
04-2017 9-0-1 340 133.5 +39% Picks
03-2017 4-2-4 250 38.8 +16% Picks
02-2017 5-0-6 260 14.8 +6% Picks
01-2017 4-0-2 180 36.3 +20% Picks
12-2016 1-1-1 45 2.6 +6% Picks
11-2016 3-0-3 90 5.6 +6% Picks
10-2016 1-0-2 45 -6.7 -15% Picks

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