Total picks (W-D-L):78-17-66 Average stake: 100
Staked: 16100 units Average winning odds: 2.01
Net profit: 996.5 units Average losing odds: 2.03
ROI: 106.19%

Website / contact:

After 46 months (44 positive - 2 negative) with Betadvisor, I jump in here. After 1491 picks with Betadvisor, where my position was 1st place from 400 football tipsters, I decide to open my own service from 1st November 2016 and picks will be verified on - Verified Services section

First of all, service will be with LIMITED SPACE. I want my clients to take good odds and everybody to be happy at the end. So I dont advise you to take picks from resellers because you will get much lower odds. Also I have system against them, and will be no money back if I find that you are reselling picks.

1 MONTH - 100 EURO (double less than on Betadvisor)

Can be paid with NETELLER or SKRILL at my email -

I will use flat stake, and odds will be only from PINNACLE or SBOBET.

I will give -

SEND PICKS via EMAIL (at least 45 minutes before kick-off)

10 minutes PICK ALERT

PICK description (preview)



OTHER INFOS AND UPDATES (for example "no picks for today" and "no more picks for today")

Everybody who want to check my identity, can write me email, and I will send them excel with all my picks from Betadvisor and other screenshots which will make proof for you.

Website is under construction, and all other infos and question please feel free to ask on email -

Thank you for your attention,

Jeremy Price

06-2017 9-1-6 1600 198 112.38% Show picks 
05-2017 7-0-4 1100 208 118.91% Show picks 
04-2017 10-3-10 2300 15 100.65% Show picks 
03-2017 18-4-16 3800 106.5 102.8% Show picks 
02-2017 15-4-13 3200 203 106.34% Show picks 
01-2017 8-0-7 1500 142 109.47% Show picks 
12-2016 6-0-6 1200 39 103.25% Show picks 
11-2016 5-5-4 1400 85 106.07% Show picks