Total picks (W-D-L):53-1-43 Average stake: 10
Staked: 970 units Average winning odds: 1.99
Net profit: 96.5 units Average losing odds: 2.09
ROI: 109.95%

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My service is concentrated only in basketball bets. My betting experience is more than 14 years and all this time I concentrate only in basketball. During all this time, day by day, I try not to stand on the spot, be better and keep pace from the latest betting trends.

The last 7 years, basketball betting is a tape of my life and my main and only source of income. Almost all of my time, 8-10 hours per day I spend prescribing for this job and hobby. This is a necessary time needed for collect information, analyzing news from different leagues and watch as much as possible matches online, what in my opinion is one of the most important things in betting business. It`s mandatory to know and understand what is going on the court and the team spirit. Apart from all these things, also all my picks are based and on many other factors, such as, injuries, recent form, time, motivation, statistical analysis and my own betting system which helps me to gain profit. I know that the best language is results,  so better I will try to speak by works, than words.

I start this service only with extra high reliability picks and limited space of customers. Service is open only for real investors. Here you will find no more than 10-12 picks per month from Pinnacle, Sbobet, 188bet and bet365. Only pre-match and single picks. I always use Money Line, Handicap and Over/Under.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

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I commit to respond to any questions in 24 hours.

Price list is available in private.

Payment methods - Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Bitcoin.

Selling or sharing of GigantesBasket picks is PROHIBITED. 
Service is open only for honest people who uses picks only for themselves.
Buyers who are going to share or resell my picks will be banned without any money refund opportunities.

06-2017 2-0-7 90 -44.6 50.44% Show picks 
05-2017 5-0-9 140 -46.3 66.93% Show picks 
04-2017 5-0-4 90 19 121.11% Show picks 
03-2017 7-0-7 140 1.2 100.86% Show picks 
02-2017 7-0-0 70 79.6 213.71% Show picks 
01-2017 6-1-5 120 3.2 102.67% Show picks 
12-2016 8-0-2 100 52.6 152.6% Show picks 
11-2016 9-0-7 160 16.5 110.31% Show picks 
10-2016 4-0-2 60 15.3 125.5% Show picks