Total picks (W-D-L):220-6-140 Average stake: 7.47
Staked: 2734 units Average winning odds: 1.89
Net profit: 446.1 units Average losing odds: 1.9
ROI: 116.32%

Website / contact:


This service was born as a pure basketball service with insiders from Balkan countries and Turkish leagues, and I want to keep it such. I will wait the start of these leagues in September to start again with picks of the same caliber.

All the July subscribers will have a free month in September.

It doesn’t mean that in August I will be 100% off. Some days I will probably work, and I would be pleased to send valuable picks for people interested.
If you want to receive them, drop an email here:
This is free for everyone interested, so you can suggest it to your friends as well.


BASKETPRO is a group of professional tipsters with a long successful background.

We have very good connections in this world (traders and insiders), and we always provide real valuable picks. Even the picks that are lost afterwards, in live present a shift in the line that means we took an objective valuebet.

1. The price for one month is 100€. If we don`t earn at least 20 units in one month, the following month will be FREE.

2. Almost all the picks will be published between 10.00-20.00 CET, and we will NEVER post a pick before 9.00 in the morning, or after 22.00 in the night. 
3. There is a NOTIFICATION before every pick, in order to let you log into the account and be ready to bet.

4. The stakes go from 5 to 10. We recommend to use not less than 5€ per unit of stake. Depending on your bankroll, you can use between 5€-20€ per unit. For example, in April we won 103 units: using 10€ per unit you would have bet on average 75€ per bet and earned 1030€ at the end of the month.
Of course, if you have a bigger bankroll, you can use bigger stakes. But if you use a bigger stake than 25€ per unit it won`t guarantee you to be able to follow exactly our stakes ( because for example sometimes the "max bet" is 250€ for a market ).

Contact us if you want to know more.


Is not allowed sharing or reselling our picks.

If someone breaks this rule, we start sending him wrong picks and after that we stop his subscription without refund.
If you are considering buying our picks from a reseller, be aware that you can start receiving wrong picks!!

Watch out:


Is it really worth going to resellers?
After 3 months we became influent enough to move the lines very fast. We`ve personally tested some resellers and there is a delay that goes from 10 to 20 seconds. With our best picks, bet365 can remove the odds after 30 seconds.
Is it worth to miss 5-6 good picks per month to not pay just 100€ per month?
We consider the fee very low compared to the money that you can earn, better joining our team now to receive the esclusive real-time pick and to be thankful for our hard job.

07-2017 25-2-29 407 -58.87 85.54% Show picks 
05-2017 37-0-26 466 58.22 112.49% Show picks 
04-2017 39-1-21 453 103.19 122.78% Show picks 
03-2017 44-0-26 527 125.49 123.81% Show picks 
02-2017 28-2-11 329 107.06 132.54% Show picks 
01-2017 21-0-15 277 21.49 107.76% Show picks 
12-2016 26-1-12 275 89.52 132.55% Show picks