Total picks (W-D-L):72-16-85 Average stake: 2.86
Staked: 494 units Average winning odds: 2.02
Net profit: -32.97 units Average losing odds: 2.21
ROI: 93.33%

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Picks: >1.800
Yield: 9%

99€ / 30 days
237.6€ / 90 days

Payments methods in InBetsment: Skrill, PayPal and credit/debit card

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It forecasts soccer’s results of all the countries’ leagues, premier and second divisions.

All the picks are in Pre-Match and they are published at the last minute every afternoon, the day before the match, to guarantee that all of them could be followed with time enough.

His picks are based in a system that consists of mathematical algorithms. These algorithms have been tested in a large number of countries and leagues in previous years.


We are two childhood friends, engineers and passionate quantitative analysis fans. We started focusing on the financial markets but now we are exclusively dedicated to sports bets.

We have over 5 years of experience in the development of mathematical systems. Our systems are able to project future results very accurately, which allow us to obtain big profits in the medium / long term.

The system we are currently working with it´s completely automatic. This is a great advantage against common tipsters that are more influenced by their mood or external factors.


06-2017 10-6-21 101 -30.27 70.03% Show picks 
05-2017 11-2-14 90 -10.22 88.64% Show picks 
04-2017 12-2-11 72 -0.11 99.84% Show picks 
03-2017 17-4-12 94 14.21 115.12% Show picks 
02-2017 15-0-18 91 3.08 103.39% Show picks 
01-2017 6-0-5 29 -2.73 90.58% Show picks 
12-2016 1-2-4 17 -6.93 59.24% Show picks