Chinese Grandpa

Total picks (W-D-L):10-0-4 Average stake: 2.21
Staked: 31 units Average winning odds: 1.78
Net profit: 8.31 units Average losing odds: 1.85
ROI: 126.81%

Website / contact:

Me known as China Guy and Grandpa decide to colaborate and bet togheter.
Since time when we start betting on paid services every month we made a decent profit.
We are not gonna play too many picks every month but they gonna be chosen with huge restricion. 

1/10 - Flat Stake
2/10 - big Value
3/10 - Very Confident tip

That`s our stats:

We gonna start post tips from 08.2017

Price of our service: (CHEAPAST SERVICE YOU CAN GET)

1 MONTH 25 Euro
3 MONTHS 65 Euro
Payment can be taken on Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Bank Transfer.

If you will decide to buy our  tips you agreeing that you can not share those tips with anyone else and  you will keep them only for yourself.

We are sure we can do nice profit in long run. 

As member of our channel you gonna get 24/7 help with staking and we will answer every question.
Also we wil ad you to our channel when you wil be able to talk with other customers!

thanks guys and good luck

PS. I have quite few questions about time when we send a tips.
We are sending tips at least 6 hours before KICK OFF
but most of the times tips are sent day before, or for example today (14-08-17) we have posted pick for (17-08-17)

09-2017 4-0-2 13 1.4 110.77% Show picks 
08-2017 6-0-2 18 6.91 138.39% Show picks