Total picks (W-D-L):18-2-15 Average stake: 10
Staked: 350 units Average winning odds: 1.84
Net profit: 7.96 units Average losing odds: 1.88
ROI: 102.28%

Website / contact:


After 2.5 years of posting picks for an investment team, i decided to try to open a paid service here.

What i offer:
Football picks, only pregame, only asian bookmakers.

Picks will be from Romania 1, Argentina 1, Russia 1, and the continental competitions in which these teams play. I might also tip some games involving the Romanian NT.

The price for the service is 40 eur per month.
The yield i had in the investment team was 11% in the past 2.5 years, using the above mentioned selections.

If you are interested, please write to:

09-2017 9-0-5 140 26.83 119.16% Show picks 
08-2017 9-2-10 210 -18.87 91.02% Show picks