How it works?

Once having an active account (by decision of Betrush and after purchasing a subscription) the tipster must log in and insert his picks into our system using a simple automated form. Previews are not required. All picks must be submitted before the start of the game and the odds being exact at the time of publishing. Every pick gets a mark with the time of release and cannot be modified or removed by the tipster himself. Active picks are not accessible to anyone except the admin of Betrush who maintains the monitoring of the submitted data - checking the posting / kick-off time, odds etc. Picks are settled by the admin and showing in the tipsters record after the game is over, updates are usually run twice a day.

Conditions for using Betrush Verified:

We welcome serious tipsters that are aiming and able to provide useful service to the betting public. Betrush is free to decide if to accept some service or not and can stop verifying users who are not matching the most basic quality standards and agreed terms. The cost for being verified by Betrush is respectively 30 EUR for 1 month, 80 EUR for 3 months, 150 EUR for 6 months. Payments can be made by Skrill, Paypal or Neteller. Users who already have a BV account cannot open new accounts, unless this has been explicitly agreed in advance with the admin of Betrush. Only the following kind of bets are accepted - singles, accumulators (combos) and outrights on the following sports - Football (Soccer), Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Handball, Volleyball, Baseball, American Football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Snooker, Darts, Cricket, Futsal, Waterpolo, Martial arts, Floorball, Bandy, winter sports. Picks on any other sports are not accepted. The maximum allowed number of picks for one account in one calendar month is 200. The average daily number of bets should also correspond with this limit. Live betting picks are not accepted. Picks must be submitted before the start of the game with the exact odds at that moment of adding the pick in our database. The tipster is responsible for checking the odds at the bookmaker's site and not relying entirely on the data provided by odds comparison services.
Betrush will not verify odds that appear as obvious technical error either by some odds comparison site or the bookmaker site itself.
Picks cannot be added after the game has started under any circumstances and no matter of provided proofs as screenshots, facebook / blog posts, email messages etc.
Picks cannot be changed or deleted once they have been added into our system. In case of technical error (typing mistake, wrong date etc.) the tipster must report it to the administrators before the start of the event.
Suspension of accounts

Betrush will disable accounts (and will not refund payments) for any breach of the above rules and for any the following reasons:
- Adding picks after the game has started;
- Posting unexisting odds;
- Using gambling practices to recover from losses or get high but misleading (if referred to real betting) results - such as drastic increase of the stakes size, number of picks etc;
- Copying picks from other services;
- New (following) accounts opened by users who already have a BV account, unless this has been explicitly agreed in advance with the admin of Betrush. reserves the right to stop / refuse verifying any service at its own discretion.
No-refund policy does not refund payments after a service account has been once activated and used, including cases where the service terminates its business before the date of subscription expiry or decides to stop verifying its picks with Accounts that haven't been active in the last 12 months are deleted.