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@ Bettors

What Betrush/Verified does is providing a proofing / stats accounting service, meaning that the picks are added in our system before the games with existing odds at the named bookmaker. We don't examine the quality and use of the listed services, neither interfere in any way in the relations between tipsters (who are totally independent in their business) and customers. If your are interested in some service you have to contact the tipster directly at the address provided in his profile. However, before signing up with some service it is strongly advised to check few basic things:

- Betting stats on short periods and number of picks are not telling much for what to expect as it is mainly a matter of chance. Longer records give more realistic numbers, even if the yield may be not that high it can show better if some service can be profitable in the long run or not.

- Check the history of stakes used by the tipster. The good tipster has a firm money management model and not changing it at expense of gambling patterns.

- Make sure that the bookies used by the tipster are fine for you - especially with the ongoing local restrictions all over Europe and usual policy of limiting sharp customers by most bookies that can be a serious problem if you can't find anything close to the advised odds and market.

- Note that picks on small leagues and less popular sports may be very hard to follow due to the low liquidity of that market. This can make any service unprofitable for the bulk of its subscribers even if having good and legit stats on its end.

- Check if the time of release of picks is convenient for you. It may be a problem if picks are released in random moments, 5-10 minutes before the game, late in the night etc;

- Betrush is vouching only for the picks that have been submitted to our system and can't guarantee for any different picks, prior records or statements that may appear on the tipster's site or anywhere else.

- There is no guarantee for how long the tipster will run his service or keep being available. The best you can do is to look for services that are operating since some longer time (so they should be serious into what they are doing) and avoid paying big amounts in advance to tipsters that have just started.

@ Tipsters

After years of running Betrush/Verified we decided to share some tips and point some common mistakes that paid tipsters make. Probably many have wondered why the interest to their service is none or very far from the expected, even those with good looking stats. Here are some basic things to consider:

Number of picks

In the case of supplying someone else with picks the more is not the better. Many tipsters fail to comprehend that people paying for picks usually follow many tipsters at the same time and their resources have limits - as time needed to place all bets, bankroll etc. No one would be excited to spend much time and risk big part of his money on 15-20 picks by one single tipster in one day. Even if someone decides to try it he will lose interest very fast if you are not immediately bringing and keeping good results. The last is most likely to happen as releasing too many picks cannot deliver commercially attractive yield.


It is clear that the huge part of bookies are aiming at "recreational" punters - betting with small amounts who build 90% of the market. As result not suiting sharp bettors, arbers etc. Some bookmakers are not taking serious stakes by default, others forcing personal limits soon or later down to almost nothing or directly closing player accounts. Pro-friendly (and what the highrollers want) are just few as Pinnacle, some of the Asian operators and betting exchanges. Our advice is to stick to a limited number of pedigree bookies in your picks. Investors are not impressed with tipsters using a vast array of bookies, especially poor ones just to boost their stats. In the same was as you are probably using just 3-4 sites for your own bets it can't be expected your subscribers to have accounts with all 50 bookies on Oddsportal.

Sports / leagues

Different sports / leagues weigh quite different when it is up to serious betting. Reason are the limits bound with how the odds fluctuate, including in one and the same bookie. For example you can place thousands on some major football game but just few bucks on a low-profile handball game. Usually football (traditional leagues), American sports, ATP / WTA tennis tournaments are most wanted by the investors and tipsters with +5% yield on NBA would draw more interest than a tipster with +20% on water polo. It is also very important the bet to be available at more as possible places, you may have a great "insider" info on some game but if it is offered by just 1-2 small bookies such pick will be practically useless.

Type of bets

It is highly recommended to stick to the most popular betting options as fixed odds (1X2, moneyline), handicaps (spreads), under / over (totals). Too few would pay for picks on corners, booking points, handball suspension minutes, player performance in some fringe sport and any markets that are offered by just 1-2 bookies.

Singles vs combos

Probably few will disagree but combos (accumulators, parlays etc.) are not the best way of betting and meant to players who gamble mainly for fun. Investors prefer singles. Singles are much easier to follow and the bigger reason is that combos increase the bookie's profit margin - e.g. the payout on a single bet at 1.90/1.90 odds is 95%, if you make a combo of 3 selections with odds 1.90 the payout goes down to 85.7%. If you have a day you can hit some big odds really but in the long run your score will get lowered by combos, no one can fight the math laws. It can be easily seen with some poor (mainly local) bookies still forcing their users to bet on minimum 3, 4 or 5 selections especially in leagues considered to be a higher risk.


Profit at the end is most important and people have different ways to reach it - some go with long shots and big odds, others with "sure" looking bets. However in selling picks things are bit different. Patience is a limited resource in following someone else's picks and the hit rate is very important. Same with going for too low odds, most people won't like the idea to risk for something like 1.10 or 1.20 no matter how "sure" it looks.

Betting model

The good tipsters practice means a clear betting model and sticking to it no matter of the occuring bad or good runs - such as keeping similar frequency of picks, average stake and odds. If you try to recover fast your losses by releasing more and more picks, increasing the stakes and going for higher odds this will ruin your service right away. No one will agree to follow such patterns. Bad runs happen to everyone, smart betting investors know it and can take it because the good tipster will recover in some moment but any gambling approach will be fatal for your service.

Stake size

Be careful what you put as stake. Some tipsters use 1/10 - 10/10 estimation, others put numbers that must be the stake in real money. Any if them is OK but don't use values like 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000, it doesn't look serious especially when the max. limit for the given bet is 50 - 100 EUR.

Finally, be patient and consistent in your work. Results and interest to your service probably won't come fast. It is not easy to get the trust of the investors nowadays when "professional" tipsters appear and disappear every day but only few survive the challenge of time. However, if you are serious and committed into what you are doing at the end this will pay for years ahead.

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