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What is a Win Draw Win bet to play at W88 and win more


Win Draw Win bet is a type of bet that helps football betting players limit the risk of losing their bets. Understanding Win Draw Win bet at W88 will help you win.

Win Draw Win bet is a type of bet that almost all bettors who want to preserve their capital choose to participate. When betting Win Draw Win, it will give you a good amount of winnings if you win, and when you lose, you will not lose too much money. Read the explanation of W88 experts to better understand Win Draw Win bets.

What is Win Draw Win Betting on W88?

Win Draw Win is considered the most popular bet that newcomers to football betting need to grasp. To make it easier to understand, you just need to understand that this bet type will have three outcomes for you to choose and bet on, including: A home win, a draw or an away win.

In the event that both teams play on a neutral field, at this time one of the teams will be designated by the W88 as the home team on the betting information table for that match.

Win Draw Win bets are also known as three-way bets or 1 x 2 bets or Match Outcome bets or Full Time Result bets, and are only applicable for the full match time of 90 minutes.

W88 Win Draw Win bet example

To be able to master the knowledge of this type of Win Draw Win bet, please read the example below to get the best picture. Let`s take an example of the 2018 FA Cup match between Chelsea and Manchester United as follows:

Based on the definition of the Win Draw Win bet, there will be 3 predictable situations that occur:

● Chelsea win
● Match Draw
● Manchester United win

In the event that a draw occurs in the FA Cup final, both teams will go to extra time, and if there is still no winner, the next step will be a penalty shootout.

However, you need to remember that Win Draw Win bets only count the results of the official 90 minutes, no extra time or extra time. So you need to keep this in mind in order to bet correctly.

Why is Win Draw Win betting popular with W88 football betting players?

Simple and easy to understand

Right. All you need is just to bet on one of the 3 possible scenarios of a soccer match. This is considered the most basic and simple thing. So if you are a beginner in football betting guide, betting on Win Draw Win on W88 from W88au.net will be simpler for you than other types of bets.

Easy to win bets based on prediction

There is nothing easier than betting on the final outcome. You do not need to care about the number of goals scored by each team and just focus on guessing which one of the three outcomes will happen. This will reduce the risk to a minimum, making you feel more comfortable and safe when betting on Win Draw Win.

Bets of the same nature as Win Draw Win

There are many types of bets for those who want to play it safe and those who are new to football betting on W88, such as:

Draw No Bet

This is also a very simple bet. For Win No Bet, the Draw result will not appear in this bet type. That means if this match is Draw, you will be refunded by the reputable W88 house. And you only need to bet on one of the 2 possible outcomes of the match.

Double Chance Bet

With the Double Chance bet type, you will proceed to bet on 2 out of 3 possible outcomes of the match. It can be said that this is the simplest type of bet, and has the highest win rate. However, it also means that your winnings will be lower.

Although the properties of Win No Bet and Double Chance bet are similar to Win Draw Win bets, the payout percentages for both bet types are lower than Win Draw Win. However, if you accept small winnings, then slowly it will also accumulate to large numbers.

Conclusion on Win Draw Win bet on W88

So you already know what the Win Draw Win bet type on W88 bookie is so you can have more betting options to optimize your winnings. Whether you are a newbie to betting or an experienced player, Win Draw Win is still useful.

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