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5 Things You Should Know About Women’s Gambling Habits


When it comes to men and women, there are as many differences as you can imagine. Part of the reason we never seem to completely understand each other lies in the different ways we communicate, process emotions and what kinds of things we enjoy doing. As more and more women get into gambling, the differences can be seen there as well. Due to common male and female differences and societal gender roles, men and women approach gambling in very different ways, Understanding women’s gambling habits is going to be key information to gaining the lion’s share of that market segment. Here are 5 major differences in the way men and women gamble that will give you keen insight into women’s gambling habits.

#1. The Reasons Women Gamble

While men tend to gamble as lone wolves, women enjoy gambling in groups as a social activity and will often only go to a casino with at least one other person if not several. While women are lured in with the idea of being able to “win big,” they tend to view gambling as a form of entertainment and bonding with friends. It can be a fun activity to get dressed up and play some slots for a girl’s night out. According to GamblersDailyDigest.com, casino dress codes have become increasingly casual, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the opportunity to go old school and wear formal attire with your best girlfriends. Women tend to like to gamble when all their other priorities are met first and tend to gamble in shorter bursts of time. This applies to online gambling and gaming as well.

#2. The Types Of Games Women Play When Gambling

Even the types of games men and women choose to play in games of chance are different from one another. Poker and Black Jack tend to attract more men who enjoy the thrill of using some skills to help earn their winnings. Since more men gamble solo they also have more focus when gambling. Women who are soaking in the atmosphere, people watching and enjoying a night out with friends, tend to gravitate to games of pure chance that don’t involve a lot of strategies so they can focus on their company. There is also a perceived notion of being able to “hit it big” on slots, making them a favorite for women. Women also play more gambling games online like bingo, keno, and slots again.

The type of slot play is also interesting. Women are attracted to colorful games and themed slots with lots of bells and whistles. A trendy slot style right now is the “penny machines.” They are called that because each credit is only one penny, giving them the appearance of being a cheaper more low-risk game. However, the complex level of pay lines means you can easily spend one or more dollars per pull. WSN offers a full list of penny slot mistakes that rookies make in a recent article.

#3. How Women Spend Money When Gambling

Women like to play it safe with the family finances, they are more likely to cash in their winnings at a certain point rather than put all the money back into the machines hoping for a bigger payout. Men are a bit more “fast and loose” with it comes to making wagers without limits or with very high limits. Women gamblers tend to like having control over how much money they are subject to lose in a game and enjoy fixed bets and lower stakes.

Why is that? Women tend to feel more pessimistic about their odds of winning. Men allow themselves to believe they could win that huge jackpot while women are more likely to keep in mind that their odds of winning are lower. This has a huge impact on the amount of money people of both sexes are willing to spend. Being in better control of how much money is being spent is another reason why more women are gravitating to online gambling where it’s easier to keep track and set limits on your spending.

#4. Where Women Like To Gamble

While women enjoy gambling both in casinos and online, they are becoming increasingly comfortable in the online gambling arena. Probably due to the anonymity since gambling is still somewhat thought of as a “man’s game.” It’s not an acceptable form of entertainment for women in all cultures around the world. When women do gamble at brick and mortar casinos, they are more loyal to the casinos they frequent. While men are more likely to have several favorites, women stick mainly to the same one. Women like to visit places they feel safe and comfortable at. It’s going to take some serious promotions to get them to try a new place.

Mike Tan from Online Casino Gems talks about how tough new player acquisition is in the gambling world.

“The competition for gamblers is cut-throat, you’ll need to offer a diverse range of promotions, rewards, and bonuses to attract new players.” For online gambling, he recommends a “first deposit bonus” to help attract women and men alike to your site.

#5. Women’s Reactions To Winning Or Losing At Gambling

Finally, there is a notable difference between the reactions men and women have to winning and losing money while gambling. Psychologists believe it`s part of our basic nature to want to take risks. The anticipation and the allure of winning are exciting and builds adrenaline. That’s why you have to be careful not to get addicted. When it comes to handling a big loss, women react with more disappointment and sadness while men respond with anger. These differences are in part due to how women and men view their chances of winning, as we discussed above. Since men have a higher expectation of winning, they are more upset when they don’t. Women, who don’t have a high expectation of winning in the first place and don’t spend as much money per attempt, will have a less dramatic reaction.

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