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Online bookmakers

Image source: news.coral.co.uk

Choosing the right bookmakers is as important as choosing the right bets. Things were simple 10-15 years ago when the number of competitors on the market was much smaller, now there are numerous factors to take into account:

Where are you from? Many countries have already regulated or restricted online gambling, most bookies usually follow the law and keep shutting down for certain territories unless taking a local license. If you have a shortened choice of authorized bookmakers in your country options still exist but you need to search a bit longer or use the services of betting brokers such as VOdds, Sportmarket and Asianconnect;

Are you betting for fun with small to medium stakes or aiming at bigger profit with large amounts? The common type of bookies are aiming at "recreational" players either not accepting high stakes by default or limiting winners at some point. Just few welcome highrollers but they are not available for all countries so brokers may be the only way for you to bet big.

What sports and markets do you prefer? Pro-friendly bookies allow serious stakes on the major markets in some sports while much more events, betting options, specials etc. can be found in bookmakers targeting at the wide betting public.

What payment options are convenient for you? Nearly all bookies accept credit / debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, paysafecard, bank transfers. However just few allow other popular methods as bitcoin and Paypal (depending on the country) for example.

Looking for sign up bonuses and free bets? It is a good start, most sportsbooks offer various promos to attract new customers however be sure always to read carefully the terms and conditions, if the offer is available for your country, what are the rollover requirements etc.

At the end, few basic tips:

Avoid depositing big amounts in bookies that have just appeared on the market and stick to sites that are functioning since at least some years;

Choose bookmakers providing customer support via chat and / or phone. Sometimes email contacts only are insufficient to get your problem solved fast;

Check the bookie's profit margin (odds payout). There are still bookmakers who offer payouts below 92-93% (even on the major markets) which is unacceptable for the modern industry standards;

Use some time to explore the bookmaker's site even in its boring parts - read the terms and conditions, the rules of sports you are interested in (especially tennis), if there are any fees on deposits / withdrawals, rollover requirements before requesting an withdrawal etc. If you are not sure about something get in touch with the customer support, this is also a way to test the working standards of the bookie in advance.