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For those who don`t like this big juice, Pinnacle offers 1.95 but for 53 pts line. 21-05, 19:18
It`s the month of Ramadan 21-05, 18:59
No way in my opinion. He is a millionare after all and he wouldn`t risk it for a few ..... 21-05, 16:33
In the recent weeks, people have been accusing Dimitrov of match fixing...after what ..... 21-05, 16:23
5-4 (lol).. 21-05, 14:48
Great 3rd period czech`s, 4-2---> 4-4 less than 4min on clock.. way to go. 21-05, 14:44
Nabuchodonosor -> sirac / Aston Villa-Der.....
Gl 21-05, 13:10
Took live Czechs to level 1-1 odds 1.70. Muna on the flora 21-05, 12:49
Even the commentators dont know why :)) ok glass broken, again lol (In both games tod..... 21-05, 12:37
Why is this game interupted? Rain delay? :)) 21-05, 12:35
According to odds, it was surprise. Romania vs Japan and Poland got odds 8.00 :)))) a..... 21-05, 12:24
And sure the margins Are kinda small if we have teams like Italy, GB, Ukraine, Japan ..... 21-05, 12:13
Yea I read from finnish hockey forum that you won the tournament and got into B-serie..... 21-05, 12:11
Well, we are currently near to reach top 20. I mean, we won the group vs Poland, Japa..... 21-05, 12:08
Romania is a legendary team in hockey :)) 21-05, 09:12
Same as România hehe 21-05, 08:11
I had In that one also "dog" bet with Great Britain +2.5 :))) ofc they Are a pub team..... 21-05, 07:23
Yesterday i took France vs UK over 5.5 at 1.80. LOL what a game 21-05, 07:15
This team is unlucky. In series where you should be 2-2 or maybe even 3-1 up, you end..... 21-05, 05:53
Rip City on fire. This almost cashed already in the 3rd quarter. But maybe still won`..... 21-05, 05:05
Was great to watch! The joy in the faces of the Italians =) :D So bad and so happy! g..... 20-05, 23:12
Guys Italy- Austria "great" thriller!! :)) Who will go down to B-series? 20-05, 22:20
Bana out I guess.. 20-05, 18:57
Yea Latvija needs regulation win so knowing Hartley he Will take early goalie out and..... 20-05, 18:23
Ok LAtvija 3-2, this is crazy :))) LETS GOOOOOO @psyhz!!!! 20-05, 18:02
Damn, I kinda like this Latvijan team.. Too bad they played in this group, in "our" g..... 20-05, 17:59
WTF mate, dont you trust my hockey picks or didnt see value with this? 2-2 start of 3..... 20-05, 17:56
2-0 early, lets go!!! 20-05, 17:56
It`s raining at Giurgiu, don`t know how the pitch will be. Good luck! 20-05, 15:18
What do you think of the over/under line of 5.5? 20-05, 12:23
WE THE NORTH 20-05, 04:09
Weather ruined this. Fucking rain. It`s not rain, it`s more like tornado. Seems like ..... 19-05, 20:41
Fridtjof Nansen used that ship too, 17 years earlier. One of the central boulevards i..... 19-05, 20:31
And a sailship for Roald Amundsen(polar Explorer ) ))))) 19-05, 20:08
Wow, dont really understand why the bulgarian is on goal for Russia :O Vasi played sh..... 19-05, 19:50
This pick was actually meant to lose, a mistake from me, sorry. 19-05, 18:47
+9 at the end :) As I said Nole looked spent in third and missed some shots that are ..... 19-05, 18:40
Yes, super good picks, just like today. No wonder sites like blogabet or betrush are ..... 19-05, 17:52
Sorry Remy but in your case all leagues are shitty.... Show some respect, both Andrew..... 19-05, 17:15
Well, it can serve as info but not to be counted as +/- for the stats, too special market 19-05, 17:03
+17.5 live. As expected, Lietuvo kills Juventus. And lituanian basketball remains the..... 19-05, 16:46
Now line is 10.5. Pretty sure Li3tuvos wins 20+, 8.5 was trap. Sorry for Your pick lad 19-05, 16:16
Fram means something ? Because in Romanian folk tales Fram was a famous circus polar bear. 19-05, 16:15
3-0 ht 6-1 ft 19-05, 15:00
Please note that the max. daily limit is 3 picks. A number of times this month you ma..... 19-05, 15:00
Yeah I saw that oddsportal had +8,5 but had also +7 at the same time :) Oddsportal di..... 19-05, 12:06
You can easily overcome these blockings, there are few ways. The easiest one in case ..... 19-05, 11:10
I check the odds on oddsportal before posting. I can`t go and check the bookie, becau..... 19-05, 11:01
Penalty here :-) 19-05, 10:25
But it`s OK I hope some of you were able to catch money with this fight, the fight to..... 19-05, 02:40
Garbage judges, I had it 2 rounds to 1 Eubanks to be honest like a lot of people (rou..... 19-05, 02:11
Bet365 had this odds for +7 handicap at time of posting. 18-05, 22:41
Thanks amigo, cheers! 18-05, 22:23
I agree with you and fully understand your point about Kevin`s struggles, you`re righ..... 18-05, 18:07
Respect for Ribery <3 great Munich player and what better way to say good bye to Alli..... 18-05, 17:01
And we have the third :) 18-05, 16:48
Well you are a goal close to seal it. I played it Frankfurt to score at half-time @ 2..... 18-05, 16:45
It took just 5 minutes Dortmund to understand no miracles will happen in Munich... 18-05, 15:40
Ok 18-05, 14:00
Domac, may I write a fourht tip for tomorrow? I know it`s against the rules, so I dec..... 18-05, 13:03
Bayern won the reverse fixture this season with 0-3 result and also Super Cup 5-0 bef..... 18-05, 04:36
I mean Kung-Henrik has won everything in national team as world champion and Olympic ..... 18-05, 04:12
Sweden also has won gold in this tournament past two years, and they had same quality..... 18-05, 04:06
Another good option here, which I noticed now and betted also is Germany over 1,5 goa..... 18-05, 03:49
Brother if I can advice you, You have to stay be careful about high stake, Kevin Lee ..... 18-05, 01:26
Well, in your case, `Over` was over long before match finished. 17-05, 23:19
its not over untill its over. Dont know how they lost this, Real looked bit superior ..... 17-05, 23:12
Sweet, sweet, sweeeeet. You can`t ask for more sweet win than this. HALA MADRID, my a..... 17-05, 23:10
I can`t believe we won man. I am going out drinking now, cheers 17-05, 23:10
De colo 15+ pts hit also nicely, when the guy started to score.. :) 17-05, 22:49
Sirac and Andrew bro`s thanks for that over tip for the Real - cska! I thought what t..... 17-05, 22:41
Well, only 8 pts down with entire quarter left. But hardly CSKA can do anything. Simp..... 17-05, 22:36
Lost, no help now. Funny they improved mentioned offensive rebounds stats but no effe..... 17-05, 22:24
what the fuck is this third quarter ffs, 7-18, 17-05, 22:24
Fuck this stupid team, they shot like 5 years old and concede like 70 years old. 17-05, 22:20
Disaster first half for CSKA. Real destroying them on offensive rebounds, nothing sim..... 17-05, 21:58
yeah baby 17-05, 21:43
Yes handball it`s true but this is small compared to Soccer, even Rugby it`s a level ..... 17-05, 18:24
Tony Parker doesn`t like all this you`ve said about sports in France ....So as any of..... 17-05, 18:17
handball is also popular in France, they had always good teams 17-05, 18:08
Game starts soon. Currently +5 on Efes is available on these same odds. The line move..... 17-05, 17:44
Haha, mate where the f**k do you need over 5.5 goals when you can just follow my FREE..... 17-05, 16:56
Yeah Kei was weak today. Shame for Fed`s withdrawal as I believe Tsitsipas would beat..... 17-05, 15:33
Run away Kei, run away! Great pick. I took similar, handicap games on Schwartzman and..... 17-05, 15:23
Walkover @domac, I added another pick for 17th instead of this one. 17-05, 15:16
Really peace of shit competition.all games have odds 1.2 for over 5.5. Total BS 17-05, 15:01
J`ai jamais été un très grand fan de rugby, je sais que ce sport est quand meme as..... 17-05, 13:36
The winner goes on Nadal, not Đoković. 17-05, 00:25
Oh man good luck.., I think Boston will seal the deal. No bet for me though 16-05, 23:57
Okey long story short.. I obviusly had something to say from this match after all :)) 16-05, 23:57
Lol I guess we are not that bad then :`), and good to have female tipster also, why n..... 16-05, 19:07
But @betlady, you have to remember that it was the "era of Lauri Marjamäki", THE wor..... 16-05, 19:06
Well France has beaten Russia in the past and 2017 they/you beat Finland 5-1 in Paris..... 16-05, 18:28
What an embarrassing human being lmao... 16-05, 16:59
Bet won already in 1st period, HUUHAAAA! 16-05, 16:47
This guy is crazy! 16-05, 15:22
Bratle... mislih i az Verdasco ama neeeeeeee vzeh Shephens, gubi ot 1 set napred i Co..... 16-05, 13:48
never in doubt :) :) 16-05, 13:11
Unreal match.. How the hell didnt they score here?! 16-05, 04:07
Same, good night! 16-05, 02:46
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