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great :D this have to be win :D 19-11, 18:04
It seems i likeyour picks:) 19-11, 17:09
Yes, very bad timing for me taking this bet yesterday.... 19-11, 15:07
i totally agree, i don`t know where these low odds for norway come from all the time...... 19-11, 13:14
1:2 after 25min 18-11, 21:12
Zverev was amazing but djokovic wasnt at his best at all 18-11, 20:35
Djokovic didnt lose 2 finals in a row since 2015 (murray and federer beat him) Any..... 18-11, 20:12
nah, it seems somebody just shit his pants :) i was close to beeing very lucky :) 18-11, 20:07
zverev is amazing in this match so far.. a bit of luck for you :) 18-11, 20:06
expect* 18-11, 20:04
i didnt expected this.. zverev is finally playing offensive and the progress in his g..... 18-11, 20:04
go zverev :) he plays very good 18-11, 19:52
england had so many chances, but they didnt score yet :( 18-11, 15:16
For dinamo will not play Bannour that is best scorerr in champions league for Dinamo!..... 18-11, 14:48
Besides, if you decide to follow some tipster then take all his picks or don`t take a..... 18-11, 13:23
If you lose too much then stop gambling or do a long break. Just run away from it. 18-11, 13:14
Actually it`s not funny, cause I lose shitloads of money lol. 18-11, 10:37
Funny again. Took you pick, and of course Zielona lose at 30 pts :))) 18-11, 10:22
Just to mention that Curry will not play and also Green is not available for tonight. GL ! 17-11, 22:51
What game are you talking about ? What league ? 17-11, 20:18
Twas my 3rd and final tip on this tournament. If I were to bet something to said matc..... 17-11, 19:42
Is Germany -2,75 a good bet? 17-11, 19:07
Thanks, in fact I was undecided, it should be a close match. Shane is a great server,..... 17-11, 18:08
I think handicap is better here as Opelka does play a lot of tbs so 76,75 or 76, 64 i..... 17-11, 17:56
I dont like to play on Fed and in last 3-4 years when I played on him in 75%lost, lik..... 17-11, 16:37
No because you lost and no your sentence finish him.But you like he is playing agains..... 17-11, 16:21
Just three players on the bench of Dumbarton....one of them Dyer who is injuried.... 17-11, 15:56
no comment.. 17-11, 15:52
Sorry, guess this tournament is held in Georgia still the bet is a decent one. 17-11, 08:35
Agree with you unfortunately although I would bet here both to score rather. Rakitic ..... 17-11, 00:13
Hands up this time - you are totally right, amigo! ;) 16-11, 21:52
Different Zalgiris showed up today. Physicality was the key and Barcelona had it. Alt..... 16-11, 21:20
doesnt affect anything but have to correct: Finland naturally wouldnt be out in case ..... 16-11, 21:07
If Barcelona don`t trash Zalgiris inside the paint through their superior frontcourt ..... 16-11, 17:28
I love you Abdul! 16-11, 14:01
Corrected. Please note for the future that the daily limit is 3 picks for the same da..... 16-11, 12:55
Under 64.5 i forgot to mention in pick.. 16-11, 12:41
Take it with full confident..this line is way to low for this match! Good luck!! 16-11, 08:33
I would go as far as to say that Jackson is a Top 5 shooter in Europe - he`s just ext..... 15-11, 21:22
It`s an overall 3pt record for Euroleague. Finally Dzikic started with Jackson who is..... 15-11, 21:05
And again - 21 threes for Podgorica is amazing given only few of them were given easi..... 15-11, 20:50
I don`t but as a well-mannered person I just try to respect every opinion as long as ..... 15-11, 20:47
I wonder how did the beamlights hold on in Podgorica tonight? In my life I have seen ..... 15-11, 20:44
Plain trolling by aron as usually, don`t take it serious 15-11, 20:41
Why do you think so? 15-11, 20:36
Baskonia is definitely Eurocup level. 15-11, 20:21
Not the bookies - amateur gamblers probably. 15-11, 19:07
Well the line moved for 4 points since the info came out, so bookies think differentl..... 15-11, 19:02
The better - he makes the team too predictable. Without him Khimki can be a better te..... 15-11, 18:46
Thank`s god I didn`t touch it... he repeated a shit day. Too bad for the tip but the ..... 15-11, 18:26
Think i never saw Nishikori this bad, especially not two matches in a row. 41 unforce..... 15-11, 18:07
Yes, Federer needs to win at least 6 games to qualify as 2nd (if he lose). The winner..... 15-11, 17:16
You know that Shved is not playing? 15-11, 16:43
yes unreal ass whooping for Nishikori that match, he had a total off-day, he tends to..... 15-11, 13:37
Hi Freezing, ok thanks for the observation. I will probably try the match on live jus..... 15-11, 13:18
@FollowME i bet on Anderson on that match and saw the whole match. Nishi served like..... 15-11, 13:06
Hi mate. I want to go for Nishikori. BUT, I didn`t watch his match against Anderson a..... 15-11, 12:51
easy 14-11, 23:22
Varnamo missed a penalty 14-11, 20:54
Odds aregonna drop now on cilic.. Isner good friend died.. I am so sad atm, isner sh..... 14-11, 17:01
I heard.. Toobad... I think he wont be able to play normal:( 14-11, 16:45
Isner`s good friend from his college days was found dead yesterday. I wouldn`t take t..... 14-11, 16:42
Finish him! 14-11, 16:21
Odds changed so you have sure bet here as expected 14-11, 15:15
Everton`s Gylfi Sigurdsson will not be in the Icelandic squad either. 14-11, 10:15
closing odds 1.90, useless without the result 13-11, 22:39
Finish him! 13-11, 22:01
Jelgava won by 19pts!!! 13-11, 19:07
Never ever more overs on CSKa games. It s horror 13-11, 18:13
Yeah I played +2,5 games, +1,5 sets and ML here. Couldn`t decide what has the most va..... 13-11, 17:52
Well Kevin played great but Kei was very bad. Forehand totally without confidence and..... 13-11, 17:48
@gameiro Unfortunately for Cilic, he`s pretty far from the returner that Djokovic is...... 13-11, 17:42
what will happen if Cilic will read also this book? 13-11, 17:22
Yes :) I`m still shocked by Anderson`s win score. I was seeing Masur, what happened? 13-11, 17:09
Nice one! Ymer clearly couldn`t give his 100% today. 13-11, 16:59
This time I follow 13-11, 16:32
Finish him! 13-11, 16:03
abdul, are u planning to post any more picks today (women,suziki cup,..) 13-11, 11:37
Happens dude....this is betting world...I hate the matches like this when you find gr..... 13-11, 11:01
bravo! :) 13-11, 10:27
https://www.telekomsport.de/event/sv-wehen-wiesbaden-fc-carl-zeiss-jena/112415 insane..... 13-11, 09:32
Great...they even win... 13-11, 06:43
Wrong. Bencic-Osuigwe was semi-final in Tyler ITF..and final was Osuigwe-Haddad Maia 13-11, 06:17
Osugive played final vs Bencic no vs Hadad 13-11, 00:55
@GoSoeda Hahahahah,but I think that Sascha played good in rallies especially in secon..... 12-11, 22:43
djokovic was too good :( 12-11, 22:23
5-3* 12-11, 21:41
I really don`t have words to comment Cilic today. The first set should have ended 6-1..... 12-11, 21:40
You were watching a different match :) 32 unforced errors in total. https://mobile...... 12-11, 21:15
@GoSoeada thats not true I know that maybe Zverev had 13-15unf er in all match but Ci..... 12-11, 20:57
Congrats to you my friend and lucky me... I placed Away over 1.5 hahaha 12-11, 19:42
Nice start of the week just waiting SkA to do their job until the end 12-11, 18:56
Well everybody can have his own opinion about the level of play. I didn`t see final s..... 12-11, 17:42
Man Zverev played from middle of the first set great tennis or my point of view is di..... 12-11, 17:35
Match at a very low level and the player who was less bad won. New 2 tie-breaks lost ..... 12-11, 17:32
Yep, case closed... 12-11, 17:31
what a poor performance by both.. and what stupid moves from Cilic... He didnt take 2..... 12-11, 17:28
Didnt touch this match but Cilic had his chance, he can only blame himself 12-11, 17:28
I took it Over 1.5 at first period. Good luck 12-11, 17:27
According to kicker Günther Schmidt is missing today , Fresh injury (Adductor injury..... 12-11, 16:41

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