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Damn thats insane odds man! I`m happy you too that it it must be very excting when Be..... 28-09, 17:37
Good one!!! 28-09, 16:49
Thank you hovi. 28-09, 16:28
Congrats! 28-09, 16:28
There we go, thanks all followers! :) 28-09, 16:27
Guys exciting last 20min isn`t it? 1-1 and 1.20ish home FAV :) 28-09, 16:24
I absolutely agree with you. Rinderknech is serving incredibly well and he is French...... 28-09, 14:17
Thank you, regards 28-09, 13:38
Nice one ,congrats. 28-09, 13:19
Thank you so much,sorry for typos.i will be more careful next time. 28-09, 13:16
OK, done. Also fixed the biggest mistakes and typos in the text, please put some bigg..... 28-09, 12:33
Domac ,please change pick to u1,5 thanks. 28-09, 12:00
Thank you mate, took Beijing to score 4 goals at great odds, even though they scored ..... 28-09, 11:23
Hi guys, simply don`t have words for this pathetic side. 2 games in a row they lose t..... 28-09, 11:04
Moved to 29/09. 27-09, 23:34
Moved to 29/09. 27-09, 23:33
Falcons had 26-10 lead they fucked the game omg such losers 27-09, 22:25
Well, Neftohimic finally started playing better. Now they can win the match 3-2 .. od..... 27-09, 21:38
43min: 1-1 relaxing evening :)) 27-09, 21:34
It looks like the outsider is going to win 0-3 here :) Surely, I have expected Neftoh..... 27-09, 21:20
I m fan of Inter and dont like both of these teams:))) 27-09, 20:24
Congrats bro,0-0 it was good football bot no goals. 27-09, 20:03
I like Roma first eleven they will win the game 27-09, 19:15
Falcons have never started 0-3 since QB Ryan has been there. I like it 27-09, 16:35
1-2 end...not that it matters 27-09, 16:31
20-22 end 27-09, 16:30
Nice to meet you Emmanuel. You wrote nice tip too! Congrats! 27-09, 14:58
Thanks, you too friend, would send you some too, but i have none left=( 27-09, 14:49
Keep up the good work, send you a few Credits "TheGame" ! 27-09, 14:38
What do you think for this season ? They can fight for Top-8 ? 27-09, 14:35
Nice Guys! 27-09, 14:34
All well here, 2-1 FT sets for RUBLEV! 27-09, 14:34
Congrats for this fruitful discussion! Impressive match indeed, I expected that Stef..... 27-09, 14:33
It is +0,5 the correct bet, not +0,25!! Can you correct it Domac?? 27-09, 14:27
Just as I have predicted. Now, it is time to back Rublev on the moneyline. Odds aroun..... 27-09, 13:38
but why are such favourites if they have missings? 27-09, 12:53
Impressive stuff from the Italian wonder-kid. Thanks for your pick Go. 27-09, 12:52
-1,5 ,actually i picked 1x2 euro handicap. Their transfers are not effective.they st..... 27-09, 12:21
Good Luck mate, You mean go for handicap -1.5 or just home win? Ankaragucu looks sec..... 27-09, 09:38
Guangzhou R&F: 4, 13, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 28, 37, 42 27-09, 08:23
Shandong Luneng: 4, 5, 9 10, 13, 17, 18, 23, 33, 36, 39, 27-09, 08:22
I guess it will be mistake if Samatta plays today,all you wrote showing that galatasa..... 27-09, 08:04
Only vlap, Trebel and Cobbaut are important (regular) players. But for sure there is ..... 27-09, 02:49
For sure i would have wanted a bit better odds on Rublev here, but it slashed down qu..... 26-09, 23:21
Congrats bro 26-09, 23:13
The match is absolutely 50-50. The odds initially went to be 2.10 to 1.72 and it was ..... 26-09, 23:03
A class above* 26-09, 23:02
Well, i have no problems with Romanians really, i was just upset by the Romanian team..... 26-09, 22:10
You started first with a valid reason for a ban, offending whole countries and nation..... 26-09, 21:42
Pick is won 2-0 26-09, 21:09
Domac, you gonna ban this idiot or what? He is harrassing without any cause, and he w..... 26-09, 17:37
No, your’e the only homo here balkan-loser, i got twice bigger balls than you, you ..... 26-09, 17:32
My bad, I thought TheGame refers to that kind of game. I am sure you`ll find a young ..... 26-09, 15:56
Greets "Thestarling", glad to see you around following tennis :) All well here als..... 26-09, 15:50
Damn SHIT SHOW JOKE 26-09, 15:41
Vitjaz 5-4 on PP, this is crazy hockey match!! Cover now ladies and gents, so I will ..... 26-09, 15:27
I just come from work so did not notice that play so early I missed it :( 26-09, 13:55
When lineups came I took also vitjaz&O5.5 w 5+ odds :)) 26-09, 13:47
No Metsola on goal this should be win 26-09, 13:41
Vitjaz around 2+ FAV with this line, Metsola out from the lineup with Many others... 26-09, 13:17
cristiandinu -> sirac / Viitorul-Astra
Talent in Astra`s players is definitely there, but their hearts are not in the game. ..... 26-09, 08:23
Thestarling -> Emmanuel / Ruud - Rublev
Haha looks like great minds think alike ;) Good luck buddy! 26-09, 07:35
Thanks, Bolts from live now, they are so much better overall in gameplay and that 1dt..... 26-09, 03:13
GG! 26-09, 03:06
Damn sexy end of period! 26-09, 02:58
Wow Wright looks good. Excited about our young pitching. Hope all is well 26-09, 02:54
NY +3.5 or 4 26-09, 02:53
KLINGEN! We have a game 26-09, 02:38
Haha :D 26-09, 01:58
OMG BRO :D :D :D well have you ever fed a horse with your hand? :D 26-09, 01:56
Panties wet? ROFL had to... 26-09, 01:55
Yeahhhh I am excited like a schoolgirl :D 26-09, 01:52
Kick-off in 15min lessss goo (yes they will kick the puck from puck drop) :) 26-09, 01:50
Stars will have to push offensivelly. Their game is not A right now and the Bolts are..... 26-09, 00:33
Lessgooo than! I feel sory for the Stars if its (again) like 0-3 or some shit like th..... 26-09, 00:29
l0ve it 26-09, 00:21
But you seem like a VERY nice guy, im sure you won’t have problems finding a man so..... 25-09, 23:00
remember, game 1 of the double-header, flaherty vs Suter, so just 7 innings today ( i..... 25-09, 22:47
Sorry, not gay. 25-09, 22:36
Probably but it has nothing to do with picks. If they reaches finals by some miracle,..... 25-09, 22:24
Bro, ur awesome but u love those Celts do u? ;-) 25-09, 22:19
So, I was right. Had I put money on it, would have make a good penny. :) But it`s als..... 25-09, 22:17
@TheGame if that`s the case I would make love to you 25-09, 21:39
Thx my friend)) 25-09, 21:10
It seems like Başakşehir still not ready,they even cant pass to each others lol 25-09, 20:43
Just goes to show: Never bet on a player who brings his Mommy with him :) 25-09, 20:06
Kardeşim 2. Ligden uzak dur bence bırak üstü kaleye şut atamadılar.haftasonuna ..... 25-09, 20:02
Very good, credits on the way. 25-09, 19:45
HAHAHA Savinainen 2+2 f Ruski refs... Unbeliavable call. Here we go, I put this lost now 25-09, 19:31
Then you are working with betrush or just guessed out my lost picks and tell me to re..... 25-09, 19:18
FINN HOCKEY GODDDD!! Nice start for friday night :)) Ps. Dont come to tell me that I ..... 25-09, 19:15
As predicted here, 2-1 FT for Ruud ! ;) 25-09, 19:11
FollowME you old dog:) 25-09, 18:22
"Nice piece" hahahhaa, and she looks quite young as well, she was the only thing wort..... 25-09, 18:20
Got to admmit, Humbert was a hard nut to crack today, played better than I expected.. 25-09, 18:18
thank you 25-09, 18:16
LOL, reminds me of me ex-girlfriend from France, when I saw her the other day oin the..... 25-09, 18:11
btw... :D Humbert`s mother is a match to play as well :D 25-09, 18:06
Had Ruud to win set 1, had Humber to win set 2, and sorry ladies and gentlemen but it..... 25-09, 17:40
Good luck, Gameiro! Since I will be staying out of this, I wish you best of luck. 25-09, 16:54
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