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Now this was a clear fix. They scored with 1 minute left to play a single goal to eve..... 22-05, 16:57
Granlund suspended as expected. 22-05, 16:35
That game from China was really close, this one, well, 4 goals in the second half I w..... 22-05, 15:56
Started well, these mugz should not fake it in the 2nd half like the Zhejiang game. 22-05, 12:58
Hope it hits! 22-05, 03:16
In any case Swiss team would have been the FAV for me in this clash, no matter what t..... 21-05, 19:14
oh well... 21-05, 16:28
this one will probably hit with krumovgrad winning, they may not be better individual..... 21-05, 14:32
are you sure about due to punishment, the match will be played behind closed doors ? 21-05, 12:48
Postponed. 21-05, 12:08
you make a good point about the over though.. obviously vancouver need to change some..... 20-05, 23:58
All of those who want my opinion on tennis matches and Any help can reach me on Twitter 20-05, 20:15
Finally Emil, bravo! 20-05, 15:03
AGAIN Ruusu in full control - 6-3, *4-3 break up, let`s see... 20-05, 14:54
There is no sence in your prewiew totally BULL%%%%% 20-05, 09:28
SILENCE! Preview is right. Read it again. 19-05, 22:52
Fiala 5+20 major, his game is over and so is swiss team done when Canada scored two P..... 19-05, 21:41
Please note such picks are not acceptable according to the rules. It must be either u..... 19-05, 20:43
Youre prewiew was totally misleading,because this season I-Kissat have NOTHING to do ..... 19-05, 20:20
If you know what is the problem will free and tell.. 19-05, 20:17
@Writer brooo, Hudacek to score a goal for me, and Slafhovsky over 1.5 points lets go..... 19-05, 19:55
Swiss +0.5 is a good option as well! Too bad I did not post it... 19-05, 19:25
As a alternate bet for sure over 3 goals in match , looks a good value 19-05, 19:15
The problem is not that. 19-05, 15:51
I-Kissat really dont belomg into this level...soo bad team. 19-05, 15:19
Also its weird that I-Kissat best scorer this season(4 goals) Nika Sitchinava startin..... 19-05, 12:29
Not agreed this pick.After last season all players by I-Kissat moved away because of ..... 19-05, 12:24
If RKC have better goal difference than Excelsior and the latter will probably lose t..... 18-05, 22:26
Heracles out 4 central defenders: Hoogma(30/2/2 kapitan), Bultman(14/0/1), Sonnenberg..... 18-05, 21:36
Thx Mate , i appreciate it 18-05, 21:18
Flash babyyyy!! I fuckin knew this - Sweden banged 3 goals inside 30sec lol 18-05, 13:49
Country should be Chile Correct odds 8 at bet360 18-05, 12:09
Balchik are 99.9% relegated and they know it. Only option is to win both remaining ga..... 18-05, 09:31
Silly Red card 17-05, 19:53
Lovely! Thank you Zverev for learning to play tennis today. Dude didn`t face a BP aga..... 17-05, 16:11
+1 16-05, 16:09
pfff I like him but what an idiot... break in third and still loses the match. Of cou..... 16-05, 15:56
Totally agree and to mention home crowd arena in Ostrava, so boost for them too Took..... 14-05, 15:50
Sometimes cheaper than water :DD Thanks man, i am pretty sure i would said the same..... 13-05, 19:59
I even played Swedes over 4.5 @2.42 cause Im a crazy mofo :D :D 13-05, 19:54
You have a great country, my brother :) I also heard that the beer is cheap :)))) 13-05, 19:04
Agreed. I think the whole country is positively surprised what our team is showing so..... 13-05, 17:55
I have KTP win @2.06. Now I see big drops. A good choice. Good luck! 13-05, 14:41
Osaka looks way too erratic at times in this first set 13-05, 11:42
Ok, I will keep this in mind, especially at the end of the season where the motivatio..... 12-05, 23:08
*I saw it against Finland, and not from 12-05, 22:55
Crazy match, swiss plays terrible D and their PK is awful today... Did not expect this 12-05, 21:51
Few times exceptions can be made from this rule when there is a solid reason, as seen..... 12-05, 16:01
What do you think ah +0 on Sandefjord? Guests without importang players, home team pl..... 12-05, 15:46
The Betrush regulation prevents me from publishing a fourth pick but if anyone would ..... 12-05, 14:59
Odds now under 1.60... 12-05, 11:12
* Lazio understood as the Lazio region where Frosinone is geographically located :) 10-05, 20:10
Let`s keep it GREEN in WC boys! 10-05, 18:38
Josi is such an amazing player, beauty to see when he is on the ice - he is like 4th ..... 10-05, 16:41
Finnishflash -> FinnishFlash / Sweden - USA
FME, you wanna see this one, check it out bro! 10-05, 10:48
Ok, changed 08-05, 09:44
Domac, can you adjust the stake to 7 cause this is a confident pick? I automaticallly..... 08-05, 09:05
I have 2 other picks lined up, send me an email and I`ll send them to you for free 08-05, 08:47
Well deserved, congrats. I did not see that coming, credits coming your way for perfe..... 08-05, 07:26
Of course ment to say that I expect odds for USA regular time win to be like 1.30 to ..... 07-05, 21:52
Also I expect experienced NHL coach like John Hynes fully motivate this team in this ..... 07-05, 20:39
finnishflash -> FinnishFlash / Sweden - USA
William Karlsson joined Sweden team. 07-05, 12:58
The dude is still calling the Panthers "cat shit" and "cat piss". Strange for a team ..... 06-05, 16:43
Sorry, my mistake 05-05, 16:01
It is won mate! 05-05, 10:51
Please stop exceeding the max. daily number of picks 04-05, 23:15
Don`t forget that in the third round Mensik also retired in the second set. 04-05, 15:50
Fuckin fuk - swiss rests both Hischier and Kurashev today, out of the lineup. No valu..... 04-05, 11:13
Hahah what a match. What a unluckily 03-05, 21:53
hahahah FAA reaching the final with retirements in QF and SF. What a path just to los..... 03-05, 20:45
Good info mate. Congrats. 03-05, 20:17
Closing odds were 1.55 - great call from me! 03-05, 18:26
Yes, high odds for O2.6 (2.25 at Pinnacle), but at the end the bookies profited. Like..... 03-05, 05:24
Updated. I have no idea what happened 02-05, 23:57
Domac, this is Lost. I am pretty sure I updated it as L. 02-05, 23:30
You won`t see often, at least not on this level that team you choose, turns out to be..... 02-05, 23:29
Go very scary this quarter. Well done and thanks! 02-05, 22:40
omfg, 13-1 Q4 02-05, 22:23
I am shocked of the odds for the O2.5 02-05, 21:02
* Of course, they have been undefeated at home for 16 years. 02-05, 19:46
So more motivated, going for win and will stay focused more? 02-05, 15:27
Little bit wrong info. There is a small chance for Nevezis, they need to win against ..... 02-05, 11:03
ok 01-05, 12:59
Matthews might miss the whole match because the dude has a stomachbug. What a disgrac..... 01-05, 00:24
Bravo Jabeur. 6-0, to lose in 3 sets. Magical this women sport 30-04, 21:22
1-1, Zaragoza scored in the 99th minute. https://www.flashscore.com/match/fFiTqum3/#/..... 30-04, 16:36
Why this match is lost? It`s 1-0 FT 30-04, 11:01
the nuggets were so bad in game 3, like they didnt even care up until the final 5 min..... 30-04, 00:46
Miserable game, miserable month, miserable picks, miserable bets, second half is wors..... 29-04, 05:33
There is no way this wasn`t fixed for a 0-0 half-time. This is the first time I see s..... 29-04, 04:50
True, I didn`t notice as he is fast with posting and settling picks himself I missed ..... 28-04, 21:24
You were right. 28-04, 19:25
https://www.betrush.com/tipster,2358.html domac have you noticed this counter strike ..... 28-04, 19:08
Thanks. GL. 28-04, 12:21
forest will park the bus for sure, man city dont need to score 5. brighton were piss ..... 28-04, 12:20
Finnishflash -> FinnishFlash / Haka - HJK
Fuk, Topi Seksinen on bench. 27-04, 12:19
Postponed due to rain, will add another game. 27-04, 02:19
Hmm, LA Kings are lottle bit tricky for over in my opinion...but lets try bro ;) 24-04, 19:39
Hyka- Sedlak, I loved this duo already in KHL times with Traktor... 24-04, 19:14
Lakers bro, this is a SURE bet!! Place your bet now and thank me later :))))) First m..... 24-04, 14:45