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And of course no name tambov win in ot odds 1 million. Thats it, no more bets on this shit 18-09, 20:18
Fixing in this sports in russia is just disgusting. 18-09, 19:55
i didnt read anything but one thing i know for sure.. when odds on favourite goes in ..... 18-09, 12:58
Do you guy know why odds on Napoli could rise fast in last 24hours? It was 1.45 yeste..... 18-09, 12:49
There is a speck of truth in your words. 17-09, 21:13
Lady luck favored us today my friend. I had +14.5 but cant believe it won 17-09, 20:48
like this pick taking this also 17-09, 20:47
This Latvia this is ridiculous. Spain wins this 20+ without even trying. :| 17-09, 19:14
Just that Tsoumou and Antonov are also good players. 17-09, 15:36
Don`t be too harsh on Ukraine, they had the best team in years with NBAers Mikhailiuk..... 17-09, 11:13
cristiandinu -> hovi / FC Viitorul - F.....
Maybe Hagi will rotate. Coman yesterday at FCSB was exhausted. 17-09, 10:49
I am sorry, but I am not feeling this one. Ive seen Netherlands game since we got the..... 17-09, 10:48
I saw Latvia vs Finland, they were shit. But Spain losing in Ukraine tells me this is..... 17-09, 10:44
1:2 after 34 mins 16-09, 22:22
Really shit display from.fcsb in second half 16-09, 22:09
sirac -> sirac / CFR-FCSB
Nah, the fuckers came for the draw, they look happy with a point. Classic 1-1 unless ..... 16-09, 21:36
One point loss again... 16-09, 21:08
Fcsb can win 2-1 or 3-0. 16-09, 20:27
sirac -> sirac / CFR-FCSB
Yep. Not even 10 min played and already 2 yellows, harsh fouls...its gonna be a fight 16-09, 20:10
sirac -> sirac / CFR-FCSB
Time for a big fat under. 0-0 all the way! 16-09, 19:29
cristiandinu -> sirac / CFR-FCSB
And now 21... 16-09, 18:54
cristiandinu -> sirac / CFR-FCSB
Liga 1 got crazy this round. 20 goals in 5 games. 16-09, 18:50
ungur is playing great. Polish player saved by his serve 16-09, 16:15
I`ll bite at +4.5 16-09, 16:02
Probably he meant top 100. Is 2-2 and huge pressue on the polish player. I would rate..... 16-09, 15:16
* Today will have a few important missings : Deac, Mailat and maybe Culio. 16-09, 15:05
I choosed FCSB +0.25, odds 1,87. Good luck! 16-09, 14:46
For odds 1.70 for FCSB i wouldn`t have bothered, for 3.50 no comment. 16-09, 14:00
Indeed, the abcence of Pintilii is a huge blow for FCSB,but the odds are very good,CF..... 16-09, 13:31
Ungur was never ranked in the top 10. 16-09, 12:25
Who knows some teams have some special system they push hard at the beginning then th..... 15-09, 23:42
Very well done! 15-09, 22:57
Of course today the Americans play like they have invented the sport and Russia looks..... 15-09, 22:06
good luck tonight bro, it was a nice staredown I`m hyped for this fight again, also F..... 15-09, 21:20
Great tips from English footie today 15-09, 19:39
LittyBittyBoy -> Se7en / Newcastle - Arsenal
Thx for your Job mate. Credit on the way 15-09, 19:08
insted of 2:0, 3:0 we have 1:2.. sick 15-09, 17:40
3 times in a row (in cca 5min) they had 3 chances to lead 2:0... they were 3 times al..... 15-09, 17:36
Argentina won 23-19 despite the horrible performance of the referee. 15-09, 15:51
over 4,5 yellow cards 2,43 odds huge value 15-09, 15:45
domac can u change odds to 2.04 ? 15-09, 15:14
Great month so far, dare2bet. 15-09, 14:48
How many sick chances and still 0:0.. Sick 15-09, 14:26
No worries, They will sell matches in the 2nd part of the season 15-09, 13:20
It seems clinceni must win this season. 15-09, 13:14
this match Can`t be :) 15-09, 12:46
And now I regret it :)) 15-09, 12:17
UTA to close match for my taste :) 15-09, 10:48
I went with uta win instead. Gl 15-09, 10:45
Yes , but also there are some problems with the electrical circuit. No problem, the ..... 15-09, 10:28
Good preview! Good luck! By the way, Pandurii`s new stadium is ready, but the access ..... 15-09, 10:18
Gorica plays very good football.I would go here with BTTS yes rather. 15-09, 09:17
The match was delayed some minutes for problems with the lights. 15-09, 00:15
thanx 14-09, 22:25
well done, dare2bet. 14-09, 21:57
Actually is quite satisfying to see losers like Alibec failing :)) 14-09, 21:44
100 million sunflower seeds. 14-09, 21:28
Alibec will be worth 100 million euros after this season. Not :)) 14-09, 21:17
Dinamoo, moj dinamo, ja volim tebe jako 14-09, 21:12
And also, the 8th wonder of the world: Alibec scored. :O 14-09, 20:51
Too late now, I just saw your question FairPlayBet, but it wouldn`t matter, since I h..... 14-09, 20:41
What do you think @cristiandinu, is Dinamo worth a risk today? 14-09, 19:25
And SEPSI delivers 14-09, 18:48
They were dangerous in the office in the old days when Borcea was like T-REX :))) 14-09, 18:43
Who knows, maybe Dinamo are dangerous in the office too. They try to send a fax and s..... 14-09, 18:34
Also Michael Roll will be playing to be fair, but that shouldnt change much the basic..... 14-09, 17:26
Void. They drew 0-0. 14-09, 17:14
Forgot to mention, the tournament is in Germany. 14-09, 17:04
also worth trying a live bet on Concordia- Sepsi asian over 2 goals because both team..... 14-09, 17:03
i mean offence and not office :)))) 14-09, 16:33
I didn`t see the match. But from stats Thiem made 32 unforced in 3 super short sets, ..... 14-09, 15:09
Maciulis wasn`t called by the coach. I guess his time in NT is coming to an end. Ulan..... 14-09, 13:01
Well, not today :) He played a great match and no chance for Thompson. 14-09, 12:55
Where do you get these lines, i see -22.5 for Munster? I try to follow your picks but..... 14-09, 12:20
Thiem`s score one home tournaments and Davis Cups is also very average for a player l..... 14-09, 08:21
cristiandinu -> Remy / Comuna Recea - .....
Acording to Flashscore, Coman scored for 2-1 in the 75th minute. :) 14-09, 08:11
It was 1-1 min 80 and red card Cluj :)) 14-09, 06:06
This is terrible. I suppose the pick would not have been voided had King and Reese lo..... 14-09, 00:03
Rules say that picks must be posted at least 1 hour before the start of the game and ..... 13-09, 23:58
Isn`t 20 minutes long enough? It is a shame as this is a winning pick. 13-09, 23:46
Why do you insist on getting banned? 13-09, 23:31
Green! Dock Sud won 2-1. 13-09, 22:25
cristiandinu -> Remy / Comuna Recea - .....
What do you mean ? I saw Cluj won 3-1. 13-09, 22:12
@Freezing Yeah I watched a part of it. Abanda was solid from the baseline but not man..... 13-09, 20:53
gj mate 13-09, 20:08
Yep i called it, maybe ill get a miracle push in injury time sigh... 13-09, 19:07
Btw line was -2 before the game at Bet365 13-09, 17:42
Marie is fighting outta relegation spot while HJK is in 1st. Why would they need to r..... 13-09, 17:42
OMG, what a bunch of #@#&#$_=&/@=@= 13-09, 16:59
I like under too 44 id post a tip but only 1 per game 13-09, 16:51
Sup Eric i dont blame u - its going to be a close game QB Dalton is bad on Monday a..... 13-09, 16:49
On him as well 13-09, 16:47
So if abanda will want to win Ausi next year so she will win? Lol what is this explan..... 13-09, 16:04
Abanda semifinalist here I bet she wants the whole tournament for her. Kenin overrated 13-09, 15:52
Did you saw Abanda match? I bet on Kenin yesterday and she was good but got broken t..... 13-09, 15:19
Indeed, at times Blatche can do some harm, but still he is a huge loss for the team a..... 13-09, 13:18
Epic quotes. Perumal has been seen last year in the Netherlands at some youth matches..... 13-09, 12:48
that`s why you like plastic clubs with not supporters. Easier to make no one realize ..... 13-09, 12:01
It is true that many players banned. But they have been replaced by the same quality ..... 13-09, 12:01

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