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Yeah that was easier than expected :) 24-01, 07:12
I wouldn`t say it`s a crazy bet. It`s a logical choice. When big player is back after..... 24-01, 01:23
Lakers are with 9 losses (35-9). This 6 was on my mind but for Milwaukee Bucks (39-6). 24-01, 01:15
*In fantastic form now start of the season. And not from. Writing on Phone with out c..... 23-01, 23:53
Here we go again, 4 from 5 dogs today beating the spread and I take just Badajoz :( 23-01, 22:41
Gladiator_28 -> GoSoeda / Fucsovics - Paul
Totally agree with you, anything different from a routine win for Fucsovics will be a..... 23-01, 19:49
``unfortunately also Filip Čović is out (it would be better for this bet if he is i..... 23-01, 19:27
Finnishflash -> FinnishFlash / Kazan - Ufa
Yes Metsola for Ufa, and Bilyalov for Kazan who has this season in 22 games mind blow..... 23-01, 16:43
There`s a penalty given to Doradas previously in the Mexico match but even without th..... 23-01, 15:42
Again referee gave a fucking penalty Al Ain. Why the hell every time whenever there`s..... 23-01, 15:39
True but still, with a break up and two sets up, at this level you can’t give away ..... 23-01, 14:03
important that Anderson´s bad Fitness became crucial! 23-01, 13:55
What a comeback! I got him live after the first lost set. When he lost the second and..... 23-01, 12:58
@DragosBC Thanks man! 22-01, 23:58
@Thanks man! 22-01, 23:58
Ridiculous win from Bolivar, just can`t believe what a streak of good lucks they had...... 22-01, 23:54
So much bad luck on recent bets. Fucking penalty given to Bolivar again. Palmaflor we..... 22-01, 23:32
Players (LA Clippers): Lou Williams (LAC) over 22,5 points @1,87 Harrell (LAC) ov..... 22-01, 17:17
tied record together with No.3 and No.4 Maccabi Tel Aviv and *CSKA Moscow. 22-01, 15:02
Congrats mate. Very good pick! 22-01, 05:56
Should be “outplayed by Pachuca instead of Tijuana” 22-01, 03:00
Hottain played really poorly but won this match by a fucking freekick from nowhere at..... 21-01, 15:27
As ever, I am waiting for your letters and comments. Feel free to contact me anytime ..... 21-01, 13:12
It was already 2.59 when the pick was posted so I have to edit the odds. Matter of fe..... 21-01, 11:25
Damn, odds dropped so fast to Jeddah again after I posted this in 2 mins 21-01, 11:04
could be easy 2 goals in first and 5 goals total, lets see) 21-01, 02:03
I respect it and it’s possible but I am personally on Over 1.5 goals in the first p..... 21-01, 01:41
3 mins till the end toronto lead by 21... but not cover, trash *_* 20-01, 23:08
Sorry; I wrote for some reason from "out of memory" Barys Astana when it should be Ba..... 20-01, 14:41
Something like JOkers& O3.5 is also decent here w 2.50(?) odds maybe.. I expect reall..... 20-01, 13:43
@bfischer Thanks for your opinion and info mate. I just saw General Diaz prepared muc..... 20-01, 05:04
note to myself, always go with first choice, YES Jacks ML was really my first impression. 20-01, 03:47
Live odds are now 2.80 20-01, 01:53
Sorry but I don`t agree with anything you wrote as info.... Olimpia didn`t lose any o..... 19-01, 23:37
What a pathetic display. What a waste 19-01, 20:50
Donald did not even defend himself...1000% set up for Conor to win in order to contin..... 19-01, 14:17
Sbo in reality offer 0.02 lower odds than what they show at the odds comparisons, at ..... 19-01, 12:24
ISN was 1,85 (we added ISN and IBC for verification from 2020) and SBO was 1,87 in th..... 19-01, 12:07
strange match, Cowboy looks like without movitation, not fit and not exciting, so do ..... 19-01, 10:51
Well...You think you got something, then all of a sudden, it turns to shit..I am star..... 18-01, 23:26
A well put strong high kick on Conny and job done. It`s possible 18-01, 22:53
0:2 easy 18-01, 22:41
I can see the upset (in terms of odds) as well on this one. Good luck mate 18-01, 19:35
Cowboy bet might be a good idea at first but he seems like he doesn`t really care abo..... 18-01, 18:49
Maybe Modafferi will win in under 2.5. :) 18-01, 09:51
Nice choke 18-01, 05:06
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofF4GO0FppQ 18-01, 01:30
Altuve also liar liar pants in fire...xD>>> 18-01, 01:30
hey Mike you following the Astros scandal? i watched everything and Cannot believe al..... 18-01, 01:30
and of course important player Mantha still out for the Red wings ( big difference wi..... 18-01, 00:52
Don`t know from where this Radivojević showed up in the preview. Only now noticed. I..... 17-01, 19:24
xXD 17-01, 19:18
The Duckies fixed yesterday’s game as with their performance they are falling in fi..... 17-01, 16:23
stupid league once again... pulling the goalie at only 1 minute left 16-01, 14:49
Hands up, Im shit! Dont send me Any Credits rest of the month cause look at my stats ..... 16-01, 04:28
Good old Eye for an eye revenge i believe and here is why. So the Devils with a shoc..... 16-01, 03:46
oops here right preview... 16-01, 03:46
typo, Potiguar beat ABC 1 year ago 16-01, 03:08
Thanks:) Good luck with your bets tonight. 16-01, 00:10
Well there could be an upset, but it’s hard to go against the champions. I will not..... 16-01, 00:03
Another reason to take this pick is the morale boost the Flyers must have got from th..... 15-01, 23:50
Lindgren in net hmmm not a good thing but same goes fr the Hawks with crawford in net. 15-01, 23:42
I agree with all three your predictions...good luck ! 15-01, 23:41
The black sheep within the white sheeps :D 15-01, 23:14
yeah, there was a famous player that got injured ugly once when taking a dirty hit, c..... 15-01, 21:38
Well the Dops is a joke these days In nhl, like Many of players (and fans) have been ..... 15-01, 21:15
Yeah yeah i saw that, he got furious after taking a couple of enormous hits. He had i..... 15-01, 20:54
Well maybe it is weird sacking Gallant but it has been a trend this season in the NH..... 15-01, 20:53
By the way, did u watch the Battle of Alberta aka Flames vs Oilers other night when u..... 15-01, 19:03
Yes, well Im no "expert" from talking VGK as a team lately, but many ppl say it was k..... 15-01, 18:43
Nice, if they fix their ‘D this is going to be a deadly team because they create en..... 15-01, 18:39
Those 3 at the back won`t play for sure as they are not in the group at all. I was ab..... 15-01, 17:57
Gallant got sacked from VGK, DeBoer replaces him.. You heard first from me!! LOL 15-01, 16:52
Unreal chances! This becomes ridiculous. The score just doesn`t reflect reality and C..... 15-01, 03:46
here we go again....12 scoring chances San jose and just 3 for Arizona, yet the shitt..... 15-01, 03:39
man they missed unreal chances, but universal rule in all sports, if you do not score..... 15-01, 03:15
It`s unbelievable that Canucks haven`t score yet... I think that they are just cursed..... 15-01, 02:47
Oh dutchie... what a turnover and what a pass... either we have a strong second perio..... 15-01, 02:41
It will be tied before end of first period 15-01, 02:36
Dell confirmed between the pipes. 15-01, 02:33
Damn Canucks had to score....playing well now, 6 scoring chances Vancouver vs 4 for t..... 15-01, 02:32
you have chance still because toronto`s `D is so bad, but i understand if you start t..... 15-01, 02:23
Yes very good thing that it`s disallowed as Canucks are not mentally too strong when ..... 15-01, 02:20
one goal dissalowed hehe good thing 15-01, 02:18
rofl not the double power we had in mind, only positive thing is that is plenty of ti..... 15-01, 02:17
Hahahaha what a start... the double tip power resulted into two goals in two minutes ..... 15-01, 02:15
2 goals in like 30 seconds hahaha how bad can you start a game 15-01, 02:14
yeah... I hesitated between Over 6.5 or this tip... but as you said it, Leafs were de..... 15-01, 02:11
It`s by time that the Canucks take this Canadian clash on the road :D fingers crossed..... 15-01, 02:09
wow Leafs seem angry after that 8-4 loss in Florida 15-01, 02:09
awesome, double tip power on this, i expect 2-5 win xD 15-01, 02:05
Boughner is killing me, 1 hour before kickoff and sharks still did not announced who ..... 15-01, 02:02
and message to that LA board; BUY A SOLID GOALIE< QUICK IS FINISHED SINCE A long time..... 15-01, 01:50
yes man DAMN!!!! im not only pissed that they gave away 2-0 lead but they also had by..... 15-01, 01:49
Dutchie... very sad that they lost their two goals lead... well spotted but the Kings..... 15-01, 01:46
"(not Williams)" you killed me :D :D :D 15-01, 00:20
Yea I agree with you 14-01, 22:49
I think that even if Young and Hurter will be in there should be a win for Phoenix, t..... 14-01, 22:34
For Atlanta probably Young and Hurter will be available, while Rubio is now rated lik..... 14-01, 21:48
Yes, I totaly agree with you 14-01, 21:07
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