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Yep, she wins this one, then it’s another story. GL 28-09, 12:37
Agree, Krejcikova needs more than one game to proof me, she is back on track 28-09, 12:27
I will probably place a medium stake on this one. If they lose, I will behave myself ..... 28-09, 12:12
No word has been banned, it is just the volume. You rarely have a day not writing abo..... 28-09, 10:45
Freedom of speech, this is a betting website and not a school yard. I am not insultin..... 28-09, 02:37
Please mate, finally do something about your language. Tolerance (in its good oldscho..... 27-09, 20:33
@ bagi you just registered and poured this crap. This can`t work. Bye. 27-09, 20:20
I got 5 euros credits here, so I`ve send it to you, for your next bet mate. Stay calm. 27-09, 19:00
I can see that english isn`t your primary language, I just want to make clear: when I..... 27-09, 18:59
Why do you keep insulting? You have something against ILVES fans? 27-09, 18:57
THROW THIS FUCKIN MORON OUT OF THE WINDOW!!!!!!!!! Im sick of this after one lost bet..... 27-09, 18:56
It is spelled "lying" mate. 27-09, 18:55
Domac I need answer NOW why is lieing/trolling/provoking allowed on this site to the ..... 27-09, 18:54
Not to mention curses in comments You need to calm down. And also gather some know..... 27-09, 18:52
If anyone should be banned that`s you, with your several curse words in your (extreme..... 27-09, 18:52
WHERE IS THE PROOF??? If this kid is not banned from lieing/provoking by midnight I w..... 27-09, 18:51
My followers who bet after I post can confirm that - IF you dont have any proof w you..... 27-09, 18:47
stop trolling loser, even if you lose some money... I have always correct odds from o..... 27-09, 18:45
how do you like that "FU ilves" now mate? you forgot to tell us in your pick that kar..... 27-09, 18:43
Fuck this cunt of ref, tie-break should have leaned even more for Kuzmanov. Too bad. 27-09, 18:41
I hope Lunlun can snatch here 1-3 goals, cause Nefte also scored 3 goals vs Traktor r..... 27-09, 16:48
This time we were so unlucky in injury time. FT 1-1 sorry guys! 27-09, 10:16
The pick is clear but please note for a future reference that outright bets are not a..... 26-09, 23:55
I don`t know if I wrote the bet correctly, if not, please let the admin team correct ..... 26-09, 23:20
One red and 4 yellow cards only in the first 45 minutes, I think this could be define..... 26-09, 21:44
tensions only on your side mate even regular people around here dont care let alone t..... 26-09, 20:32
Fils de pute 26-09, 17:03
Meanwhile: Alexander-Arnold, Bowen, Tomori and Ward-Prowse are out of the squad and G..... 26-09, 16:44
I thought Luxembourg was not pushing to win. The goal was scored in 89... so my bet w..... 26-09, 16:24
Always "easy" overs won in injury time in this Mickey Mouse leagues 26-09, 14:32
Awful match for somebody that was supposed to play the match of his life. 26-09, 03:34
Nfl overall have so much variance so it’s Good to have some of it on our site this ..... 26-09, 01:57
It would have been a rough loss. Refs backed us as well :) well done! 26-09, 01:35
Yes that would have been a bad lost but Geno Smith wanted to join the Turnover party ..... 26-09, 01:33
As I`ve been saying it. Bublik is a professional idiot. No way on Earth I bet my mone..... 26-09, 01:26
They almost fucked us with that idiotic turnover with 5 minutes remaining 26-09, 01:16
17-15 in OT start... 25-09, 22:58
sameeeee old shit 25-09, 22:40
(praying hands) plus, with Furia winning, Liquid will qualify anyway 25-09, 21:43
i hope.. 25-09, 21:31
I have C9 to win but got shit odds, 1.60 I hope they secure Overpass and Mirage 25-09, 21:12
Sorry but I don`t see any chance for our team. They were pathetic against fareoe team..... 25-09, 20:27
BOOOM! Had no trust in this one after 1st period low scoring physical "battle" :) 25-09, 17:21
You saw it what dumbass of Bublik did? Hit the ball with the handle of a racket on a..... 25-09, 17:03
Marko Djokovic playing today it seems. One for FollowMe: https://mobile.twitter.com/T..... 25-09, 17:00
VHL-Mylnikov starts for Traktor - Even better now for total over, his ststistics are ..... 25-09, 15:28
Goodluck Effi, very good line u took :) 25-09, 14:54
correction , last game played in sept. 25-09, 14:48
sorry for the spaces in my writing but i believe i made my point :) 25-09, 14:37
Ticket No1 Djokovic win Real Madrid Basketball Win Croatia X2 Odds:2.95 Here ..... 25-09, 13:49
Respect ! 24-09, 22:24
Winn 48 min 24-09, 22:04
Winn 24-09, 22:03
i really don`t get this you tell me how is this even possible 2-0?? like wtf? whats g..... 24-09, 18:30
This prostitute of woxic had to play the game of his life. Osee and Nitr0 handicappin..... 24-09, 17:06
Sonego... all-in! 24-09, 16:58
I`ve always hates Brazilian teams. They play with 0 IQ and just rely on individual pe..... 24-09, 16:33
yes and i must say c9 must be a win as well. hope we get them. 24-09, 16:30
This Turkish team is soooo washed up. Liquid -1.5 maps it is. And I must say already ..... 24-09, 16:25
i mean they played well but eg was on top i don`t think it matter much that since bot..... 24-09, 14:52
Why the fuck did we bet this? The moment the caster said they play for honour I was pissed 24-09, 14:34
Not to expect much I`m afraid, unfortunately I don`t follow things closely as before ..... 24-09, 14:26
:D 24-09, 13:52
Did we just bet on a team that play for « honour ». I hate myself 24-09, 13:28
Bro, who likes this idiot of Bublik? If somebody is a fan of him, Domac, please ban h..... 24-09, 12:37
Happy to see the Premium tipsters back :) 24-09, 12:07
Thanks! Summer was too hot to scratch my brain with anything, now back to normal mode 24-09, 11:43
Welcome back , i always enjoy reading your picks !! 24-09, 10:30
Ticket placed, I only had 5+ on Kolin, 7+ on Ilves, only had 1st Half Over 2.5 goals ..... 24-09, 07:36
GG to team World. Sock won the match because of his tremendous doubles experience. Th..... 24-09, 01:25
Ok, let`s see the odds and I will still watch the highlights. I hope Stan saves tennis :) 24-09, 00:32
Looked a bit slow sometimes and also took a medical timeout at the end of set 2. He..... 24-09, 00:23
I haven`t watched Stan today... will take a look at the highlights and judge to take ..... 24-09, 00:17
Clownfest :) and he will probably win tomorrow as well. Stan looked tired, although a..... 24-09, 00:12
Please God please, this fuck face of Bublik can`t again win. For every Bublik`s win, ..... 23-09, 23:01
Yeah.. picnic mode after the first 30 mins. 23-09, 22:28
I like the pick :) Unfortunatly your e-mail not working :( 23-09, 22:25
the Finns are playing very poorly 23-09, 22:24
With this romanian first 11, your bet has real chances. 23-09, 20:10
Void :( 23-09, 19:41
well bro I dont mind as everytime we had the same bet we lost almost everytime so at ..... 23-09, 18:50
we are on opposite sides once more :D 23-09, 18:46
Sorry, I watched it wrong - leading D-men Jokipakka still out. That`s why it`s low St..... 23-09, 11:29
Cap Suomi now big missing from Ilves offense, but defense looks good when Masin-Jokip..... 23-09, 11:27
Indeed. 23-09, 10:40
at the same time :) 23-09, 10:30
That´s okay, maybe I was waiting 11years for the right pick to start ;) D Looking f..... 22-09, 22:01
Hello Why so much vulgarity for a tennis match... You have 2 possible choices you kno..... 22-09, 20:03
No, the only way to reset is to delete all picks and stats and leave just the login /..... 22-09, 19:14
Not so weird Domac, my picks have to be reseted - I have posted few several years ago..... 22-09, 18:11
Bastard kid - definitely blacklisted for a while. He had the full control over the ma..... 22-09, 16:04
Unfortunately I think that Bublik is now going to win - he is unbeliavable good time ..... 22-09, 15:42
this guy is a true champ - last point in 1st set, and now 2nd set bp.... 22-09, 15:13
Okkk, Clownlik came to play "serious", he wants revenge here. But his 2nd serve is ti..... 22-09, 14:50
Damn I dislike players like Bublik - without 1st serve he would be out from top-300 22-09, 14:15
Good luck! This is really weird, you registered on Betrush in 2011 and posted your fi..... 22-09, 13:36
Yes possibly. Ofc stupid results anything can happen but my fave for today is MR. I f..... 22-09, 12:30
EF is in quite good form actually. I know it`s shitty wins but still, good momentum. ..... 22-09, 10:15
idiots 21-09, 22:41