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Great call on 1:1 haha, KHL mafia again. 19-11, 19:21
over is also ok.. i think we are gonna see at least 2 goal (if not more) and a home win :p 19-11, 19:01
FairPlayBet -> drink / Wales - Hungary
I was thinking about goals because of the fact Hungary can`t go there and just to par..... 19-11, 18:59
oh you are right, didnt even pay attention to Slovakia :p .. than its gonna be even e..... 19-11, 18:56
FairPlayBet -> drink / Wales - Hungary
I`m not sure Hungary is going for a draw. They need to play for a win too. I need dou..... 19-11, 18:51
Good job Avto also :) Damn and Dawes hitted a goal for me.. Perfect so far! 19-11, 16:16
Good, thanks mate! :* 19-11, 16:16
Well this bet needed only under 2 periods to be played.. Have to say Tractor is terri..... 19-11, 16:09
1 to go in 40 minutes :) 19-11, 15:21
Oh mi god, Sexton to make point @2.40 hitted straight away! Look what pass he gave fo..... 19-11, 14:48
I just took 200€ on Avto over 1.5 ;) thanks and good luck! 19-11, 14:11
1.83 now, jinxed all the way.. Best "joke" is that Finn local has this match O5.5 as ..... 19-11, 14:08
Aah, okey I checked bet365 and both gone down under 1.50.. Yesterday I got one of my ..... 19-11, 14:05
Ok thanks :D 19-11, 14:04
My best combo for today afternoon is Avto over 1.5 and Tractor over 1.5 goals.. Both ..... 19-11, 14:02
Prob not, odds come up.. Smells like 1-1 :O :D 19-11, 13:57
Shall I follow? xD you tell me hha 19-11, 13:49
Thank you, mate. 19-11, 05:18
Kawhi won`t play. The decision to take over 222 instead AH on Clippers looks smarter ..... 19-11, 01:32
Thanks! Sweden knew how to deal with much stronger teams than Romania (the playoffs..... 19-11, 00:09
*LA Kings are playing *interesting* hockey. 18-11, 22:32
cristiandinu -> DragosBC / Spain - Romania
Well done to all tipsters on this game. Romania 4 down at HT. OMG. 18-11, 21:31
damn... Severstal won... odds of 7-8 OT 18-11, 19:46
CSKA is in slump which means maybe someone else could win regular season...maybe 18-11, 19:37
Well done on this one but man WTF is CSKA doing... it looks like Malta in hockey 18-11, 18:46
WilliamHill is offering 1.83 for this one and that`s not even a bug. 18-11, 16:14
Totally agree about this one. 18-11, 16:14
Yes, and still enough quality to cover the handicap, i would say. 18-11, 14:48
I didn`t wrote 1 thing , zalgiris lost against teams which offered very physical game..... 18-11, 13:07
Sweden will be with almost 2 squad 18-11, 11:41
First three meetings this season Torpedo 4-3 after OT, 0-6 for Torpedo and 6-5 (OT) f..... 18-11, 06:51
Another fantastic night!! :) 18-11, 03:36
Sorry did not took a set this year from Lopez-Perez who has been kinda almost top-150..... 18-11, 00:51
Monteiro was also prized this same range last year on clay at home against Daniel whe..... 17-11, 23:19
Slightly heartbreaking, but won by far the better player :) 17-11, 22:24
pfff, there is CLEARLY two players who I would pick in tie-break as having like 4-1 o..... 17-11, 22:21
What a match!!! Congrats Stefanos and congrats to us @Darkness :)) 17-11, 21:55
GJ 17-11, 20:10
I expected more from Kosovo 17-11, 19:55
Agree I wanted to write a preview as well on this game 17-11, 19:21
Gl to both of us :)) 17-11, 19:02
Another thing is that Flamengo will have many changes in the team. 17-11, 18:59
imo O6.5 including OT is really solid also, as I think both could reach 3+ goals in b..... 17-11, 18:34
Fully agree :) 17-11, 17:28
Paraguay could have beaten us 5-0 no sweat :D so not sure what you`re banking on toda..... 17-11, 17:14
Hahahahhahahaha, again 90+3.. hahha 17-11, 16:52
Luxembourg had some pretty good chances, but they didnt score yet:( 17-11, 16:14
Won by 3 17-11, 15:34
P.S. Two shiny Euros from me as a gratitude for following Lithuanian club basketball ;) 17-11, 12:09
This is clearly based on stats :D What you wrote here is generally opposite. Both sid..... 17-11, 12:07
"Álex Rodríguez, técnico moscón, tiene la única baja de Mimi, que fue varios añ..... 17-11, 11:04
Bobrovsky single handedly screwing this bet, super easy shot on the short side and bo..... 17-11, 02:20
Damn these Panthers are a great offensive team.. They creat so many goal scoring chan..... 17-11, 01:52
good luck U2! 17-11, 00:47
I like it as well, good luck man! 17-11, 00:20
McConnell also will not play...Brogdon is out, Turner is doubtful so almost for sure ..... 17-11, 00:05
Incredible, Itajai 1-0 to 84 min and Caçadorense makes 1-1 to 84 and 1-2 to 92 min ...... 16-11, 21:55
4-0 16-11, 21:33
Just the nature of the sport having 95% of games on 1 Day. NFL too. I totally unders..... 16-11, 20:32
No worries Domac 16-11, 20:30
0:0 is my first choice for correct score :)) 16-11, 18:35
Hi Mike, you know we are not 100% strict with the daily picks limit (3) in your case,..... 16-11, 17:59
No sweat at all, thanks! Good when you put handicap picks with Pinnacle. Now go Leinster! 16-11, 17:23
Sorry about lots of typos in the analysis but I wrote this on cell phone. 16-11, 15:23
Thanks for your reminder, @Domac! Will pay attention next time. 16-11, 14:50
Max. 3 picks per date, thanks! 16-11, 12:49
Damn these courts are fast for outdoor.. Some nice volleys already on net. 16-11, 11:09
Thanks :) you know ppl Are pretty shitty these days to each other with all that socia..... 16-11, 09:41
Considering all factors,good you did not wrote `future grand slam winner` Congrats on..... 16-11, 09:37
But after I had Coffee and more sober, I think I wrote nice nhl preview but sorry! 16-11, 09:31
Yea man, sorry was a drunk preview as I was all night celebrating Finland going to Eu..... 16-11, 09:30
Wrong analisys :`) 16-11, 09:06
FF i respect your work and picks,but what you said about Ram been future star and top..... 16-11, 09:05
Also congratulations on your 1600th pick! 16-11, 08:49
Well done. I wanted to release the same pick, but I was too chicken. I knew Romania i..... 16-11, 08:48
Also VERY important player Trocheck is now back for the Panthers, and he was good in ..... 16-11, 05:15
Bet365 as 3 ML gogogogo 16-11, 04:08
FollowMe where tha f are you nhl is running, broo.. :)) 16-11, 03:08
FiNLANDDDD WE MADE IT!!!! This is the dream come true for this nation.. Finally in Eu..... 16-11, 00:05
cristiandinu -> sirac / Romania-Sweden
Romania very modest. 15-11, 22:38
What a low quality match. And the last 20 minutes were everything but football. Argen..... 15-11, 20:01
Just kidding with you, bro. Good luck with your bet and good luck to Romania in the q..... 15-11, 19:24
Thanks for the correction! Neutral venue nonetheless. 15-11, 15:13
Hi, the match will be played in riyadh, sauidi arabia 15-11, 12:38
Totally agree , good luck! 15-11, 11:47
ohhh i made mistake, of course if Tsitsipas wins, hes first and he will face Roger, b..... 15-11, 09:50
I dont remember it, although i have a good memory but im getting old this days, so lo..... 15-11, 00:28
Bar, dissalowed goal and a truckload of chances missed by oranje, damn kids. 14-11, 23:42
Yeh I`m tempted to plump on over 41... 14-11, 22:57
Sirco, a bit of offtopic from Miccho :-) Do you remember our friendly argument in B..... 14-11, 22:56
it`s cold in Cleveland and Pittsburgh are playing good defense as of late. But you ne..... 14-11, 22:39
GOAT!!! 14-11, 22:29
Finishhhhh himmmm!! 14-11, 22:16
What you think of over/under?? 41 seems rather low 14-11, 21:54
easy 0-0 FT :) 14-11, 19:57
Easy. :) 14-11, 19:51
said 0-0 half time score was very logical.. both sides look happy with 0-0 in 45 minutes 14-11, 19:01
omg, just lost 500 euros on this stupid match in this stupid league, I am out for a b..... 14-11, 18:58
motherfucking league... no a single goal in second period, what do I still watch this 14-11, 18:46
Finnishflash -> FinnishFlash / CSKA - Ufa
Incredible, these wanks dont even want to score from this chances.. Its funny that s..... 14-11, 18:40
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