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It is possible 20-05, 23:27
@ Domac, i see halftime picks are possible, if under/overs for the first half are not..... 20-05, 23:10
I actually settled it in advance to challenge the gods of betting to prove me the stu..... 20-05, 22:55
There is still hope, Domac. You might need to correct this at the end. :) 20-05, 22:05
hehe and last second 2-2 goal for Ajaccio:) 20-05, 21:39
and one of the strangest penalty awarded seen in my life:) 20-05, 21:31
incredible end of the extra-time with 4 red cards:))))))))) 20-05, 21:30
And cfr players are super relaxed and laughing. Even dan petrescu is chill. It was a ..... 20-05, 20:48
At half-time and 0-1 Hagi smiles. He doesn`t care. 20-05, 20:37
Sorry man, no way Viitorul scores. This is sold match, they playing like pieces of sh..... 20-05, 20:34
She rarely bets, but when she does she hits the jackpot :)) 20-05, 17:37
If Steaua takes the title, your wife has money for beauty parlor and you for one year..... 20-05, 17:22
So, your betting pattern runs in the family, Remy ? :)) Your wife is a bettor too ? 20-05, 17:21
cristiandinu -> Remy / CFR Cluj - FC V.....
I hate CFR, so I would like Viitorul to win or at least draw this, but like Cardigans..... 20-05, 17:19
6-0 ft 20-05, 16:09
good news Halep has found a new nightmare no more Sharapova now is Svitolina,about th..... 20-05, 15:31
My wife just bet on fcsb to win title odds 6. Last time she bet was on barca vs psg t..... 20-05, 14:29
cristiandinu -> Remy / CFR Cluj - FC V.....
Problem for Viitorul is their unpredictability. In a good day, they can beat anyone f..... 20-05, 12:33
You did right, ended in a majority draw it was a close fight Stevenson tired up in th..... 20-05, 12:27
I did not bet in the end as I decided to let it go in play and after a few left it al..... 20-05, 11:43
Halep to win 2:0, of course 20-05, 11:26
The match starts in 42 minutes, apologies for the 15 mins rule, np if needs to be voi..... 20-05, 11:17
What are you talking about? Piast Gliwice U19 is already relegated. Theey created a n..... 20-05, 11:09
Yea very strange. He should have stayed 24 hours to assure the security of his player..... 20-05, 10:01
What -1.5 sets means ? Halep to win 2-0, Svitolina to win 2-0, what ? 20-05, 09:51
Cannetti won the fight but Rivas succeed 2 takedowns and Cannetti 1, so bet lost. Can..... 20-05, 05:42
I smell something in this fight, the way Showtime is promoting Jack is suspicious, li..... 20-05, 03:56
Yes even with me betting for Selby I was choked when I heard the judge giving Selby, ..... 20-05, 03:52
Yes, I see Stevenson taking this one too, the odds have now shifted with Badou Jack a..... 20-05, 03:47
Way better fight than I anticipated, I thought it would be a dull scrappy win for Sel..... 20-05, 03:43
Good fight by Warrington and pull of the upset to win by split decision. It should’..... 20-05, 02:56
Botelho wins in round 1 by TKO ... 20-05, 02:54
Won. Jaguares won 54-24. 20-05, 02:41
The name of the opponent is Kondo* sorry 20-05, 01:55
cristiandinu -> Remy / CFR Cluj - FC V.....
Lucescu Sr. is sure CFR will win. 20-05, 00:03
I am looking for over strikeout bets as a side bet for this one, but seems like no b..... 19-05, 23:59
as for me the rockies are one of most underrated by bookies teams, they have really e..... 19-05, 23:59
Ooh yeah see you are right, haha i lost count really with all those canceled bets lat..... 19-05, 23:57
Yes. Good luck to us. I hope we found a winner with this one. And no worries on the ..... 19-05, 23:47
It can stay but simply there are too many picks the last 3 days even if we count the ..... 19-05, 23:41
posted 4 because likely to get a rainout in one of the games. But okay, you can re..... 19-05, 23:29
Please stick to the daily limit, exceptions can be made only 1-2 times. 19-05, 23:26
yes i had the Rockies in the first game in the series. Don`t get fooled by their away..... 19-05, 23:22
yes, i like them as well couple other teams, thank you buddy 19-05, 23:21
on same boat i see, Good luck to us ! ( by the way: you could catch higher odds, it i..... 19-05, 23:14
cristiandinu -> hovi / Concordia - Din.....
It was a good pick judging by the odds, but I was sure Dinamo would sell the game. As..... 19-05, 23:14
I will focus on Dutch football when MLB season is over. Thanks but just small sample..... 19-05, 23:12
I see you like the Rockies a few times lately. Smart plays. Those bats are overdue to..... 19-05, 22:59
Superb pick..! 19-05, 22:24
Great example of a value bet. Of course there is the danger of fixing but the thing i..... 19-05, 21:38
I predict 6-4 6-2 19-05, 21:26
I hope so too. They were hit with all kinds of injuries going into the playoffs last ..... 19-05, 21:22
Or 3-0 if it`s fixed, because it was strange Dan Petrescu on Thursday was in London t..... 19-05, 20:44
I totally agree, possible scores: 1-0, 2-1, 1-1, 1-2, 0-2. 19-05, 20:44
nice feedback, hope they do better in the play-off this season 19-05, 19:52
cristiandinu -> Remy / Concordia Chiaj.....
Yesm but they were lower in the past. After revolution, don`t remembr the year, they ..... 19-05, 18:51
Also they started the first 6 games with Gleason in goal. And they switched to Atinel..... 19-05, 18:07
I agree. Was thinking about tipping the same. I live in Portland and am a big Timber ..... 19-05, 17:57
Cristiandinu, I wrote pretty clear. Laughing stock because they missed playoffs. And ..... 19-05, 17:32
cristiandinu -> Remy / Concordia Chiaj.....
I think this game Dinamo will take it easy. Fans shoud stfu, they are not paying the ..... 19-05, 17:27
cristiandinu -> Remy / Concordia Chiaj.....
A laughing stock leading their group by 12 points ? 8 wins from 10 games is laughable ? 19-05, 17:25
RTU doesnt fail me 6:1 in halftime. Rezekne doesnt score on empty net in injury time ..... 19-05, 16:52
All bookies took the game out. Not weird, no no. 19-05, 16:30
cristiandinu -> hovi / Concordia - Din.....
It is possible. Johnny Badea is a capable coach. 19-05, 16:18
Dinamo with a new coach for this match and a cup final. They are expecting some react..... 19-05, 15:47
Mourinho and breaking his negative tradition? Thats just wishfull thinking. They wont..... 19-05, 13:19
For sur, it certainly because he is not very active and people wants to see him lose,..... 19-05, 12:56
This is one of the picks when Hovi makes sense, but draw is also possible. Chiajna wi..... 19-05, 12:51
I agree I see so many people picking badou jack, but at light heavy all he has done i..... 19-05, 11:33
Cracovia will rotate as well should mention that. 19-05, 11:00
You are good on Dutch football.You should focus more on this. Good luck! 19-05, 10:56
Also from 1st liga i like RTU -2 against Staiceles Bebri. Bebri is really weak team a..... 19-05, 09:40
Another starting pitcher getting injured. This time the starter was listed ( so bet s..... 19-05, 01:52
cristiandinu -> hovi / Concordia - Din.....
Good luck but Dinamo may start with "reciprocities". They are already 12 points up wi..... 19-05, 00:17
Hi, please check the rules 18-05, 23:28
Good job doncic. Chaaa chinggg 18-05, 22:59
Cheers. Good luck us if you`re on it. 18-05, 22:53
My final pick Tampa ML but will post it only if there will be another (void) rainout ..... 18-05, 22:41
pfff again void pick as pitcher is not listed. Winkler was going to start instead of ..... 18-05, 21:58
yes mate another good pick...good luck 18-05, 21:42
Put trust on Randolph. He will be a headache for CSKA tonight. 18-05, 20:10
haha, let`s not hope. Most europeans will sleep anyway, you will find out the next mo..... 18-05, 19:34
OK, some bet probably will be void anyway because change of pitchers, rain or Markle`..... 18-05, 19:33
If in this kind of game he ain`t motivated and hit 20 points, then he never will. 18-05, 19:25
For this one I will go with Luca Doncic over 12.5. It`s time for him to create some h..... 18-05, 19:25
Sorry @domac if one pick too many here or there, but this is all for the weekend. ..... 18-05, 19:24
4-10 after 15 minutes, still don`t get it why bookies gave +5.5 / -5.5 for this game. 18-05, 18:48
Lesson learned. I suck at WTA games. GG 18-05, 17:37
I have a strange feeling Zalgiris wins Euroleague. 18-05, 16:59
Uuuuuuu, 0-40 on serve and comeback. Interesting girl. 18-05, 16:54
Good luck, but my money is on Wozniacki here. 18-05, 16:44
cristiandinu -> Remy / Sepsi Saint Geo.....
Saint George :) 18-05, 16:33
In my poor experience with tennis, handicaps always are losers. Like Gladiator said, ..... 18-05, 15:42
Good point... :) 18-05, 15:17
Jup... Set and over of course.. But anyway first set was amazing to see it in full stadion 18-05, 15:17
Gladiator_28 -> drink / Nadal - Fognini
I catch him to take a set on 3.35 odds :) I knew that it is always a better option to..... 18-05, 15:11
Fognini :)) Seriously, I wouldn`t bet on that idiot even if he played vs Camila Giorgi. 18-05, 15:04
Typical.. From hero to zero 18-05, 14:08
Gladiator_28 -> drink / Nadal - Fognini
Munto bene, Fabio! 18-05, 13:22
It`s just a figure of speech :))). As in "bani de tigari, bani de bere". 18-05, 13:05

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