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tricky one. on normal conditions this should be a good bet, but depends on the state ..... 21-07, 10:37
Well if she get`s divorced you can be stepfather :)) GL for both :)) 21-07, 07:52
I want to marry this woman. She is incredible. Ever since her tournament at Madrid in..... 21-07, 01:13
Yeah, I expected restings from Toronto as Altidore and Poz has played 90mins in last ..... 21-07, 00:47
And BTW this match up has been really overish in recent years in MLS, as last 4 games..... 21-07, 00:26
thanks. yep, sometimes its that easy. but most of the days, you gotta sweat! 20-07, 22:09
Good day for you today, sirac. Well done! 20-07, 21:40
cheers, my friend. seems that this Clinceni is indeed poorest team of this league. ea..... 20-07, 20:54
Good luck my friend. I also wanted to take both teams to score. 20-07, 19:17
as expected, heavy turnover, Omrani on bench, some veterans didnt even travelled, but..... 20-07, 19:14
yep, way easier than expected 20-07, 18:51
This one`s in the bag. 20-07, 18:30
Heisenbergabq -> Darkness / Jarry - Delbonis
Thanks,I took him after all at 1.70.. YOLO :)) 20-07, 15:42
Yess,what a performance :)) 20-07, 15:41
I don`t know what to tell you. Yesterday I took Moraing only to oppose Martinez, he i..... 20-07, 14:58
Chernov in goal for Ufa as we knew. Vilhena starts for Krasnodar and Berg is on the b..... 20-07, 12:15
Welcome back mister 20-07, 10:26
Heisenbergabq -> Darkness / Jarry - Delbonis
I looked at this also,only my thoughts were on argentinian after watching little bit ..... 20-07, 07:52
Sorry for some mistakes due to autocorrect from my Phone. 20-07, 07:44
@Darkness I Thanks for mistake,i post ATP a lot more,it came from habbit :))It was re..... 20-07, 07:41
Tig also have birth, another reason for absence. Nice pick. 20-07, 07:21
I already took PMT before this was written. Like i said in a previous post, she is ve..... 20-07, 04:09
Nice preview. "Sevastova had moments in match when she was crying and her coach was p..... 20-07, 02:24
Odds corrected to something close to what it should be... 19-07, 23:25
Thanks for the pick, seeing everyone here was on Ebden I took him +1.5 sets although ..... 19-07, 23:18
Haha ok. 19-07, 22:23
No regrets now,value was there for sure. John impoved 2nd and 3rd while Ebden was in ..... 19-07, 22:21
Can i have these money back cause i dont didnt want to bet this one please? 19-07, 22:18
Maybe if long big johnny makes 4 df in a row, matt might break back? 19-07, 22:09
Matt need to hold big johns hand, 20 aces 19-07, 22:05
Haha pathetic lil matt 19-07, 22:03
End. 19-07, 21:58
The aces were 6-5 in 1st to Ebden`s favour and now this f***ker has already 16 aces....... 19-07, 21:53
Heisenbergabq -> Darkness / Isner - Ebden
We really need it now :) 19-07, 21:47
I am afraid if this goes to TB (with curent serving of John) we are doomed 19-07, 21:47
Interesting fact is both Kamil and Ebden gave away their serve games with UE and sill..... 19-07, 21:34
Damn now this f**ker is serving like a beast. Totally different than 1st set. Ebden h..... 19-07, 21:32
Yea ofc he is playing now better In 2nd but In 1st zero bp`s.. He barely moved on ret..... 19-07, 21:29
Jinxed it :)) i was late for begining and i turned on stream now,Isner served well so..... 19-07, 21:25
Set @1.83 check. Seriously I dont know how Isner can win this IF he dont win 7-6, 7-6..... 19-07, 21:15
And great pick as usually! :) 19-07, 19:52
Also: Small stakes on 2-0 Ebden for me @6.50! Good luck to FF, Heisenberg and me! Goo..... 19-07, 19:44
Only Finland on BP or other as well? 19-07, 19:42
@FF @Heisenberg, all in the same boat here. Good luck to us, we`ll need it :) 19-07, 19:02
nah. To be honest even 2 goals is too much for this game. Idiot Coltescu gave a dread..... 19-07, 18:47
Maybe they`ll score two more. 19-07, 18:28
worst half of the season.no real chance, endless number of fouls, yellows and the red..... 19-07, 17:49
sometimes..when he wants to play like on Wimbledon he can put big problems to top 25 ..... 19-07, 16:48
Very funny that we posted in the same time two opposite picks on the same match. I wi..... 19-07, 16:45
Sry for grammar,jesus 19-07, 15:57
What a useless piece of shit is this Sousa 19-07, 14:03
I like newly promoted Chindia and Clinceni poor at defending, good at scoring, also G..... 19-07, 12:32
cristiandinu -> hovi / Chindia Targovi.....
Ce overista s-a transformat liga noastra. :) 19-07, 11:16
Good luck Flash, thanks for posting this one! Cheers. 19-07, 00:39
Im not giving any % valuation to this bet, but I think we have pretty good chances to..... 19-07, 00:31
Ofc i want to help people in here win money. I can share info about Cristian - Rybaki..... 19-07, 00:24
I was going to write this pick.Isner looked problematic in last match. Kamil gifted h..... 19-07, 00:14
Backing this with high stakes...you only live once..Ebden looked sublime in his first..... 18-07, 23:59
Hahaha, there is a team named Shkupi? This sounds like schmoopy from Seinfeld. :)) 18-07, 22:22
KL1 how are you bro? :)) where was you I didn`t see you for a long time now, Yes very..... 18-07, 19:10
Agree with this, will follow. Algeria seems like the best team since the start. Bro i..... 18-07, 17:49
South American clay courts are totally different conditions for europeans especially ..... 18-07, 16:06
Be careful here.Croats are well known for choking in front of home crowd,latest examp..... 18-07, 15:58
Ps : Algerian government said if algerian people show their passport at the stadium, ..... 18-07, 15:51
Nino actually didn`t give single breakpoint against Trungelliti, and winning 83% of 1..... 18-07, 14:25
Definitely worth the shot 18-07, 12:58
Zaaardeeeees! One more boys... 18-07, 03:15
agree 18-07, 01:46
Hoping no damn thunderstorms this time around :O 17-07, 23:08
Something is def wrong with Isner. He barely moves and he wob maybe 2 pts from in pla..... 17-07, 22:18
yep, you guys were right. small club mentality, 1.4 to win away, ffs i should know better 17-07, 22:06
Thx 17-07, 21:58
cristiandinu -> sirac / CFR Cluj-FC Astana
Djokovic copied Omrani in missing with a clear goal. 17-07, 21:13
at least is over for Astana, they should send an email with UEFA please let us play a..... 17-07, 20:55
my God, both look like a mess defensively. CFR all over them,but they just cant defen..... 17-07, 20:29
Damn, it looked good first half 17-07, 20:21
Sirco, no doubt whatsoever that Slovan has a lot more individual quality. Sutjeska ar..... 17-07, 19:13
Rondon playing up-front, Omrani behind so clearly a team to score this time compared ..... 17-07, 19:05
I agree with your thinking overall. In fact, as I said, I made an exception here. Sti..... 17-07, 18:59
Just posted about OVERS on clay in somebody elses pick, just play Travaglia plus 1.5 ..... 17-07, 18:10
I apologise, this one was fixed on the other way. 17-07, 17:29
Done 17-07, 16:58
betass, i know its lost, i asked Domac to change it, i dont settle the picks. Miccho..... 17-07, 16:14
F***ing referee is a shitty fan. Deniying a clear West Ham penalty, then giving that ..... 17-07, 15:57
"With all due respect, dont know where Abdul took his sources but Sutjeska were not w..... 17-07, 15:56
Sirac crvena - suduva pick is lost , because ended 2-1 17-07, 15:42
Overs on clay are hard to get. 17-07, 14:39
If CFR conceeds, they are doomed, since I don`t see them scoring 3. They are usually ..... 17-07, 13:45
cristiandinu -> sirac / CFR Cluj-FC Astana
I think coach Petrescu wants to win everything, so they tried to win the supercup, th..... 17-07, 13:43
So, now we have 2 "jokers" from Finland :D You are not at Abdul`s level yet tho 17-07, 13:09
Game played in Perth again. United again prolly using two different formations with R..... 17-07, 12:09
well in supercup they just didnt care, used mixed squad also. And with Iasi they didn..... 17-07, 11:47
Arconada is a thankable draw for a youngster 17-07, 09:29
Who Are u and why u come to troll me? Bet is correct, preview is not important (more ..... 17-07, 09:09
Is this a joke preview? You became an expert on this league following it on flashscore? 17-07, 08:57
Hope they win, but lost enough money on the Super Cup, first leg at Astana and the ga..... 17-07, 06:44
Thanks, will have more soon :) 17-07, 02:59
6-2 1st, odds now 1.25 live.. Impressive youngster. 17-07, 01:17
was. 2.75 with william hill 17-07, 01:14
Now I regret I didnt had "balls" to publish moneyline for Mischa here cause I know ho..... 17-07, 01:07
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