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yep didnt see this results coming but i`ll take it! cheers mates 22-09, 18:32
I didn`t expect 0-3...But it`s an over :) 22-09, 18:10
cristiandinu -> sirac / FC Botosani-Chindia
Also good luck hovi and Soney! 22-09, 16:31
cristiandinu -> sirac / FC Botosani-Chindia
Good luck, sirac! So many overs lately, let`s hope they`ll keep the trend. 22-09, 16:30
Cheers, mate! But looks like everybody is on this bet, im sounding the red alarm here..... 22-09, 14:39
The game was postponed 22-09, 13:11
Nabuchodonosor -> damir / Sevilla v Real .....
Nice pick, I will go with the -0.25. Good luck 22-09, 12:56
Best pick for today! I think Sevilla will win this one. Good luck! 22-09, 07:38
Good luck mate! 22-09, 07:37
Well done! Open game. 21-09, 21:46
Thanks. 21-09, 21:42
Easy. Good job Cristian. 21-09, 18:54
Well, didn`t take Freiburg victory but didn`t take +0.5 Augsburg as well. overs smell..... 21-09, 17:36
Funny team.. Maybe they sack Marjamäki after this match, who knows. 21-09, 17:31
Great ans the camera man has started his saturday already, with a vodka.. Always late..... 21-09, 16:32
Tretiak on goal today for Riga, no chance with that guy on goal. 21-09, 16:31
Where can I contact Belarus national tv-production, any number??! They are showing wo..... 21-09, 16:09
Welcome comment, gl u2 21-09, 13:35
Nabuchodonosor -> Micpick / Reims vs Monaco
I thought about this game. But I don`t know if there is any value. We will see if the..... 21-09, 12:13
Well since last season Dynamo Moscow have been our "clients" for points in table. Rig..... 21-09, 11:00
Ez, fair odds were 1.45 or something.. 21-09, 05:06
Im not commenitng anymore, than this Halftime X @1XBet bettor should not troll under ..... 21-09, 01:29
Yes, I`m very positive he will ban me because you called me clown. And because you ar..... 21-09, 01:23
Okey sir, "your league wirh +1 yield, losing over 300 net profit in few months" I und..... 21-09, 01:12
Lol please don`t mention my name in your previews, don`t talk to me at all and we wou..... 21-09, 01:08
10(8-2) 20-09, 22:38
I know dynamo Will Come more controlling for this match at home and bla Bla.. Only th..... 20-09, 21:34
Fast three goals... You have a free bet in the second half. 20-09, 20:16
2-2 after two... Will we have (again) 0 goals in 3rd? Knowing KHL its possible. 20-09, 19:31
Wowoow when Bedene become this "monster"?? 23 aces already inside 2 sets.. Aljaz is g..... 20-09, 15:29
Blowm safe by top closer martinez damn this is aweful... 20-09, 04:32
2-2 and we hit this beautiful odd.. 20-09, 04:31
LOL 25-11 Shots on goal for ska and 1 goal made when dynamo has on goal their 3rd goa..... 19-09, 19:45
ok good to know about that Vaxjo, but DIF became my sweet spot, the first goal they s..... 19-09, 19:36
hahahaha if you want I can jinx it by puttin live money on SKA :D :D :D 19-09, 19:35
And I have also O4.5 with dif - örebrö and Växjö matches, looking good as combain..... 19-09, 19:34
Good for you man :) and btw every time you Come to say under my khl pick that you fol..... 19-09, 19:29
Well when I don`t follow your picks they are always green hahahaha I better no touch ..... 19-09, 19:22
Finally! Feels goood :) 19-09, 18:35
Yes but Cabella is out injured 19-09, 18:28
F*ck this idiot team again.. From 2-0 lead to 2-2. Not gonna bet them anymore rest of..... 19-09, 17:03
No problem thanks 19-09, 16:43
Sorry, corrected 19-09, 16:39
Checking from Elite https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/8794/alexander-radulov And ..... 19-09, 16:26
WOW Metsola allowed an easy goal :O Haha.. Damn the atmosphere is just great when the..... 19-09, 16:22
https://www.betrush.com/pick,Cardinals___Nationals,172780.html...................this..... 19-09, 15:52
Hard to tell, Ludogorets recently changed the coach and rotating all the time e.g. th..... 19-09, 13:41
great call, +10,5 in games... easy 2:0 :) 19-09, 12:10
Best tennis tipster in this page 19-09, 10:53
you are doing a great job!!! Sometimes bad luck strikes, I really like your picks..ke..... 19-09, 07:36
SBOBET @1.97... 19-09, 00:15
Hi admin. This bet won 5-1 18-09, 23:55
Prob 2-2 and OT In the end after ska loses 2-0 lead In 3rd with my current "run" now ..... 18-09, 23:52
Im in on this one as well. SKA should get this one easily. 18-09, 23:48
Not mentioning the h2h as ska won Last season 4/4 and all in regular time.. Ofc these..... 18-09, 23:42
As a Real fan, I can only say "vai de capul lor". 18-09, 23:24
ez in the end... 18-09, 22:51
Im sure ref gives easy penalty for red STAR, he saw the 4 odds for btts In HT surely ..... 18-09, 22:06
F**kin ref is Disgrace.. Zvedna has buy the ref here pfff jesus. 18-09, 22:01
32-27 end fin) 18-09, 21:56
Lol when you see right away the odds are completely wrong but you don`t go for best v..... 18-09, 21:51
26-29 18-09, 20:25
Only 5 today)) 18-09, 16:57
Group of Partizan supporters outside the apartment of the mentioned referee Stojilkov..... 18-09, 14:40
Mogo - Prizma over 6.5 goals also good option, bet365 1.70 18-09, 11:43
Odds dropped to 1.44 in couple of minutes. Hopefully, somebody got that 1.83. 18-09, 11:40
Ofc i got caught in this death trap, inter suck d*ck. Its pathetic. Italian teams are..... 17-09, 20:21
was good call, unlucky 17-09, 14:33
Motherfuckers, 4-1 before period 3, and it went to 4-4 and Sabres won in overtime. I ..... 17-09, 05:31
I usually don`t bet too much on pre-season neither but this one I have a hunch so I w..... 16-09, 23:31
1-1 16-09, 23:27
agree saw this as well, very temped to bet but my golden rule is not to do so in the ..... 16-09, 23:21
cristiandinu -> sirac / Viitorul- Gaz Metan
2-1 and we`re both happy. :) 16-09, 17:09
ROFL, 0-1, 3-1, 3-4 grrr 16-09, 13:17
Update: Missings for the teams: Sarpsborg 08: Horn and Teeter injured, Laffert..... 16-09, 06:50
You too 16-09, 05:26
cristiandinu -> DragosBC / U Craiova - FCSB
Well done! 16-09, 01:31
Thanks. A bit lucky, since Piagliacelli goofed, but game was going for a draw. 15-09, 22:18
nice one, bit lucky but indeed odds were bit off 15-09, 21:55
Tromsdalen missed a penalty in th 89th minute... What a shame this to end 2-0 15-09, 16:50
Sorry, on flashscore it said Iasi stadium, but indeed local newspapers say the stadiu..... 15-09, 13:45
Nice. +15 pts during second half in such extremely low scoring game, but it`s still n..... 15-09, 11:52
This is played in Botosani, not in Iasi. 15-09, 11:49
The world cup is over and I am not going to post all my tips for free anymore. Over y..... 15-09, 09:30
Well happy for Pukki party again, and that pool finally wins the PL this season :) 14-09, 20:26
12 minutes needed for Yeboah to open his sheet in senior football, and it was done in..... 14-09, 20:22
Norwich fans just got odds of 28... 14-09, 20:22
Its pretty funny if shitty loses this, as the ending odds for them were like 1.08 :)) 14-09, 19:08
Nearly all regulars are in the starting eleven :( Good luck, it will be need 14-09, 18:55
Jeez, I didn`t look at the starting time at all :) Void it please 14-09, 14:47
This is the 13:30 CET match? :) 14-09, 13:40
I`m on Dinamo 0 AH 14-09, 12:58
Uups, rare miss for me in mlb BUT I bounce back like I always do.. 14-09, 05:07
Michaela starts 3rd with a break lead, so can he win this or will he choke like most ..... 14-09, 02:20
Michael, you will bring me profit after the Prisoner of Alcatraz failed in Spain, will ya? 14-09, 02:10
The spanish kid Will never enter top-200 In world Im 100% SURE of that.. Too weak men..... 14-09, 01:53
Talking bout this alcaraz gaecia grfia WTF ever 14-09, 01:15
This f**kin 16y old spanish kid just wants to go to bed along side with his Mother, a..... 14-09, 01:14
F.ck, wasting 3-1 lead in the last 5 minutes... It could be worse though... 13-09, 21:03
Merci, not looking good after 45 minutes, I hope to get half of the stake back now... 13-09, 20:55
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