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omg ez win but wtf lafleur 25-01, 00:05
good time to play packers now 24-01, 20:18
Thank you too with a brief touch on the avatar 24-01, 20:06
Ok, I did it in the past from PC like that but maybe problem showed up bcs wrote thes..... 24-01, 19:58
Hi, there is a problem with adding images in the way you are trying to do it. Simply ..... 24-01, 19:45
Good one probably. Food poisoning in team Slovenia and many other problems. 24-01, 17:50
How is `Brentford not to lose` not clear enough? 24-01, 17:11
You can put bigger odds than 3 but with a smaller stake, not the max 10 units. 24-01, 16:51
I think he meant 1x cuz to qualify is 3.75 24-01, 15:26
You need to be a bit clearer as to what your bet is. Brentford to qualify? Brentford ..... 24-01, 15:02
This is `Brentford not to lose` I just can`t put odds higher than 3 apparently 24-01, 14:29
great pick bro as a hanover fan i cant believe kocak stil plays sulejmani and schindler 24-01, 13:24
my mistake Domac, first 2 paragraph would be like below.. I mistakely copy paste othe..... 24-01, 13:13
I know, but at these prizes, I have to try, because I think the Frenchies are proud a..... 24-01, 11:38
You as Norwegian should know why odds are like that :) France could intentionally los..... 24-01, 10:46
I DONT want to be arrogant but here I see couple guys ...one is quasi connoisseur of ..... 24-01, 09:03
Murray 99% will be out due to back to back match. 24-01, 01:14
Post should end with this smile ;) Instead of question marks 23-01, 20:54
These kind of matches makes me max frustrated. Your team has +20 in q1, they know the..... 23-01, 20:53
Your right man, GB is playing the best ball. AB says he`s playing 23-01, 20:25
oh - If you are not familiar with the names Tampa = Bolts 23-01, 19:04
Daaamn, odds keep coming down - yesterday I got 1.85 one of my books - hope it`s not ..... 23-01, 18:00
really happy with my picks fully deserved wins 23-01, 17:32
man you had the perfect timing haha 23-01, 14:53
Yes true.. I think this time Vitality will be the one fighting in the consolidation f..... 23-01, 14:46
Market agree with me???? 23-01, 14:45
man what happened to that line 23-01, 14:37
pfffff this match is I think the coin flip par excellence... Plus, it`s an upper brac..... 23-01, 12:11
Joel MF Embiid, both picks were good, the host covered the spread(3-4,5pts) and point..... 23-01, 05:57
Good feeling like I said, others backed the Spurs but Dallas is a way better team. 23-01, 05:52
Easy money sniper!!! 23-01, 05:51
85= Juventude 0-1 Figuerense 88= Juventude 1-1 Figuerense 95= Juventude 2-1 Figuere..... 22-01, 22:02
Big disappointment of their CT side.. let`s see Dust2 22-01, 18:20
... quite a bit of a choke this inferno -_- 22-01, 18:14
Yeah I don`t see the reason why Liquid is the favorite team here.. Let`s go EG! And y..... 22-01, 17:42
Thanks.. 22-01, 17:32
Ok, cleared 22-01, 17:31
You can always void this cause Im not these "virtual profit" tipsters as I knew when ..... 22-01, 17:21
Yea it`s ok I dont even care anymore - zero value with those odds - I said it once ho..... 22-01, 17:17
Oddsportal shows the odds were down to 2.14 in the minute of posting the pick, bad luck 22-01, 16:35
Yes I agree, I think EG is the value call here for sure. Come on Cerq! 22-01, 15:31
Haha yes I saw that moment and it was funny reaction from.him as well. But still he s..... 22-01, 00:51
Postponed 21-01, 22:53
I don`t know if you fully watched their last game. I laughed soooooo much when Fallen..... 21-01, 20:31
Odds dropped suddenly because of the missing of 3 guys for Stanford. 3 of 5 top score..... 21-01, 20:10
*I was writing the preview 21-01, 18:49
This first halve from Efes looked everything but professional basketball. Painful to ..... 21-01, 18:46
Tought to go with over on smaller line but think that under is a right bet here so di..... 21-01, 18:43
I just wanted to say, I more like under here :) 21-01, 18:32
Domac, under 155,5 pts, could you correct please? Thank you! 21-01, 17:43
Haha yes good thing they didn`t choke in OT after that lead. GG 21-01, 17:32
FollowME -> tonac / Astralis - G2
Jesus.... that would have been a hell of a choke... they had 11 map points. At least ..... 21-01, 15:02
Well yes it`s much better to bet on Complexity +1.5, the odds for Na`Vi are too low w..... 21-01, 13:41
FollowME -> tonac / Astralis - G2
Well I took Complexity +1.5 maps / I know Poizon is not there, but NaVi was shit yest..... 21-01, 13:18
Hey, in my opinion Na`Vi should win and in 2 maps as well since Complexity is missing..... 21-01, 13:16
FollowME -> tonac / Astralis - G2
Hey ;) thoughts on Comp-Navi? 21-01, 12:22
We have OT, Collins with a block on Grant in a last second! 21-01, 03:58
Wiggins is active! 21-01, 03:40
Money!!! 21-01, 03:14
Good game, second half very good scoring-wise...13pts more in 4:12 we need. 21-01, 03:05
Fournier will play, so Orlando should be able to grab the victory here. GL! 20-01, 23:24
This match made me sick. From +16 in Q3 ended -13. 20-01, 22:42
Bim booom bam...great 20-01, 22:24
:))) 20-01, 21:28
Haha, ok mate, thanks 20-01, 21:22
I know, wrote to you. 20-01, 21:18
yes 20-01, 21:17
Postponed! 20-01, 21:12
They scored 40 for whole game against Partizan, now scores 60+ for halftime. I`m spe..... 20-01, 20:58
Wtf ? 20-01, 20:32
oh, didn`t know that, sorry 20-01, 13:00
i think at current price, packers could be a play as well, but i think line will be a..... 20-01, 12:25
Like I said: when management officially states maximum trust in coach, coach is alrea..... 20-01, 10:00
Like I said: when management officially states maximum trust in coach, coach is alrea..... 20-01, 09:59
Please note player totals are not possible on the site, next will be void 20-01, 09:25
Thx 19-01, 22:10
Chaged, good luck! 19-01, 22:04
@domac wrong odds are here (I`ve changed pick from -4 to -4.5 but I forgot to change ..... 19-01, 21:40
Easy ;) 19-01, 20:26
Monaco scored 31 in H1 & 30 in Q3. Interesting Q4 is upon us 19-01, 20:03
Yes, somehow they made it in the end. Now Vertigo, hope you get the win in the third ..... 19-01, 19:25
Awesome Inferno by EG, some stumbles but really well done in the end 19-01, 18:17
Thx Boris! 19-01, 16:37
Yes they underestimated them and as I saw the maps which are gonna be played now, it ..... 19-01, 16:30
I agree here, I went for a chance on EG ML, the bookies are really really underestima..... 19-01, 15:34
Injured Ognjen Jaramaz who IMO s the best team player, was in the roster in Podgoric..... 19-01, 14:03
Preview is like this cause "original" line was O2.5 for Jokers -it changed during wri..... 19-01, 13:37
Great odds pal!! 18-01, 23:45
Fucking shitty league 18-01, 22:58
I think FT -1.5 is ok too, still opted for HT line this time after some unlucky losse..... 18-01, 20:08
Over 36.5 goals RHF 18-01, 14:02
GLacialSpirit -> hovi / Jong PSV - Breda
I was going for the same pick but no need to write the same after you. I hope NAC wins! 18-01, 11:59
should be something like 24 14 saints but packers-3 hwre we go 18-01, 03:59
21 points off turnovers gg 18-01, 03:37
Idaho won, bit what a final !!! College basket is crazy.... Tomorrow they`ll play a..... 18-01, 00:18
any idea why odds went up on Internacional? Seems like a given win for them 17-01, 19:57
under 52.5 @ 2 looks good as well 17-01, 18:13
thanks @ Thewooooo 17-01, 13:20
great pick 17-01, 13:11
value is for sure for the visitors that will not lose with more than one goal. it`s n..... 17-01, 07:36
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