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What`s going on here hard to tell. From initial 2.50 or even better on +0.5, to as mu..... 20-07, 18:43
You are? Really? Great. Ask him then to void all those (dozens at least) recent WINNI..... 20-07, 18:30
I accept my losses, my friend, since I am an honourable man. 20-07, 18:00
@Smoothie, yes but you can still ask Domac to void your losing pick on this match sin..... 20-07, 17:23
My tip lost, but I am happy for Genie. It seems she has regained some of her old stre..... 20-07, 17:05
Yeah, but with such arguments you need also to add the pick no earlier 2 minutes befo..... 20-07, 16:53
What happened is people bet on Zvonareva on a reason, because Jabeurs overall record ..... 20-07, 16:42
Then be quick cause odds are dropping heavily. Pinnacle right now 1.87. The only sm..... 20-07, 16:05
Very good preview, congrats! I am seriously thinking of following this pick! :) 20-07, 16:02
Gladiator_28 -> drink / Kudermetova - .....
I used to watch this girl on one ITF in Belarus a few months ago, she impressed me a ..... 20-07, 15:58
Wanted to post sigemund vs martic, martic was poor yesterday, she had some blister on..... 20-07, 15:50
We will see at the end 20-07, 15:45
It`s a good pick. You should bet on qualifiers that are in fine form. Look at Myneni ..... 20-07, 15:26
Well it happened that Jabeur was better but not much as result speak. She made double..... 20-07, 15:17
wow wtf happened 20-07, 14:19
I don`t know why but in my ignorance i always regarded this Jabeur to be some ITF wha..... 20-07, 14:17
I might take `Donskoy +1.5 Sets`. 20-07, 13:17
Won. The game was tied in the second half, but 2 tries and 1 penalty of Hurricanes ma..... 20-07, 12:25
Many thanks Fightingbets! I hope Chief makes a good match. 19-07, 22:16
I remember Zvonareva how hot she was when young. Even posed nude. 19-07, 21:54
You were right about Romania. First quarter killed the bet. 19-07, 21:01
hi, quite interesting game, personally i like here at wrigley field the under, pinnac..... 19-07, 20:54
It looked too good to be true. That’s the last time I bet on him. At such level los..... 19-07, 19:21
Amazing meltdown. 19-07, 19:16
Smoothie -> drink / Ruud - Ferrer
You could have gone with `Ruud to win a set/Ruud +1.5 Sets`. 19-07, 17:19
You should consider taking a `+1.5 Sets` Asian handicap in future. It is easy for a h..... 19-07, 17:15
wanted to go with underdog, cuz ferrer is shit, but i thought this is safer option... 19-07, 17:09
Playing Overs on clay is suicide, so many games finish 2-0 its crazy 19-07, 17:01
Why does he even play still? I think errani can win more servers then him.. Lol lost ..... 19-07, 16:34
Of course now ruud will win, ferrrer is as always shit.. 19-07, 16:24
insted of 2:0 we have injured player... GREAT 19-07, 15:06
I took the same bet on 1.75 odds now in my local bookie the money line odds are 1.60 ..... 19-07, 14:48
In the morning the odds for Prishtina were 1.70 .. I took it on over 1.5 goals for th..... 19-07, 14:43
3/8 bp vs 2/2 ... 19-07, 14:38
hahahah thats just sad.. so many chances and then he got broken after 30:0 lead (he h..... 19-07, 14:34
Skiping this europa league is best option or play on underdogs as there are lot of fi..... 19-07, 14:26
Who knows what`s happening in this competition full of idiots. 19-07, 13:45
Big money going on Fola now. Fishy? 19-07, 12:15
Lost. Own goal. https://twitter.com/TyCSports/status/1019754495893356544 19-07, 03:30
Solid preview. Good job 19-07, 00:02
That`s why I went with the safer option. 18-07, 22:14
You said it yourself, Sela served amazingly. 18-07, 22:13
I got him on the ML, up 4-1 in the 2nd he loses 5 games in a row wtffgg 18-07, 22:12
Hes doctor 18-07, 21:11
I dont get it how this mutant can play tennis. He looks like a baby giraffe. 18-07, 21:08
Doctoreeeeee 18-07, 21:05
Nah.. As i said i knew sella is strong and now over is lost 18-07, 20:56
Honestly I was unsure to bet on Sela or that taiwanese guy vs Mahut. I went for Mahut..... 18-07, 20:53
Let’s hope they don’t “do a St Mirren” 18-07, 20:44
I was afraid of that.. Badluck again 18-07, 20:42
As expected, sella did his job, now everything is on karlovic 18-07, 20:40
How on earth can a team score two consecutive quarters like 26, 27, then 10 in one qu..... 18-07, 20:28
Pella`s 13-7 claycourt record this year beats Pella`s 12-10 record. Pella`s 23-6 clay..... 18-07, 20:24
I still can`t believe I was so stupid to think WNBA lasts 12 minutes a Q :| No way wo..... 18-07, 20:16
I was pretty sure WNBA is just like NBA with 12 minutes of Q. Now I understand there ..... 18-07, 19:25
remy this is mortal kombat teninsi 18-07, 19:22
That`s not bad either. If they are going to win big as I think, then definitely shoul..... 18-07, 19:04
I see there`s a hype with Minnesota over 85.5. Will try it. GL. 18-07, 18:59
Jung was good against Stako, but Mahut is still a decent player on grass. I like more..... 18-07, 18:57
Djere won quite easily at the end. He had 5:3 in the first set as well, but blew it... 18-07, 18:53
:P Mortal kombat or tennis? 18-07, 18:51
Anyway guys, what do you think of Jung vs Mahut? I`ve read some solid tips that Jung ..... 18-07, 18:50
Buzarnescu is almost top 20 nowadays :) 18-07, 18:44
Finish her!!! 18-07, 18:40
Look at Buzarnescu, she managed to reach top 50 at 35 years old :)). Maybe we`ll hear..... 18-07, 18:32
Anyway, I think Buzarnescu and Suarez Navarro are the most annoying players. From loo..... 18-07, 18:31
Buzarnescu is just an unstable turd, but she will win 2-1 18-07, 18:15
Lol zidansek.. Great 18-07, 18:08
No not a wonderkid, but she is a really hard worker + she has the right people around..... 18-07, 18:03
Gladiator_28 -> GoSoeda / Djere - Marterer
GoSoeda, this sounds very ambitious, is she a wonderkid player ? I have never heard o..... 18-07, 17:59
Zidansek is from Slovenia and you will hear more about her in the future. She is 20 a..... 18-07, 17:52
Problem with Buzarnescu is she`s mentally unstable. Needs Xanax or smth, you never kn..... 18-07, 17:13
https://imgur.com/gallery/pZhLP :D 18-07, 16:51
Nice one.thanks 18-07, 15:15
Gladiator_28 -> GoSoeda / Djere - Marterer
I wrote about yesterday`s game against Kovinic. The odds were 1.08, in my opinion Kov..... 18-07, 15:09
Gladiator, I never saw odds lower than 1.30 for her. All my bookies opened at 1.30-1...... 18-07, 14:23
Thanks bfisher! Vélez is a special case, because this suad is very short and they..... 18-07, 14:17
Gladiator_28 -> GoSoeda / Djere - Marterer
Haha .. it is 1.30 for Buzarnesco .. lol yesterday she was 1.08 now 1.30 .. I don`t k..... 18-07, 13:35
I took ML at 1.40 localbookelocalbookie. Gogo 18-07, 10:35
Hey guys, if you like low odds I believe buzarnescu to be quite decent win. 18-07, 10:04
Gladiator_28 -> GoSoeda / Djere - Marterer
To be honest I really do not like Djere, this might be a good bet but for me he is a ..... 18-07, 09:38
Won. Lanús 1-0. 18-07, 04:46
Tailing, gl us! 18-07, 02:40
It`s great to see Ivo grabbing a victory. 18-07, 00:37
Great one, congrats!! My fault being always more careful than needed and missing some..... 17-07, 23:23
Won! They drew 1-1. After that, Central Córdoba won in the penalties. 17-07, 23:06
Thanks for your words bfischer! 17-07, 23:05
Wow, this was so stupid from Sousa. Leading in third 1:0 and 0:40 Bedene injured and ..... 17-07, 22:47
Looks like another shit game from Legia 1-0 FT with 20-7 shots on goal :|. This Europ..... 17-07, 22:06
What is wrong with this World? Are teams from Serbia, Bulgaria and Hungary so bad the..... 17-07, 21:48
And talk about complaining about poor leagues. Videoton worse than a team from Luxemb..... 17-07, 21:26
OMG I had big bankroll on Liu vs Rosca @ Bucharest Open. I lost 5 kilos watching the ..... 17-07, 19:50
I`ve been friends with him many many years ago :)). He was like 7 years old when I kn..... 17-07, 19:32
Incredible 17-07, 19:17
... and just missed a penalty..... 17-07, 19:17
LOL. Sergiu Bus scored. 17-07, 18:23
... bye bye Levski... 17-07, 18:09
People are betting on Minaur for a reason (just kidding :D). 17-07, 17:20
The young man is absolutely hopeless at the moment. Hopefully, he turns it around. 17-07, 16:31
@ Remy even Eibar and Levante are too much for Bulgarians right now. Our biggest "sta..... 17-07, 15:04

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