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FightingBets -> Wtrylika / Moldova - France
True that we have a strong attack, but sometimes against less caliber opponents we wi..... 22-03, 13:12
Im usually pretty confident In khl when I watch the matches, but now I hate this feel..... 22-03, 13:12
And I actually thought waoooow 2-0, I couldn’t expect better and while you were wri..... 22-03, 13:06
2-0 In playoffs gone In like minute.. Ret*rds. 22-03, 13:01
This is what I ment, f**kin idiots why u defend front of goal like school Girls!!!! 22-03, 13:00
Well it s not funny hahahha 2-0 to 2-2 in 60 fucking seconds... this is ubelievable 22-03, 12:59
Man, I dont want to say this but even if looks (again) good with 1-0, I think we are ..... 22-03, 12:54
I took Barys ML. Onnea!! 22-03, 12:29
Huge missings In both sides today with the lineups. Barys : Petersson, Dietz (suspend..... 22-03, 11:29
unlucky.. 90+3 22-03, 10:05
Thank you. 22-03, 09:37
Wade shouldn`t play tonight. GL for your pick ! "I just don`t think he`ll be able ..... 22-03, 09:28
Moving the Calgary pick to yesterday`s date (local time of the game) and now everythi..... 22-03, 09:02
Dear god, fabolous game of hockey.. Every freakin bet won for me :)) Ps. Gaedreau and..... 22-03, 04:30
Domaaac man, Im here only to help ppl BUT as you noticed this is my 4th pick so its o..... 22-03, 03:16
Must pick this one, we posted it at the same time :) 22-03, 02:20
Didn`t see your pick before i posted mine, but an obvious pick for obvious reasons, n..... 22-03, 02:08
Wow ml odds came down from 3 to 2.34 at Pinny.. ppl are really backing Delbo here, an..... 22-03, 00:08
cristiandinu -> Darkness / Begu - Andreescu
Begu seems a nice person, but too enotional. How to lose like that ? 22-03, 00:05
haha honestly, I wasn`t going to bet on tennis soon, especially after what Aljona did..... 21-03, 23:45
Good luck my friend! I cheer for you here! I thought about this one too hehe;) 21-03, 23:20
That ugly fat fucking canadian cunt taking 20 minutes between sets too, fucking cheat..... 21-03, 22:51
Had there been any other player than begu this match would have been over with an hou..... 21-03, 22:49
Sad vidjeh da dade 14p i kos u zadnjoj sekundi. 21-03, 22:02
Haha ski skakac izasao preko. Ali, spasio me kosem u poslednjoj sekundi da ovo ne ode..... 21-03, 21:52
This is just fucked up.... But seems as Irina will take it so at least one positive ..... 21-03, 21:40
KOPOONEEEEN my man, best in the business brings me money again with over 8,5 pts :) E..... 21-03, 21:35
Nisam gledao jer sam smatrao da je bez rezultatskog znacaja jer ih CSKA tesko moze pr..... 21-03, 21:13
I was late here to post Fenerbahce handicap bet. Entire game no worries. They went to..... 21-03, 21:02
You said right mate! 21-03, 20:58
Scored 15 pts against Olympiacos last time (five 3-pts). That was the only game he sh..... 21-03, 20:56
Hahaha,ako ovo vidi Finski posranko poludjece,jer kad je davao analizu prije 7dana za..... 21-03, 20:43
For me Macedonia to score over 2.5 goals they can do it for sure Latvia from watched ..... 21-03, 19:41
Israel: Harush; Tawatha, Ben Harush, Yeini, Taha, Dasa; Natcho, D. Peretz, Kayal; Dab..... 21-03, 19:40
Latvia will park the bus today, i dont think they can score. I see 2:0 here for North..... 21-03, 18:57
Levski Sofia - European Giants, are you sure ?! They are a ***** team and Stojanovic..... 21-03, 18:24
Nabuchodonosor -> Bettr / Macedonia vs. Latvia
Good luck 21-03, 18:03
3-5, total circus :D 21-03, 17:41
2-0, what a shame.... Leipzig started with 6 players from the U19 team - Stierlin, Me..... 21-03, 16:29
Gladiator_28 -> Darkness / Begu - Andreescu
Thanks to the rain .. this pick will not happen ... Andreescu had 4 days to relax and..... 21-03, 14:04
Not sure if you have watched Chelsea W recently or follow them. They are one of the t..... 21-03, 12:54
https://handnews.fr/2019/edf-golden-league-meline-nocandy-pour-profiter-a-fond/ 21-03, 11:36
Yeah , thanks for the info. Still had nothing to do with his mental mealtdowns on imp..... 21-03, 09:35
Napisao sam ti na Khun pick jednu info, u slucaju da nisi vidio. 21-03, 03:13
I saw now on net,Khun retired bcs he had crumps ,suddenly he fell on the court and wa..... 21-03, 03:12
... 21-03, 01:19
I am waiting for Fabbiano 3 sets and it is going really good so far, and small stakes..... 21-03, 00:35
He was 52 and serve in second,7mp he missed,stupid player.Didnt watch only on Flashsc..... 20-03, 23:52
wtf is happening I was online when Berrettini was 4-4 1st set and Kuhn was 1-0 and br..... 20-03, 23:47
Didnt watch but that was friendly and Serbia maybe without 4-5 important players,nobo..... 20-03, 23:32
Yea and this match should have ended at least 3-1 for germany against such low qualit..... 20-03, 23:27
For sure is Temu Pukki,I thought he is in Copenhagen but he is law quality player,Mit..... 20-03, 23:17
Yea funny indeed. Btw check who is current top scorer In championiship, and has made ..... 20-03, 22:52
Funny thing also that I took Pukki for example because he came in my mind,not because..... 20-03, 22:49
:) gg 20-03, 22:42
@drink razumio si nas.Ti si nas brat Slovenac.Hahahaha 20-03, 22:40
*your 20-03, 22:38
I didnt read you preview when I saw introduction,but Jovic scored and because of that..... 20-03, 22:37
I actually said Jovic is a good player and I like him, if you understand english in m..... 20-03, 22:31
hahahahha 20-03, 22:19
Citao sam te vase prepiske ili prepucavanja,simpaticno mi je bilo.Ti si ovako dobar,n..... 20-03, 22:07
Ma ne obracaj paznju na njega. On je samo obican klinac koji nema pojma o zivotu. Ne..... 20-03, 21:52
Hahaha you play tickets for 10-15-20€, long time ago I pass that stake.For me that`..... 20-03, 21:43
What ever yugoslavian fanboy.. Your "knowledge" is not worth sh*t in this site. We ha..... 20-03, 21:32
Jovic said hello to all Finish spots "knowelegde" guys and Pukki who can only play in..... 20-03, 21:24
Brate moram isprovocirati onog Finskog munju(posra), kako izigrava nekog.Kad sam mu v..... 20-03, 21:20
And Germany still only 1.83 at live, but I have a feeling this wont end good.. Just b..... 20-03, 21:05
Yea ofc this was "fixed" when Abdul is on other side.. Some guys just has the crystal..... 20-03, 21:00
I will see if I will make a call on this match. I am checking for writing my previews..... 20-03, 18:53
Well it has been almost hole season long something like 1.50 for O5.5 with the leafs ..... 20-03, 18:42
With this deadly shit defense that the Maple Leafs currently display, the spread line..... 20-03, 18:38
https://www.nhlpa.com/player-poll/2018-19 NHLPA made poll from 500+ NHL players, and ..... 20-03, 18:13
Good pick. Also it is important to mention that Pandev will reach the number of 100 g..... 20-03, 17:06
Well done guy ! 20-03, 10:30
what is your link all about...? 20-03, 06:40
FollowMe all good broo so far, lets keep on Rolling.. 20-03, 02:36
Hi, They have scored against Murray St. 65 pts. maybe but the Racers are more better ..... 19-03, 21:17
I cant believe Zapata Mirales lost this game ............ such a retard! 19-03, 21:17
Metropolitanos are playing in guaira stadium this season, so home team in both matche..... 19-03, 20:19
Travaglia over 22 should be a better bet instead. 19-03, 00:48
Something`s going on , the odds went up by a lot. Now am in a skip this one train of..... 19-03, 00:48
Prob bet of the week.. Only 5-0 in 3rd. 18-03, 19:40
Correct odds.. 18-03, 19:20
Exactly what I feared... Ymer choked hard. Well, guess he falls in the unreliable list. 18-03, 18:20
Yeah, I wrote I would have preferred another opponent and not Begu to lay Andreescu h..... 18-03, 15:55
Begu is such a terrible player, i dont know how she won set.. but i think this match ..... 18-03, 15:44
Th3odor, They NEVER play doubles before a single match! Tragic to bet on tennis with ..... 18-03, 13:57
18-03, 13:42
Over 21,5 @1,80 or if you find over 22,5 for 2+ odds , that`s the way to go in the To..... 18-03, 13:38
Yes unfortunately , so far it is how you say , I still have some hope that he can tur..... 18-03, 13:36
18-03, 13:28
without playing .. Brown will win 2-0 haha .. tragic performance by Janvier .. who ha..... 18-03, 13:24
Well .. disastrous performance from Ilkel .. he confirmed my thesis that he is awful ..... 18-03, 12:36
Also Ilkel has 14-24 W/L ratio indoors 18-03, 10:32
Absolutely not correct info ... Roumane is a young and talented player as he has 34 g..... 18-03, 10:11
I’m also a United fan. I feel the bubble is bursting and I expect this price to dro..... 18-03, 08:49
I Just read this pick thinking match may be on later, glad I missed it because I woul..... 18-03, 04:53
Can;t believe there was only 2 goals in regular time ? 18-03, 04:51
I hope no one didnt bet over 4.5 here with 1.20 odds max bet lol. (over 3.5 still pos..... 18-03, 02:14
.... And we have a zero zero game. I think they wont even score In penalty shootout, ..... 18-03, 02:12
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