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I workout in "Nääshalli", it`s cheap you can get access with one busticket payment 2.20e 23-05, 11:05
would have been very interesting with those hills 23-05, 11:02
I was supposed to have a running competition in Pyynikki ("Pyynikki juoksu") just 2 w..... 23-05, 11:01
unfortunately the labrum of my right shoulder is fucked, trying to strenghthen my rot..... 23-05, 11:00
TEPPO WINNIPEG 23-05, 10:59
:D 23-05, 10:58
Pyynikki, 14pm? 23-05, 10:55
I have some tennis, if you are interested... Or is it too fast game for you? 23-05, 10:54
Damn Vasilevski, go fuk yourself from the goal lol 22-05, 20:49
Maybe Cats score now FINALLY on PP... WTF Minor and not 5min pffffff 22-05, 20:12
ah its fine, just get better. then maybe on the next major i will go as well :D start..... 22-05, 19:43
Lol, was a mess… 22-05, 19:34
I was watching on some Serbian sports TV. Commentator in 75th minute on 0:2 result: "..... 22-05, 19:22
I’m going for goals here, can’t see another under match. GL mate! 22-05, 19:13
This is ridiculous hahahaha Pool down 1-0 wins 2-1, Shitty down 0-2 and wins 3-2. 22-05, 18:46
Manchester City is the most ridiculous and stupid club in Premier League. Along with ..... 22-05, 18:32
Unfortunately I will not go although my gf was willing to go as well... I have fractu..... 22-05, 16:27
I hope bro… game 1 we lost but game 2 was not right… game 3 for the fluffies! 22-05, 16:15
Goodluck. I hope Cats take this too - nice to watch in Prime Time! 22-05, 15:53
It is there 22-05, 15:02
Hey @Domac, oddsportal shows this game open in Pinny with lines, BUT I cannot find th..... 22-05, 13:16
I love overs in Belgian League, making BIG money with those :))))) 22-05, 11:43
Yeah true they are really awesome and it is going to be such crazy game I believe. Ni..... 22-05, 09:33
hm hm hm I don`t know... I think I will go with FaZe because I like the odds and Kar..... 22-05, 02:08
yeah, i was thinking and it is tough game but yeah as you said, all logic goes for s1..... 22-05, 01:59
I honestly want FaZe to win though but all logic points for s1mple to show his balls... 22-05, 01:46
31 shots on goal, shots on the crossbar and now they will not play Europa league beca..... 21-05, 22:45
Yes I saw I don`t understand how and what is happening 21-05, 22:31
Well NaVi seems to be on the right track, I have no worries for Atalanta but what the..... 21-05, 21:31
nice! i got double, faze and navi and this correct score sooo let`s win these as well..... 21-05, 20:29
so so so/ here, I have NaVi simply to win in a parlay: NAVI to win + Nice or Draw + A..... 21-05, 20:21
hahaha funny moment that.. you bet and they start losig.. funny bad not as well.. yea..... 21-05, 20:14
FollowME -> tonac / FaZe - Spirit
But big GG to Spirit! 21-05, 19:34
FollowME -> tonac / FaZe - Spirit
Bro I bet when it was 12-8 on dust2 at some silly 1.55 odds… since then, they lost ..... 21-05, 19:34
FollowMe, if you went for this bet, you`d get heart attack :D such crazy game 21-05, 19:25
FollowME -> tonac / FaZe - Spirit
Karrigan HAD to close it with a knife frag :D 21-05, 19:25
Besides the possible fix odds also dropped because Pirin put a very weak eleven, exce..... 21-05, 17:38
finnishflash -> FinnishFlash / USA - Sweden
Sorry guys, this was fixed by "Svenska Spel" 21-05, 13:15
Bahia 1 x 0 HT 21-05, 03:09
2-0 Larrivey Larrivey :)) 20-05, 22:33
6-0, beatiful!! 20-05, 17:33
Piece of shit Finland, scoring for fun 20-05, 16:25
You are welcome ;) 19-05, 22:29
Thanks bro 19-05, 22:13
Unforgiveable. Except Hampus and Brollan, the rest is horse shit. 19-05, 20:35
cccc fuck that was so bad how they lost the 2v5 and obviously they should have win ev..... 19-05, 20:03
Fkin 1st period!! Never won this ez money - czech for gold haha. Pretty amazing quali..... 19-05, 19:54
Man if they lose because of that 2vs5 last round in first half. I will curse them unt..... 19-05, 19:50
Boys are playing from the start! 19-05, 19:33
that was impressive. hopefully they win it!!!! 19-05, 19:27
That round 2 on Inferno. O M G 19-05, 19:23
I am stressed like a prostitute on her first day… I hope they keep momentum! 19-05, 19:19
Pasta in the lineup! Superline Pastrnak-Krecji- Cervenka, getting to play again with ..... 19-05, 19:05
GL!!! 1 more map 19-05, 19:01
The odds for Grêmio ML is very nice, I believe that is a excellent option. 19-05, 17:03
Got a feeling that Elvis could have one of those nights like he did against USA. 19-05, 16:50
Ok, followed. gL 19-05, 16:12
Te-ai gandit mult la meciul asta? Sa imi bag pl! 19-05, 15:48
Also the Arizona keeper is a joke with Czech in goal, and other option is now Langham..... 19-05, 15:01
Pastrnak arrived yesterday around 3pm to Tampere, I expect him to be in the lineup to..... 19-05, 15:00
Sharp as most of the time. 19-05, 12:59
pathetic bet, pathetic game 19-05, 11:32
Thank you @DanielCG. 19-05, 03:25
Nice pick man 19-05, 03:19
Anselmo Ramon scored! 19-05, 03:01
fuck, full lost, even settling picks go wrong at the moment, please correct FULL lost..... 18-05, 23:04
Yes, now I agree with your first sentence: FUCK Finland, fuck this team 18-05, 21:34
Was a bit worried with Finland`s first period but they are back on track now. Let`s g..... 18-05, 20:24
the match is being played tomorrow.. 18-05, 20:21
my pick for today is : Basket Brescia Leonessa - Dinamo Basket Sassari Dinamo Bask..... 18-05, 20:18
ice hockey gold 2022 has been won! vielä sitä tutkitaan siellä mutta mitä sitä t..... 18-05, 16:39
finnishflash -> psyhz / France - Italy
Damn u hit a "gold mine" looking after 1st period 18-05, 16:03
finnishflash -> psyhz / France - Italy
Is this football? No this is Icehockey "classic" :))) 18-05, 15:29
Oh and I forgot to say in preview - Haukeland sucks in Norways goal 18-05, 15:29
finnishflash -> psyhz / France - Italy
This tournament sucks dick so far - betting wise 18-05, 12:42
lol 17-05, 22:41
And maybe... There is still time. 17-05, 20:44
Just one of those days where Switzerland cant score. Should have been 6:0 already. 17-05, 20:35
You qualify for a stand-up comedian for the next Eurovision contest, perfectly matchi..... 17-05, 20:33
In my heart yes but I will be out coz it’s the birthday of my bitch :D will check t..... 17-05, 19:54
Lessgooo bud! You gonna wear Panthers jersey tonight? :D 17-05, 19:31
True, hopefully they win this match at least.. 17-05, 18:24
FollowME -> tonac / G2 - FURIA
This G2 looks like a team without potential. 17-05, 17:39
If this goes into extra time, then I`m afraid there isn`t any possible way for you to..... 17-05, 16:37
Yes because Klopp insulted his cat, also because his Austrian, and Klopp is german, m..... 17-05, 14:58
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRwk6MivQPI 16-05, 21:19
abdulalhazred -> FinnishFlash / Finland - USA
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_q1UnRYKYE 16-05, 20:39
did you bet on them or its just wish? because i only wish for it now since they chok..... 16-05, 19:53
FollowME -> tonac / ENCE - Heroic
I hope from all my heart that G2 gets rapped on Dust 2 16-05, 18:55
Norway is My fav league too in summer - big juicy bets there! GL 16-05, 18:10
If not Elvis between the pipes then this game would have gone into OT for sure. 16-05, 18:08
Elvis had almost 94% SV in this match, at least I was right about him, but wrong from..... 16-05, 17:41
fuckin sake, passive idiot Latvija, they are gonna lose this and Im not gonna post an..... 16-05, 17:24
Yes, u are in "trouble" with their aggressive forecheck - many times they get their o..... 16-05, 17:01
Norway hasnt been so bad, if they wouldnt get so many penalties (all of them on offen..... 16-05, 16:51
Haukeland really sucks in goal - it was same against us 16-05, 16:35
Hahah win win win zywo wanted to end it in this OT on Nuke 16-05, 16:27
Oh my GGGGG 16-05, 16:18
This Vertigo was so gay I have no words... now our money is pending on Nuke where BIG..... 16-05, 14:44