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If I understand correct russian Twitter from severstal it`s 3-5... Well took O5.5 als..... 29-07, 18:39
Thanks for Your`s opinion. You are right about a risky bet. I wrote about it. But the..... 29-07, 17:06
Can anyone tell me what is the Youtube channel where I can watch this shit..? Damn de..... 29-07, 16:39
Sūduva played like a shit in 1 match . They attacked good 3 times in a whole match ...... 29-07, 14:25
Rybakina is one of my favourite, but has one of the weakest mental capacity on tour a..... 29-07, 10:53
And the 4th game would be Santa Clara(-2.5)AH with Shkupi from Macedonia, odds of..... 29-07, 06:38
Seems like they are having okay lineup and reinforcements available 28-07, 20:30
abdulalhazred -> abdulalhazred / TPV - KaaPo
was cancelled due to corona, will not be played until at least a couple of weeks 28-07, 18:30
bet365 void all bets of this match because the name was wrong 28-07, 13:33
Under 2.75 also good option. Betradar got these games open in most bookies. 28-07, 10:18
I wasn`t expecting USA to cross 100 points line tbh, but they shot exceptionally well..... 28-07, 10:16
I am never commenting tips after the game but in this case it was very important how ..... 28-07, 09:28
Same thought, no way their main players will play after taking a 30 point lead (if th..... 28-07, 09:14
Thanks for info. I couldn`t find the score anywhere lol 28-07, 08:33
120-66 28-07, 08:23
Agreed! I think it`s going to be a good one. Sorry about your OVER bet. I toyed wit..... 28-07, 08:06
Not sure how Ivashka lost that first set, some level of choking Kei should give us..... 28-07, 07:47
These conditions are preeetty ideal for guy like Fritz on HC - And the Russian is pur..... 27-07, 20:14
Also I have to add these conditions here seems VERY fast - Queer put 36 aces (lol) in..... 27-07, 16:36
Some change in momentum, trust me Kecmanovic is weak minded too. But him serving firs..... 27-07, 11:00
This pick was a good one. It had all signs pointing to a Humbert win (1) Kecmanovic`s..... 27-07, 09:57
Humbert is extremely weak minded. His mommy is his coach for godsake. The French team..... 27-07, 09:51
I really like Ruusuvuori. Hoping he finds his form back, he was spectacular vs Ymer b..... 26-07, 23:31
Everyone is playing/betting football but only the chosen ones playin/betting the bask..... 26-07, 22:45
That`s a good pick. Pouille is showing signs of awakening and this could be breakthro..... 26-07, 02:57
Hi friend, Pedro Martinez is primarily a clay court player and has had some decent re..... 26-07, 01:26
Odds didn`t lie. Gasquet was in the final only because he had Challenger tour guys on..... 25-07, 22:14
GL pal :) 25-07, 19:54
i like this one, will go for it. GL! 25-07, 16:22
6-0, 7-0 would have been more realistic. 25-07, 14:44
LOL. every foul against Korea, Korean players yell and roll on the pitch for two minu..... 25-07, 13:24
He recovered in this match, but he will never recover from that choke in RG final xD 25-07, 12:06
Djokovic still living in his mind rent free lol 25-07, 11:27
Nice work bro. I was thinking about Kei too, but I went just for this one, because I ..... 25-07, 11:24
Green. I went for this and added Nishikori for a set too. Delightful 25-07, 11:20
it was maybe 1.884 at the moment of sending (is completely fine odds for me for this line) 25-07, 11:19
He definitely was, even on Bet365 and Paddy Power You have to bet early on these t..... 25-07, 06:34
Nah probably not gonna do it. Casper`s too strong. I`m thinking about Kohli stealing ..... 25-07, 03:17
Cam Norrie was never listed on Pinnacle at these odds. Please correct. 25-07, 01:01
Don`t go with Gaston bro 24-07, 23:22
I underestimated Gasquet or overestimated German, whatever. Gotta love his resilience..... 24-07, 21:30
Come on Gasquet.... so many break points.... you can`t miss that. And how many times ..... 24-07, 20:45
Thank you all Haha some people get hypnotized by odds 24-07, 09:46
He is winning this tournament like you said. Krajinovic was the only one who could st..... 23-07, 23:24
Bravo my friend! This kid is special. In few years from now he will be on Nadal`s lev..... 23-07, 23:21
also Balty, surprisingly, is one of the top teams versus lefties. Over 0.5 is probabl..... 23-07, 23:09
Hey welcome to the site! Great pick bud! 23-07, 21:16
And the reward goes to you 23-07, 19:35
Can they make an Orange Bowl again for Virtanen? Maybe he can win again 23-07, 16:14
I tried to read what you said about Mainz but I give up, thx God I still did not open..... 23-07, 16:08
Well, Jihlava is actually quite ugly city, so just like in prison most people wants t..... 23-07, 10:13
Jilava is a prison in Romania. :) 23-07, 09:51
Hi lumberjack, how it"s going in the woods?! 23-07, 00:53
he was 3:1 first two rounds, won bith, now 4:1 wtf???? 23-07, 00:26
When Carlos erupted after going down a break, there was nothing really Martin could d..... 22-07, 22:45
Man you must be masochist betting against Carlos all the time. Give him more respect ..... 22-07, 22:37
The dude wins like 20% of poins on his first serve. Even on WTA tour he will get fuck..... 22-07, 22:27
Pouille did play well and it was a hell of a thriller. Martin didn`t impress against ..... 22-07, 18:26
Actually Pouille played well and Martin didn`t look good against Olivo. Maybe he`s a ..... 22-07, 18:25
I will take Panevėžys DNB live , Vojvodina nothing special , Panevėžys even playi..... 22-07, 17:54
I meant +1 AH on the host 22-07, 15:59
I didn`t consider them as a bet even when odds were 2.00+, so I definitely won`t trus..... 22-07, 15:57
Fairplay , how about Vojvodina , I read that they lost some important players from la..... 22-07, 15:49
Yea, he was minibreak up in 3rd set breaker... basically just "serve it out" vs the t..... 22-07, 15:37
Yeah, I am happy that the game continued today. But to be fair, I was pretty impresse..... 22-07, 14:57
Well, you won! :)) This Polish tournament was strange, Begu is sick but did not expec..... 22-07, 14:53
in addition, the weather conditions will not be the best for the Polish team. Good Luck!. 22-07, 14:51
Classic stuff bro... Actually in yesterday`s match Kucova remained the better player ..... 22-07, 13:59
I don`t know what to say. Spain disappointed me. 22-07, 13:34
Romaniac -> hovi / Legia - Flora
Te-ai gasit pe cine sa joci, pe slabanogii Europei... Eram aproape sigur ca iar se fa..... 22-07, 12:44
Biggest fixers ever! Sold, the best squad sent here, obliged by the federation.. 22-07, 11:18
wow 0.7 to 0.6 xG... 22-07, 06:48
Aaaalmost. Good analysis though. Keep doing good work bro. 22-07, 06:42
Will try Donskoy to nick a set. 22-07, 00:13
Bara is strange, she was very good in the previous but then lost. Now the played not ..... 21-07, 23:53
Romania could have been better than in 2019, but out of 11 players only 1 is still in..... 21-07, 23:52
I guess it`s time for Giannessi to put the swim pants on xD 21-07, 18:36
I think it`s bit crazy that you get 6.25 ML (Some books) here. Fact is that Isner is ..... 21-07, 17:50
Thanks man. Let`s see what Richard has left in a tank? 21-07, 16:40
Tough one, I hesitated a lot but I still think Gasquet will win however the odds are ..... 21-07, 16:21
yes great pick 21-07, 14:24
Wu Haiyan(120/2)injured, big blow for China women. 21-07, 09:13
oh lol of course it was houston 21-07, 07:19
+1 is really 50/50, of course that Brazil will not easy to grab a big win, but accord..... 21-07, 05:48
One of reasons I want to bet this is China did beat South Korea to get here (and were..... 21-07, 05:08
sorry, you wrote about this and I read it but I somehow managed to skip past it: "In ..... 21-07, 05:04
thank you, was it not last time around in Rio 2016, Chinese women had a bonus for eve..... 21-07, 05:02
Unfortunately, resources are all put on the men’s team, the Gentlemen can easy ear..... 21-07, 04:00
I don`t understand your logic my friend. First you say that you have no faith in Suns..... 21-07, 02:28
C`mon bro. You don`t bet against Nadal 2.0, especially when Pouille is involved xD JK..... 20-07, 22:50
Thanks for Your info, it is welcome. That way we will have much clearer view on the m..... 20-07, 17:42
Sorry but uzela is important player ? ????????????He is in the end of bench , diaw ye..... 20-07, 15:10
Thx bro. Never trust Kokkanakis ;) 20-07, 09:26
Congrats! That was good call. 20-07, 09:18
Agreed. As I mentioned though, this is purely a value pick. I`m going to watching t..... 20-07, 05:53
I was thinking about backing Denis too, but he`s not as good on hard courts as he is ..... 20-07, 05:08
Safer option my a** xD I knew Donskoy was going to win. Let that be a lesson to liste..... 20-07, 03:28
According to the rules of the bookie used for the pick, unfortunately bet365 needs th..... 19-07, 20:57
Imagine watching that crap because of a bet that end up as void due to injury in last..... 19-07, 20:22
You gotta be kidding me! He retires in the last game xD I wonder how is it gonna be s..... 19-07, 19:54