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I mentioned bet365 because Domac wrote about bet settlement there which has nothing t..... 09-04, 00:17
Sorry not Nigeria, @Domac I guess u prob know the correct country ;) 08-04, 23:31
Yea, these goals just keep coming in these "juniors" games :) 08-04, 23:15
OG plays like a bunch of stupid cunts... how on Earth they play like bots suddenly?? ..... 08-04, 22:58
In any case, if there is mistake with hosting team, it must be voided in every book, ..... 08-04, 22:36
I mentioned bet365 cause there I saw that probably there is mistake with fact who is ..... 08-04, 22:36
NiKo is an incredible player but poor shit in tacitcs... he should join a better team..... 08-04, 21:48
Asians settled this normally and anyway this bet was taken at Oddsring or something n..... 08-04, 21:19
But Niko is great...really strong player 08-04, 21:13
Fuck FaZe... those idiots took a SINGLE round on the T side... that`s pathetic. Momen..... 08-04, 20:28
incredible, this was pffff, 2half was amazing 08-04, 20:27
Finnishflash -> Lakers / FaZe Clan vs NaVi
Now they should do it for FME.. :) 08-04, 20:25
Finnishflash -> Lakers / FaZe Clan vs NaVi
Absolutely brilliant comeback!!!!! 08-04, 20:24
Ty :) 08-04, 20:24
Doesn`t matter you won. Congratulations 08-04, 20:23
I had that big feeling and missed the bet then haha I said just a feeeling won`t conv..... 08-04, 20:22
Ok. If you need it, I have the screenshots of the in-play situation I mentioned above. 08-04, 20:18
The results service of bet365 says nothing yet how this game has been taken and settl..... 08-04, 19:28
well I don`t know mate, but prefer over 2,5 maps...for example now, if NaVi won Train..... 08-04, 19:16
Dog always chose the first map... 08-04, 19:14
Finnishflash -> Lakers / FaZe Clan vs NaVi
Yea guys would be happy too from "3 setter" :) Ps. do u think that there is some valu..... 08-04, 19:08
yea friend that was close...niko is great, now let`s go with NaVi and simple :) 08-04, 19:06
5-15 and still goes to 12-15, FaZidiots. Now NaVi and both happy ;) 08-04, 19:05
@InfoSport you were totally right. 08-04, 18:53
FaZe took Mirage...hmm to be honest I expected Nuke or Inferno...they are ok there, b..... 08-04, 18:00
yes mate, FaZe was really really bad...in last round Astralis vs mouse :) it will be ..... 08-04, 17:48
Seriously I have no opinion from 1X2 market.. Too close for me, and a Cup semifinal. ..... 08-04, 17:20
You think is not worth here to back Brest with ah+0??? Odd 1.8 08-04, 17:12
I start to get sick of this... teams can play amazing one match and them forget compl..... 08-04, 16:37
@domac, I have updated this as a loss but maybe should be void. bet365 had frozen bet..... 08-04, 16:31
Damn Mickey mouses... 08-04, 16:22
hehe no problem my friend, but still I hope they will not allow another lose on Nuke ..... 08-04, 15:10
Forgot to mention about home team, not much available info if any but I see they have..... 08-04, 03:55
painful to watch... FaZe players are idiots, officially labelled as idiots. It`s insa..... 08-04, 00:18
When they met in Beijing, Astralis won 32 - 2 Faze... I mean, that`s fucked up hahaha..... 07-04, 21:34
Ya good here.. As good as I can be atm. Still sad days, man. 07-04, 21:30
It has got me kinda sad, too, man. All sports stopping like this...You alright? 07-04, 21:23
Yes I like it too when ppl ask how Are u. Shows that still everyone care in this worl..... 07-04, 21:12
I am in Albania, under lockdown most of the time, trying to pass some time with the l..... 07-04, 21:10
This was beatiful also :9 How are u in middle of this situation world wide? Hope all ..... 07-04, 20:45
Should have gone for higher lines. 8 goals already, 55 minutes played 07-04, 20:41
Not even half time yet and it`s 0-5 so I guess bare any miracles...this should be won..... 07-04, 20:11
Thanks! Should be ez :) 07-04, 18:58
Later u guys see me in PLO50 at jokerstars zoom cash making crazy moves and maybe som..... 07-04, 18:56
*jinxing.. Uts turbo tuesday for me, 1l red wine and some beer hehe :D 07-04, 18:54
Beatful beatiful 1-0 and 2nd map now 1.50 for Liq.. Hope not kinxing. 07-04, 18:53
I got 2.63.. Beatiful "sure" bet, as I think u win more than lose. Cheers! 07-04, 17:51
yes friend, my first opinion was over 2,5 maps, but still afraid that this could be 0..... 07-04, 15:47
Astralis have been pathetic in the stage II and FaZe made Oscar winning stupid calls ..... 07-04, 09:43
You had problems with payment of this bet too? 07-04, 00:19
should have more value as the odds moved to 2.63 soon after I submit the pick! But I`..... 06-04, 15:22
1.83 and 1.44 now dropping.. Most beatiful is that home win 3 odds HT Come down to 1...... 06-04, 01:19
AHAHHAHAHA AGAIN! odds movement after HT, jalapa win 3 odds HT and now after 55min 1...... 06-04, 01:16
MAD Lions won 2:0...mousesports won 2:0...congrats 06-04, 00:27
All I know that odds for this U2.75 started from 1.42 at Pinny, sooo... Hoping its ju..... 05-04, 22:24
IN this league the teams play lot of matches in "tight" schedule against each others,..... 05-04, 22:21
Good concidering the situation in world/Finland.. I stay mostly at home now too, only..... 05-04, 14:19
Thank you my friend :) how are you ? in this situation, I am watching all matches fro..... 05-04, 14:00
Now the line is 170,5 !!?? I don`t know what is going to happen during the game, but..... 05-04, 11:23
No matter what "sports" u Are still the King with overs, cheers! Ps. Had to sweat w t..... 05-04, 10:52
Sorry 05-04, 10:31
This one finished 4-0, should be won ;) 05-04, 08:57
Lets hope in a goal before HT 04-04, 19:04
A really bad start for them. 04-04, 18:58
No shame hf/ft fix :)))) 04-04, 15:37
@Mindozas Thanks for share the link! 04-04, 15:21
@Domac can you void this pick? Bookies all messed up with the matchup form and so did..... 04-04, 13:37
Damn Bodul should start scoring (if he even starts here)... 04-04, 13:25
@Mindozas thx a lot. I really want to watch a football match. Sick of the bielorussia..... 04-04, 13:23
Tajikistan has own football TV :) There`s link from federation site https://mycujoo.t..... 04-04, 13:17
I just hope their is a live stream for this match 04-04, 12:32
tomorrow is the 1st round in the Higher League :))). Not even Corona beer in Tadjikistan 04-04, 12:32
No Corona in Tadjijijikistan when season starting?? :))) 04-04, 12:11
Did u see the goal? Beatiful (was it freekick) to corner.. Exactly like I said who ge..... 04-04, 12:09
Another bigger odd is under the rooffffffff :) 03-04, 21:44
FollowME -> FollowME / FaZe - OG
Ok I guess I suck 03-04, 20:06
Lets take the 4-2 this time :) njaah, instead I wanna 5-1 to be sure lol! 03-04, 15:55
FollowME -> FollowME / FaZe - OG
you too mate! & to all betushers 03-04, 14:49
Desolate_puppy -> FollowME / FaZe - OG
Take care! 03-04, 14:45
FollowME -> FollowME / FaZe - OG
The business I work for is in the PPE (personal protective equipment) thus we are dea..... 03-04, 14:41
Finnishflash -> FollowME / FaZe - OG
Stay safe, and "fresh" your mind w some Jack D`s time to time it Will help :) I dont ..... 03-04, 14:36
FollowME -> FollowME / FaZe - OG
(1) Odds are big indeed but honestly this is a 50/50 match as far as I am concerned a..... 03-04, 14:34
Finnishflash -> FollowME / FaZe - OG
BTW did they let you go home to Bulgaria, or are you stuck ar Bryssels?? I heard situ..... 03-04, 14:30
Finnishflash -> FollowME / FaZe - OG
WOW now ya really shooting BIG, mate haha! Maybe I follow this one although I thought..... 03-04, 14:28
Because here on betrush are not allowed odds less from 1,50...I will write also that ..... 03-04, 13:29
Sorry sorry, I ment of course in Game 1 ending odds were ~1.90 for -0.5 line and one ..... 03-04, 09:52
I wish you are safe and healthy! 03-04, 05:06
Ok... first scenario came true. Odds were shady, Vitrus playing for nothing suddenly ..... 02-04, 17:06
Once again - I have been more confident on other bets... here the odds have been smel..... 02-04, 13:15
motherfuckers that`s just painful to watch... they take the first map PERFECTLY. The ..... 02-04, 01:23
yeah seems like it.....plummeting with such odds is always a bad sign...but what we w..... 01-04, 23:39
Now I know how my picks will end too... Took Real Madriz at 2.80 and now they are 1.6..... 01-04, 23:24
and 1-0 for ht, clear set up here.. 01-04, 23:15
odds dropped to 1.50, now after 7 minutes at a 0-0 score we have 3.8 odds in play for..... 01-04, 23:14
Lets hope into a nice third period for you mate. 01-04, 20:03
Oukey, Yunost delivering on PP, first 5 vs 3 and than straight 0-2. Nice. 01-04, 18:57
Eastern Europe is and will be hit very hard, more dramatic then Italy. In the last 2-..... 01-04, 18:35
Have a good Hockey Night! Hope we both win, with 2-4 score :) 01-04, 17:21
Any how, 1/2 people at the end will get infected by this with a different degree of i..... 01-04, 13:56
It`s kinda chaotic everywhere now, I guess. Here in Lithuania we have just awful heal..... 01-04, 13:50
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