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Yea I see now from Eliteprospects that he is their asst.coach. Thanks for the info, man! 23-01, 12:18
Torpedo signed Sandis Ozolins as their coach and thats not a good sign for Torpedo - ..... 23-01, 12:05
tnx to umpire, Nishikori won against Busta and now he will surrender, cuz he cant do ..... 23-01, 10:23
Of course I ment that I placed the bet BEFORE tournament for Brazil and watched the f..... 23-01, 04:34
KNVB beker ( CUP ) Fortuna Sittard is a new promoted team and they had a suprising..... 23-01, 04:02
Great, congrats for the win! You know it`s hard these days with some many picks (ever..... 22-01, 21:46
I understand your point of view and you are right. I should have bring more arguments..... 22-01, 21:35
I took Riga over 2.5 better odds hope do not make mistake :) so far 2 22-01, 19:53
If stats could spit the right result every time there would no betting at all... It`s..... 22-01, 17:54
Maybe you are right. But how many time did you follow the statistics and the result w..... 22-01, 17:26
I had over and big Mac Barty win.. :( 22-01, 14:04
Finnishflash, I had omsk +3 goals and tiafoe over 27.5 :))) 22-01, 13:20
OK, let it be an even game but why not 0-0? You don`t point any real arguments why bo..... 22-01, 12:32
Yes, my friend, still hopes for playoff. These next two home games against Slovan and..... 22-01, 12:15
Man Omsk is a really pathetic team again.. Frustrating. And even aussie hamburger los..... 22-01, 11:06
Indeed my friend, indeed. 22-01, 10:45
If Riga can`t win this, then they don`t deserve to be in KHL. 22-01, 09:19
Cmon! FINISH HER! 22-01, 08:21
LovelyJubbly -> Cizma / Croatia-Germany
Well done for the refs , never gonna watch this sport again DISGRACE 21-01, 22:24
Tnx D. grate game. Bursa deserved to win. 21-01, 20:02
GREEN! 21-01, 19:31
Just be more careful next time 21-01, 18:29
I have made a mistake... Fought that game is @ 19:00 . Broke the law : ) Admin 2 de..... 21-01, 17:48
The Preds are playing bad hockey right now with just one win in their last 5 games. T..... 21-01, 15:59
just watched again... i think umpire to often makes mistakes and "ruin" the match 21-01, 15:41
Niceee 21-01, 15:04
I mean the decision with that Hogan recieveing the pass was shady but also on the oth..... 21-01, 13:30
As soon as I saw my Patriots winning that coin flip I knew we had the game in the bag..... 21-01, 13:26
I said to you ML is the way to go here. Just don`t see many situations where this can..... 21-01, 13:25
RIDICULOUS DECISION.... this umpire has to get suspended I mean this is ridiculous. ..... 21-01, 13:23
Pacat de setul 3..Putea sa o bata 21-01, 12:26
Yea its kinda "funny" that Torpedo has fired thouse 144 goals so far, when the leader..... 21-01, 10:56
cristiandinu -> Cizma / S.Williams-S.Halep
Acum o sa spuna ca nu avea niciun obiectiv pentru AO, etc. blah blah blah 21-01, 10:03
ce prost joacaa..Le ridica pe toate sa traga in ea.. 21-01, 09:49
cristiandinu -> Cizma / S.Williams-S.Halep
Bafta. Ar fi fain sa bata Halep, sa ma amuz de elucubratiile CTP-ului. :)))) 21-01, 09:01
hmm..depinde..O sa fie strans rau..Daca nu incepe cu "plouate" sa fie tinta sa traga ..... 21-01, 08:49
cristiandinu -> Cizma / S.Williams-S.Halep
De obicei tin cu tine, dar cred ca o bate Serena de cad chiloteii de pe Halep. 21-01, 08:34
Thanks, yes toronto was good in the first period but arizona really played well from ..... 21-01, 03:57
Oops mistake 21-01, 03:54
Brady unreal doing it again 21-01, 03:53
Well. Maple Leafs were the better team in the first period and then Coyotes even thin..... 21-01, 03:34
I know i should not but i got greedy now as i regret not taking Arizona ML for +230 w..... 21-01, 03:33
I respect yr opinions guys, but good i didnt listen to it, hehe. 21-01, 03:32
This is unbeliviable interception...what a game 21-01, 03:11
Auuu what a desicion by the ref 21-01, 03:09
Auuu Edelman you moron...omg 21-01, 03:05
Hi mate, just as LovelyJubbly said, you have a point seeking value on the Coyotes but..... 21-01, 00:49
I like your other NHL pick for tonight better than this one to be honest. I guess I..... 21-01, 00:32
I needed Villarreal-Bilbao 3+ on my double , VAR and a denied goal in 89th minute and..... 21-01, 00:27
Story of my life mate :D 20-01, 23:58
You can`t believe...several times this month happened that I lost bet in last minutes 20-01, 20:26
Agree on this one 20-01, 19:39
Wow Cejudo win in 32 seconds, I didn`t see that result coming at all. 20-01, 08:11
Oh boy, Im ridiculous good at tennis.. Another pick coming! 20-01, 06:06
Grisha`s bodylanguage "Im done". So he will lose this 3-0 now. At least Tiafoe ml hit..... 20-01, 05:26
Oukei, really not funny anymore.. Grisha leads 2nd set tb 6-3 and misses three set po..... 20-01, 05:09
Very high quality match in 1st set! Francis is really pro-active, taking risks, takin..... 20-01, 04:07
I think both finals are overish but this one is better pick IMHO as it might be reall..... 19-01, 22:18
"Currently sitting behind leaders", wrongly put in this match analyse. 19-01, 15:01
Courtois is in squad, i dont know if hes 100% fit and if hes gonna start the game ..... 19-01, 14:40
Sorry our mistake in writeing. Stroppa changed Oddo. 19-01, 14:38
another trap 19-01, 14:27
missed penalty.. 19-01, 12:59
Last season I bet (and tipped) Rops -0.25 but it was completely different starting po..... 19-01, 12:57
Huge drop at begining and huge rise after 15min.. Strange?:) 19-01, 12:34
what an awful tennis so far 19-01, 09:45
I have no bet on this game but the line is not surprising given on fact that Minnesot..... 19-01, 01:36
you are welcome 19-01, 00:24
3 goals by the new guys at RKC... 18-01, 20:51
Nice first half:) 18-01, 20:35
One update, Marco Stiepermann will probably play according to the last news, but it`..... 18-01, 14:17
Right off the bat!!! 18-01, 11:36
Easy money, thank you. 18-01, 11:34
Thank you very much!!! 18-01, 04:14
Arff... Hard to bet on either one for me to be honest. Cejudo moving up in weight loo..... 18-01, 00:48
Latest news: Before few hours Lowry was out for this game, but latest news said that ..... 18-01, 00:43
thanks mate :) 17-01, 22:50
This isn`t realistic odd 17-01, 21:03
perfect month so far! thanks 17-01, 20:24
The Federation recognises that Barcelona played an ineligible starting line-up htt..... 17-01, 19:32
ref just killed it... 17-01, 19:00
ty 17-01, 14:53
If teams will be tied on points, goals difference, scored goals, then next criteria i..... 17-01, 14:25
Man... you break Djokovic twice and have quite a lot of BP and cannot secure your own..... 17-01, 14:03
yellow cards are a factor there? 17-01, 13:02
badluck :| 17-01, 11:36
What a match!!!!!! 17-01, 05:05
All winners, great picks bud! 17-01, 04:21
The Canucks are 2-5 in their last 5 games. They got an easy win against the Panthers ..... 16-01, 23:50
The Coyotes are not a bad team with a 2.9 GA/G. Especially their kill is topnotch, in..... 16-01, 23:50
The Sabres lost now 4 of their last 5 games. Watching their games though, they had ve..... 16-01, 23:50
unibet, sorry, pinna never has over 10.5 first set. 1.80 odds at the time AT UNIBET 16-01, 23:44
this should be void 16-01, 23:02
WHAT A GOAL FROM WAHBI KHAZRI !! 2-1 16-01, 22:53
Where did you find this on Pinni? 16-01, 22:01
how would i know that 16-01, 20:21
It seems they play 2x 60min.. So its seems its good pick but it also seems u didnt kn..... 16-01, 16:52
2-0...I have no idea what is happening here 16-01, 15:29
for today.. 16-01, 15:29
And of course i missed it, fml.., 16-01, 11:46
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