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Think they were just being lads and arrived to the match after having nine pints each. :) 14-07, 21:03
Finnishflash -> mrgol / Viborg - Vendsyssel
Thank you, mate. 14-07, 20:33
Wigan - Hull "clean" match? :) although odds were pretty high prematch when its so f..... 14-07, 20:28
4-0 14-07, 19:45
Man thiem is so "soft" on grass with his backhand. Like they took one of his biggest ..... 14-07, 16:25
On CL. Yes we need CL but United need to win trophies as well and the FA Cup is a cha..... 14-07, 15:25
Iv supported United my whole life and since Fergie it’s always the same story on pe..... 14-07, 15:21
You`re quite right about Southampton but the Brighton defeats also don`t tell the who..... 14-07, 14:12
Yeah I agree, they are prioritising the CL. While they want a trophy, it`s not worth ..... 14-07, 14:10
I don`t always read :D Let`s hope for a massive one for the Sinner match :) 14-07, 13:51
I explained it start of the preview, that`s why line was like 2-3 games lower than in..... 14-07, 13:50
Damn, I thought this was won first but no. :( 14-07, 13:29
This bet gets more value if Utd will rotate. But what do you think its more important..... 14-07, 13:15
I agree although i am Man Utd fan, i can`t see them winning big in Thursday, especial..... 14-07, 12:25
FinnishFlash -> Darkness / Thiem - Sinner
+1.5 sets now like 2+ odds almost everywhere :) Starting to sound one BIG jinx this b..... 14-07, 10:10
LOL I post first and got the worst value... Wattaa fuuk is wrong with the tennis bett..... 14-07, 10:08
CFR didn`t push. 14-07, 09:53
8 min y 1-1!!! 14-07, 04:27
That`s right. 14-07, 01:17
Finnishflash -> Darkness / Thiem - Sinner
Yea funny thing is that I would not like give thiem current 1.27 In ANY surface again..... 14-07, 01:14
I think Pinny has very volatile odds as soon as it opens the market for matches like ..... 14-07, 01:11
Finnishflash -> Darkness / Thiem - Sinner
Exactly my point as Well :) I dont really understand if there is some "pro" punters h..... 14-07, 00:58
Haha 3.74 right now 14-07, 00:56
Yes, I was going to take it like at 2.60 before, luckily I waited and now 3.50 will b..... 14-07, 00:55
Finnishflash -> Darkness / Thiem - Sinner
Hahaa, damn I wish I could post this like after 1h from now so we could have 4+ here...... 14-07, 00:48
Its funny cause Vela should be out as he was not mentioned in LAFC homepage preview, ..... 14-07, 00:33
And all those matches and losses on grass for Thiem are in similar situation, when he..... 14-07, 00:18
K now 1.30 for Dom after I posted.. I hope tomorrow its 1.10 :D 14-07, 00:04
If someone is betting Domi in asians w that 1.36, than I have no words really..:D 14-07, 00:02
HAHA, Oh boy... When I started writing I was going to pick @2.69 in Pinny, and after ..... 14-07, 00:00
BELOTTIIIII!!! Fabolous night of soccer on going..:) 13-07, 22:06
easy over 4.5 goals :) and over 15.5 corner :) 13-07, 20:49
Nice, this pick broke my record on betrush with 7 losses in a row. Huge minus to my m..... 13-07, 20:42
Forgot to post tip but CFR Cluj will wipe the floor with gaz metan. If they want iti ..... 13-07, 18:54
Grozavu looks very menacing, I give you that. :) 13-07, 18:53
I am pretty sure it was not just that :) 13-07, 17:02
Oh man I have so much hate ... ridiculous match, without any opportunities but 3 goal..... 13-07, 16:57
Grozavu smashed Fulop`s phone, because the team was at the table. 13-07, 16:17
Mhmmmm getting better and better, Moreno makes a stupid challenge in the middle of th..... 13-07, 16:04
Motherfuckers. First goal comes out of nowhere but good shot nothing to say. Second g..... 13-07, 15:54
Lets make some munney :) 13-07, 14:48
Forgot to add that Setubal miss their two standar centre backs, Silvio and Arthur, bo..... 13-07, 14:12
I already wrote the same, I`ll post it now. GL! 13-07, 11:17
Nice 13-07, 07:58
Yeah Minnesota was VERY poor, the red card changed the game a little bit as Kansas st..... 13-07, 04:10
Fukkkk yeeaah!! Undeserved by the first 75min of match, but who cares lol.. Thanks GK..... 13-07, 04:03
Kansas deserve to lead by far at least from the first 45 minutes - they had plenty of..... 13-07, 02:59
For fuk sake, my bet was bad.. Or is actually. 13-07, 02:52
OMG Kansas had 3 unmissable opportunities to score! Definitely they are still clumsy 13-07, 02:29
Let`s hope for a 1-2 or 2-3 win for Minnesota so we are both happy ;) 13-07, 01:52
Man my original bet would have been O2.5 also here if it would been like 1.75+ but ev..... 13-07, 01:45
Now I see lineups, I kinda like my bet regardless of the market when mighty Minny`s s..... 13-07, 01:40
Guys half a sleep on court, just finished breakfeast lol! Im guessing there will be s..... 13-07, 01:25
Lame as fuck! That`s the match I watched, City vs Philadelphia, it had nothing to do ..... 13-07, 01:21
The matches which start 9am east coast time, as local time in Florida must be so lame..... 13-07, 01:14
Thanks, but I`m not making progress lately. :( I want to dig a hole in the ground and..... 12-07, 23:08
Its not your fault @Cristi.. We should ALWAYS remember its not tipster responspility,..... 12-07, 22:35
Yeah. Horrible ref. Sorry, guys. 12-07, 22:00
Im so disgusted if this is lost because of TWO f penalties... 12-07, 21:46
PK not awarded for FCSB, Tanase`s shorts were clearly pulled by Acka. 12-07, 21:36
Okey Begali did not buy refs this time, THE FU**KIN opponent owner bought them.. Pfff..... 12-07, 21:20
Damn guys I love fsb for betting,, they should not have been over 2 odds for win agai..... 12-07, 20:43
cheap penalties show today 12-07, 20:37
Most probably some popular tipster somewhere. Happens with these Kickey Mouse leagues..... 12-07, 20:09
sorry the refs were just stupid:) 12-07, 19:40
Louisville City`s odds increased to 0 handicap now. Seriously? Are the people backing..... 12-07, 19:38
most formidable 12-07, 19:31
cristiandinu -> sirac / Dinamo-Poli Iasi
+1 :) 12-07, 18:50
WTF Bakhar, that was a world class shot! 12-07, 17:57
blah, i can forget about this one, Dinamo bought the refs today, gifted pen and if th..... 12-07, 17:42
Thanks. We`ll see what happens. Of course Craiova are favs, but I believe odds are no..... 12-07, 16:47
Njaah, not this time.. I hope Dinamo wont fail me. 12-07, 16:30
Let`s go nu svenska pojkar! One more. 12-07, 16:16
Thanks for info. 12-07, 14:20
The only pick with value on Craiova would be both to score. 12-07, 13:44
Your preview is very good and i back your choice and the reasons aswell. One thing i ..... 12-07, 13:43
cristiandinu -> sirac / Dinamo-Poli Iasi
They also call Rednic "Puriul". :) I call him "Vrednic". :)))))))) 12-07, 13:17
Normally we should because both look overish, but that`s why odds are so shitty and t..... 12-07, 11:57
Lechia will rotate for sure? 12-07, 09:51
Such an extreme unlucky lost for Switchbacks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktEdbfvpMBk 12-07, 06:40
Nice equalizer at 45+. Its time for NMU to suffer 12-07, 03:07
Geez Switchbacks are directly facing the sun. That harsh sunlight almost blinded the ..... 12-07, 03:06
The point for this bet is that basically these two guys can be top of the top players..... 12-07, 00:02
I am not touching tennis until some serious tournaments are back. Are there actually ..... 11-07, 23:00
Thanks boys! Luck involved too, but I guess you need it in this format :) 11-07, 22:53
Yeahhhhhh mate nice catch my friend :) 11-07, 21:58
Did u see that? Mind blowing stuff with guy like Dreddy, and than the Sudden Death- 5..... 11-07, 18:34
N1 :) More money for you sir. 11-07, 18:23
Match is postponed due to Covid-19. 11-07, 16:14
arka will play only with players who still have a contract for next season, tons of p..... 11-07, 10:20
That’s the reason i don’t tip on this league for now. Nice play for a third leagu..... 10-07, 21:28
Bloody under fixing cunters... 10-07, 19:14
There were some inconclusive covid tests and the game îs canceled. 10-07, 18:48
Anyone know why odds on Constanta going down quickly? 10-07, 17:46
Pinnacle offers -1 @ 1.65 10-07, 14:27
This sh*t is moved/banned almost from every bookie.. Im not saying its bad to pick it..... 10-07, 13:58
Thanks, I bet Over & BTS for a higher odd... 10-07, 07:35
I would bet the same. Gl 09-07, 22:40
Idiots 09-07, 20:28
Hahhahah 09-07, 19:40
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