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I am on Petra too, late time of play could bring faster game too, so plus thing for h..... 29-05, 18:01
Good luck to Kvitova :D 29-05, 17:47
GL anyway. 29-05, 17:43
Yes yes of course, my bad, Domac, please change this to 1.81, I mistyped 29-05, 17:37
Hi mate, odds on Petra is 1.81, not 2.81 29-05, 17:25
retire from tennis Thiem u piece of shit - you are disgrace for this sport nowadays 29-05, 16:19
Sotra W 29-05, 15:37
Thanks mate, good luck, cheers 29-05, 14:47
I feel so sad for Benoit, because he simply gave it all, BUT remains a fighter :D 29-05, 14:44
Forde +2.5 of course. 29-05, 14:24
Yep, today is the guy we love to bet on :D 29-05, 12:59
This crowd just fuckin loves this dude - haha and Paire shows finger to his head - me..... 29-05, 12:51
I have over 32.5 and +2.5 sets....:) This dude is simply amazing! 29-05, 12:40
He wants :) But who can trust his head… 29-05, 12:29
I feel like Benoit is a man on a mission today! Amazing to watch this talent front of..... 29-05, 11:36
Great month you have mate! 29-05, 10:34
yes i was following the hockey of you great games tho, thank you! 28-05, 21:47
Close to nothing, I had them with a mid-high stake live when they were trying to clos..... 28-05, 21:44
yes i have noticed.. but i hope Apeks made you some 28-05, 21:42
They will lose man, this looks awful. So, a lot of shout-outs today, fuck: APEKS, Isn..... 28-05, 20:57
i hope they dont choke... 28-05, 20:36
GG 28-05, 20:20
Phew won... Good job for The Rublev ML 28-05, 20:14
Crazy match, 8 goals 28-05, 20:12
This starts to smell like horse shit 28-05, 20:03
Yes, easy for Barca, and red card... 28-05, 19:51
Eazy Moneyz... 28-05, 19:33
On the board! 28-05, 19:32
the pick is over 3.5 maps. 28-05, 19:31
Classic medical and after that things changed... 28-05, 19:10
I will cut one of my kidneys if Rublev loses. 28-05, 19:05
I am XXXXXL stake on Rublev, small odds but big return at the end. GL 28-05, 18:11
Boom 28-05, 16:45
finnishflash -> FinnishFlash / USA - Latvia
Latvijaaaaa!! 28-05, 16:44
So far so good, let`s finish strong. 28-05, 15:59
On it boss!!! 28-05, 15:58
Yeah, great possibility, GL! 28-05, 15:50
Was looking at this game as well, let`s go!!! 28-05, 00:18
Barca on their last game on this stadium will want to take this and say goodbye with ..... 27-05, 22:17
Pick is won and maybe 1 more pick per day in a month I could add 27-05, 20:54
dsobol let`s get it!!!! 27-05, 20:11
Now when Germany wins the final, it`s biggest "anti climax" tournament in the history 27-05, 19:58
How laughable! To have the strongest league in the world and to lose to Germany after..... 27-05, 19:50
damn idiots... 27-05, 17:48
Yep yep yep loser mentality. Awful finals. Nakashima should have won yesterday and Fr..... 27-05, 16:31
This really makes me rage so bad over Fils and the dude did nothing wrong. Hijo de pu..... 27-05, 15:15
Good job Bronzetti! Serving for the match, getting broken, couldn`t break back and th..... 27-05, 15:14
Grande grande player, he literally GIFTED Game 6 to Fils. Same shit as his brother th..... 27-05, 15:09
Hah, that`s a bit too fun for me but I will take 1/1 @ 1.55 which is good enough. GL! 27-05, 14:32
Got this one yesterday, so far so good. 27-05, 14:32
Followed. GL! Set one, check! 27-05, 14:13
Fingers crossed on Dimi! 27-05, 14:13
Ok, tailing, lets get it!! 27-05, 14:10
Definitely a tough one but I think Dimitrov is disrespected by bookies and can make J..... 27-05, 13:59
Tough one, maybe ill play Over. Gl 27-05, 13:52
Same page, let`s get it!!! 27-05, 13:49
BOOMMMMM 27-05, 03:36
gimme me that 3-run bomb baby for the cover 27-05, 03:36
What a match it became. I hope Almere qualifies as Eindhoven plays likes without balls. 26-05, 21:55
Hah! What a way to lose. The other dude making crazy big checkouts and Benecky has th..... 26-05, 20:08
Fucking speechless. So Fritz fucked me in a tie-break and fucking Nakashima in a tie-..... 26-05, 19:04
Too bad I missed this one. Well spotted! 26-05, 17:41
It looks like MVG is great actor...he just showed last week that he is "injuried"...b..... 25-05, 22:24
Germany and Latvia qualifying WAOW. Canada ain`t that much of a surprise and USA was ..... 25-05, 21:31
closing the stream - Smith plays like a drunk schmuck and MVG looks like he has never..... 25-05, 21:21
dieeeeeeeee Swiss team dieeeeeeeeeeee for fuckin hell 25-05, 17:20
What a team of fuck faces. Now they had to allow a 2vs1 shorthanded goal just after b..... 25-05, 16:55
Yes, same lady. Bus drivers but :)))))) 25-05, 14:38
I am not watching that match since I watch Dimi playing. However, I am pretty sure yo..... 25-05, 14:30
WTF this lady umpire in Norrie vs Baez match has done to her face?? I remember she wa..... 25-05, 14:22
I am also on Switzerland. But since you wrote a preview, I don`t have much to say new..... 25-05, 14:07
Yes he had an arm inry week ago and he didn`t play semi final then against van den be..... 25-05, 14:04
Followmeeeee where are u? :D What`s your bets for today in WC? 25-05, 14:01
Good preview and I didn`t know that the Dutch had an issue. I will probably follow. GL 25-05, 13:57
Mate i feel sorrow for you , is this your worse run ever ?! Take the odds down a bit ..... 25-05, 11:23
Amazing 0-8 for guests....join our channel for good infos.... 25-05, 08:20
Useless 2 first half goals 24-05, 17:29
Hamburger SV U19 over 1.5 odds 2.05 @1xbet is even better. 24-05, 11:02
Really bad betting skills right now from me, Valladolid two up against Barcelona by t..... 23-05, 22:39
2-0, game over... 23-05, 19:29
1st minute goal Fins fukk... 23-05, 19:26
Hischier and Niederraiter rested + 3rd goalie in goal for Swiss.. Let`s see, odds cam..... 23-05, 19:22
Hovi My favorite. I’ve learn from the past, had a series of negative runs when I ru..... 23-05, 17:12
finnishflash -> FinnishFlash / Sweden - USA
DeSmith is really good in goal - maybe best goalie of the tournament 23-05, 16:50
@followMe. I’m 60% confident to get this game right. 23-05, 16:25
Yaraville Glory vs North Sunshine Eagles over 5 LOST 23-05, 16:22
I have to admit you were right that you`re form is pretty poor at the moment. Let`s ..... 23-05, 16:12
finnishflash -> FinnishFlash / Sweden - USA
fuckin idiot, 5+20 for kneeing 23-05, 15:29
I just don`t see the Swiss giving all-in and put the strongest lines available and su..... 23-05, 15:14
I dont know, personally Im not touching that one because too much of a gap in quality..... 23-05, 14:56
I hesitate to back Latvia ML. Swiss are topping the group and maybe they will rest ke..... 23-05, 14:51
I will be in Tilburg this weekend. If the score is close, I will buy tickets for the ..... 23-05, 14:42
Yaraville Glory vs North Sunshine Eagles pick Over 5 LOST 23-05, 13:48
Queensland Lions vs North Star over 7.5 WON 23-05, 13:19
Queensland Lions vs North Star pick Over 7.5 odds 4 @ 1xbet Yaraville Glory vs Nor..... 23-05, 09:46
Have too much time today! Bonus picks Queensland Lions vs North Star pick Over 7.5..... 23-05, 09:44
Was later over tuned to take place. 23-05, 05:20
HAHAHAHA of course this stupid suckers had to miss their ONLY shot that was an unmiss..... 22-05, 22:56
Trailing, let`s get it!!! 22-05, 22:53
23 shots against 0 shots, don`t cry when you don`t beat West Ham you garbage team. 22-05, 22:48